Worn Down? Well, Surrender To Barossa. Be Consumed.

Tired of being the one in charge?

We understand.

All that metal, all the leather, and that’s not to mention the fact that they expect you to buy all the lubricant.

Well, screw Bunnings and their aggressive marketing campaign.

It’s time for you to stop being the one in charge.

Time to stop being the consumer and become the consumed.

Yes, it was a long road to get to that joke, but relax. There’s wine at the end of this road, provided by Barossa Valley.

That wine region that feels that a song referring to the vengeful hand of god mixed with the imagery of a family enjoying a lovely picnic is a perfectly sane way to sell a fruity rosé.

Yes, not just a tasting of the region’s brilliant wines, ‘Barossa. Be Consumed’ also offers you a taste of the region’s food, culture, history and character.

Over 300 wines from 50+ Winemakers, plus artisan gin, local produce, live music and new ‘Meet the Maker’ sessions.

Ah. Now the Barossa Valley tourism marketing campaign makes sense.

The best way we’ve found to incur the vengeful hand of god is by adding gin to the evening.



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