You’re Less Terrible Than You Think with the Melbourne Fashion Festival

Priorities are important. That’s a sentence that is pretty redundant. It’s the same as saying ‘important things are important’.

The way in which the people that frequently use the word ‘priorities’ is almost always a mix of accusatory and condescending. What one prioritises depends on the person, the time, the context and, quite often, what phase their digestive system is in. It seems that the idea of having permanent ‘priorities’ exists mainly to distract people from the fact that life is inherently meaningless and however much importance you place on one thing over another, both will decay and disappear in time. So why not celebrate the ultimate expression of grotesquely warped ‘priorities’ with the Melbourne Fashion Festival?

The Melbourne Fashion Festival is an annual celebration of fashion, arts, ideas and creative endeavour for everyone to enjoy. The Festival presents world-class runways featuring Australia’s established and emerging designers, shopping events and experiences, styling and beauty workshops, industry seminars, networking events, exhibitions, tours, live entertainment and much more.

Rooms full of millionaires, bathrooms full of purged canapés, whole countries full of sweatshops – a multi-trillion dollar industry whose sole priority is whether or not pastel is ‘in’.

So if your priority for this week is seeing how much Wizz Fizz you can eat before you burn a hole in your tongue, take comfort in the fact that you’re far from the most pathetic, frivolous person out there.

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