You’ll be Feelin’ Fine with Stronger Than You Think

You’re going through a lot, aren’t you?

We know because of that faraway look in your eye. You’re not totally present. Also you’ve written a The Shining rip-off all over your walls in jam and the resultant swarm of ants’ vague clicking is now the only thing that can lull you to sleep at night.

We can’t say we know what you’re going through. We’ve used honey and our clicking swarm is greater in number and more powerful.

But we get the gist of what you’re going through. How could we not? After years of crooked fake television psychiatrists, we know a mental illness when we see one.

Regardless of the state of your insect army, it’s important to acknowledge that your brain is in a more vulnerable state than usual, having been subject to largely its own company for so many weeks. It’s also important to remember that medicare only barely covers around ten sessions with a psychiatrist and that’s if you’re very lucky and manage to find one whose ill repute forces them to bulk bill.

Luckily for you, there’s something better than twenty sessions with twenty psychiatrists of ill repute and it will only take three days.

It’s called ‘Stronger Than You Think’.

Adam Lambert, Jordin Sparks, Kelly Osbourne, Laurie Hernandez and more are set to participate in Stronger Than You Think, a three-day livestream event which will address mental wellness.

Featuring a star-studded list of over 30 a-list celebrities and musicians, Stronger Than You Think is a landmark event featuring powerful stories and performances from celebrities and musicians who will share their personal mental health journeys. A series of in-depth interviews are scheduled each day and a number of America’s top mental health experts will provide easy to understand advice, often tying in with the stories shared by the celebrity interviewees.

Like we said, better than twenty sessions with twenty psychiatrists.

All they’d ever prescribe you is a mild anti-psychotic.

Three days of ‘Stronger Than You Think’ will be the push towards Heroin you’ve been waiting for.

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