We Are What We Are at the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival

It’s an interesting world we live in. A phrase that has been uttered in various incarnations throughout the ages, though its defining implication is era specificity. These times are different to all the other times, just like all the other times were different. Our own reality is only strange because we’ve not yet read the bought and paid for historical record on it.

But there are undeniably a few common threads that have remained throughout the ages, and one in particular that is more prevalent and more lucrative than all the rest.


There are many other corrupting threads that are undoubtedly fun and powerful like greed, gluttony, blood-lust and warfare, but woven throughout all is the axiom “dat ass”.

The problem possibly started when we found out we could fry potatoes and outsource the killing of animals and subsequently realised we didn’t have to screw anything that did or didn’t move. And the rabid germination of that idea is possibly why tens of thousands of people have decided to stop eating all together and spend twelve straight days watching long bits of Crinoline with legs walk up and down a raised platform, spotlit by stadium-strength lighting.

Or, in other words, they’re attending the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival.

The Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival is Australia’s largest fashion event, and an annual celebration of fashion, beauty, business and creative endeavour for everyone to enjoy.

Established in 1997, the event stimulates and celebrates the Australian fashion industry whilst providing employment, networking and professional development opportunities for fashion, beauty, design, creative, marketing and retail industry professionals.

A true feast for the senses, the Festival presents the most stylish program of entertainment on offer including world-class runway shows and parties featuring Australia’s established and emerging designers, state-of-the-art production, beauty workshops, interactive experiences, live entertainment and much more.

It’s 2020, but we are not so different to our historical forebears.

As always, to err is human. Life is still too short. We all innately desire to love one another. The logical outcome of which is to spend $20 million on a parade of walking hard-ons draped in abstract technicolour shapes seemingly inspired by the Psilocybin-laced contents of an Area 51 septic tank.



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