You Don’t Know What You Can’t See at The Melbourne Cup Carnival

We’re in a predicament.

Attempting to pitch the Melbourne Cup now as a lighthearted, fashion-conscious, family-friendly incarnation of a severely problematic countrywide gambling addiction is a very difficult task thanks to the 7.30 Report’s exposé on the cruelty of the horse racing industry.

Gone are the days made easy when all we had to sell was human misery.

Because horses are cute and don’t commit war-crimes.

Sure, we could point out that seeing a horse being repeatedly whipped on the arse should’ve been some indication as to the cruelty of the industry, but everything profitable requires logic consisting of 70% denial, and humanity’s really just playing a waiting game until the only moral act left will be to commit suicide by jumping into a volcano, thereby minimising waste and pollution, with the sentence ‘this is not intended as an act of cultural appropriation’ broadcast across the social media channel culpable for the fewest amount of atrocities.

So, rather than attempting to frame the Cup in any redeeming manner, we’ve decided to just go with the original hard sell in the hope that the prevailing attitude mirrors our own: there is no act left that is entirely moral, this will not result in imprisonment and you won’t have to see the corpses.

Be part of Australia’s most loved and iconic world-class event, the Melbourne Cup Carnival. Experience this incredible event that combines sport, entertainment, fashion and food – all in one place, the stunning Flemington Racecourse. Glamorous, refined and full of history, the Melbourne Cup Carnival is a must-do event for Melbournians and visitors alike.

Cup Week starts with a fusion of monochrome fashion, first-class racing and celebrations at AAMI Victoria Derby Day. Regarded as one of the most prestigious days of racing of the spring, AAMI Victoria Derby Day features a card of nine Group races, four at the elite Group 1 level.

Australia’s greatest sporting and cultural icon, the A$8 million Lexus Melbourne Cup, is the feature of Cup Week, and a must-do sporting spectacle to witness live. The excitement of being part of the front lawn and grandstands filled to the brim, the silent audience anticipating what will happen in the next three minutes, all waiting for their ‘I was at the Melbourne Cup when..’ moment.

While a racing event at its core, Cup Day transcends traditional sporting events with the combination of sport, fashion, celebrity and entertainment. With a reputation for fashion with a penchant for drama, it is the day to make your strongest fashion statement with an exotic or outrageous ensemble that matches the scale and splendour of the event.

The tradition of Kennedy Oaks Day is beauty, femininity, style and grace. It’s a day that the racegoer can embrace wonderment and escape the normal of a week day. The style is not just for the females, the men also take it up a notch, making it one of the best days of the year for men to dress up and explore fashion.

Finally, friends, fun and the finale of Cup Week, Seppelt Wines Stakes Day, is a day at Flemington not to be missed. It’s a celebration of the week that’s just been, filled with quality racing, fashion and entertainment. Let the hair and heels down a little as the pace off the track softens for a family friendly day out.

It’s the 2019 Melbourne Cup Carnival!

To reiterate: you won’t have to see the corpses.

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