Want To See A Cartoon Version Of How The Sausage Gets Made? Visit The Ekka Royal Queensland Show!

From farm to fork.

Ever heard of that phrase?

You must’ve seen the insidious little marketing campaigns showcasing humble, slightly cross-eyed farmers patting cows, striding around fields and crowing about how only the freshest and happiest produce gets packed away lovingly and shipped off to the local supermarket for you to enjoy with your family (whilst you stare into the middle distance and contemplate the quickest most cowardice-proof way of ending the eternal drudgery).

Do those cross-eyed farmer ads have you feeling slightly ashamed of your urban existence?

Well, do we have the solution to all of your problems.

The Ekka Royal Queensland Show!

From traditional displays like farm animals, wood chopping and horse jumping, to the more modern fashion shows, laser show and live performances by some of the top Australian recording artists, families will be entertained and thrilled every day of the Ekka.

On top of the full calendar of events and entertainment, the Ekka also includes all of the traditional show favourites, including a side-show alley and showbags, dagwood dogs, rides, lots of roving performers, amazing food, the famous strawberry sundaes and a fireworks spectacular!

Gain respite from the braying of your children and con yourself into briefly believing that by being in a field and smelling cow faeces for an afternoon, you’re not as trapped in a city-bound cyclical consumerist frenzy as you previously were.

Also it’s a delightful way to spend all that money you’ve saved buying increasingly cheap groceries from Coles, Woolworths or Aldi!

But better spend it quick!

With the crippling poverty real farmers are currently facing due to aggressive supermarket competitiveness, agricultural shows such as these will soon be closer to a solemn remembrance-day tribute.

Less pop-rock and fairy floss, more lone trumpets and Soylent Green.



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