You’re Irrelevant with Electric Blockaloo

Age is just a number.

Numbers define the fabric of reality.

You are old, Father William, and the more you attempt to stand on your head, the closer you get to having a brain haemorrhage, the closer the rest of us get to being monetarily liable for your intensive therapy or death, and the more uncomfortable everyone is with the fact that the least sexually questionable thing about Lewis Carroll is the fact that he screwed his cousin.

We are living in a time in which the sins of our parents are being revealed in a way they have not yet been. And as much as those of a certain age seek to disassociate themselves from the institutionalised horror that has resulted in grave societal inequity, the fact remains that even the time in which we are currently living will, in future, be referred to with absolute disdain by those far more collectively moral than we could ever be.

Want to get a sneak peak of what that future will be like?

Well, then, experience Electric Blockaloo!

Electric Blockaloo is set to feature a stacked lineup of more than 300 artists including Bedouin, Jauz, Justin Martin, Nicole Moudaber, Getter, Gryffin, Tokimonsta, Walker & Royce and many more, all hosting stages built inside the game Minecraft.

Yes, we used the word ‘experience’ because we had no idea what the correct directive term was for a Minecraft event.

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