Your Life is Sacred at the SAFE Music Festival

There has been a lot to reckon with in the past few months.

We have all been facing a mass pandemic which, rather than spurring a realisation of our essential commonality, has resulted in illuminating and widening the social, political and economic cracks inherent in this ailing sophomoric experiment of a world like the expanding cracks in an overcooked Coles lasagne bechamel sauce.

As a result, rather than looking at the eventual end of this crisis as a relief, there’s now more to fear about what normalcy is going to look like once we are again free to lick each others eyeballs.

We have not united in recognition of our inherent squishy vulnerability. We have further darkened our already hate-riddled hearts. We have thrown the squishiest to the infectious wolves in an effort to hoard a few more minutes of sweet, sweet life. And for what?

We’ll tell you for what.

For the SAFE Music Festival!

The S.AF.E Virtual Music Festival is an opportunity to be part of something amazing, to come together and begin new waves of virtual experiences. Undergo a personal experience with an artist or virtually travel with your friends to a festival from the comfort of your own home. The time of change is upon us. Carpe Diem.

Call it what you will, an online festival, digital festival, or a virtual festival. Either way, experience the EPIC Virtual Music Festival experience called S.AF.E. The festival will include virtual yoga sessions and workouts, contests for Best Created Meme and Best Shared Photo, interactive chat rooms and, of course, some incredible live music. The lineup will feature Cade, Danny Quest, Dwilly, Jake Bartley Band, Jared and the Mill, Mammoths, Mahalo, Snyder, Vegabonds, Winston Ramble, Waves, Young Bombs and more!

The phrase is ‘Carpe Diem’, not ‘honest self-reflection’.

So crank that bass, mofos!

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