You Will Live to Hate Again with Digital Fort

These are interesting times.

That’s something people used to say when something mildly odd happened as a way to spruce up the slow, milquetoast march towards obsolescence and eventual quiet death we were facing in 2019.

Sure, some truly interesting and horrifying events happened during 2019 and the years before it, but daily life still existed in its own impenetrable bubble, with the horrifically insane events existing as a fuel for brunch conversation.

But now, we’ve no more brunches because the world is drowning in an infectious soup and the days of bemoaning the fact that you have to exist in the same reality as Post Malone over a champagne breakfast have been transformed into a mad panic to cram your bags as full of instant noodles, miscellaneous canned legumes and wine as you can to ensure that you survive the impending total weeks-long quarantine.

In times such as these, when we’re reminded so painfully of our own innate instinct for self-preservation, it can be useful to also remind yourself that that which you considered to be ‘the worst’ in 2019 is still there and the hateful normalcy and frivolous desire to ‘just die’ which you seek to feel once again will be there once the pandemic is over.

Be reminded with Digital Fort.

For the first time in its history, Fader Fort is going online. The FADER will bring together over 40 acts for a day-long broadcast and an opportunity to raise money for charities helping those hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the world’s favorite artists will premiere new music and re-imagine standouts from their back catalogues, while some will go in another direction entirely.

Kesha will premiere an unreleased clip from her MTV show (a cover of The Beastie Boys’ “Fight for Your Right”), Guapdad 4000 will give fans a cooking demo as Gordon Scamsey in a “Cooking with Flava” segment, and Ashnikko (who was going to be a surprise after-hours set at FADER FORT this year) will sing along to her hit single “Tantrum” as she’s getting a wax, alongside many more artists.

Though the world is currently facing a threat without a face, a song, a political opinion or a stance on assless chaps, remember, the malignant things responsible for TiK ToK and a song that begins with “wet, wet, wet, wet, wet, wet, wet, wet” will still be alive, terrible and waiting for your disdain once COVID-19 is gone.

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