Your Vivid Final Hours

It was Macbeth that cried ‘out, out, brief candle! Life’s but a walking shadow!’.

But he was a creature born of fiction with a hot enterprising wife and a title that assured him enough income to be able to afford to invest in housing.

You are – and have – none of those things.

So screw psychological surrender.

Take advantage of the heady rush of Sydney’s brief illumination now before you have to face, not death, but a Sydney winter coupled with Sydney’s normal nightlife.

Vivid is almost over and you have two more days to revel in it.

Play in the electric playground, Instagram yourself pretending to eat weird Vivid-themed foods, appreciate a half-cocked work of performance art (after having visited one of the many Vivid-themed bars), express your opinion at a free Talk Series on something entirely unrelated and watch them morph it into something relevant…and end your brief rainbow respite with one of the many closing night parties (Oxford Art, Harpoon Harry’s, Nadya’s, Purple Sneakers and Venue 505 just to name a few).

The lighter’s not out of fluid yet.

Just shake it a couple of times.


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