Twilight at Taronga is as Cute as a Button

Species of flora and fauna are going extinct every day.

Sure, it’s mainly the ugly ones.

No one gives a s**t about a tiny six-legged, hairy, flower-raping monster with meshed eyes and a stinger for an arse when the two fluffy pandas are refusing to screw each other. But pandas are an evolutionary cul de sac and everyone’s going to give a s**t once the avocados run out. It’s more important than ever to acknowledge that visual attractiveness doesn’t equate to a greater contribution in terms of the non-human members of the sentient kingdom.

…But, then again, we humans are 100 seconds to midnight. And finding intellectual solace in the existence of a bee isn’t going to get us that stupefying dopamine hit we need.

So, fancy an evening at the zoo with a lot of fun, attractive pop rock singers?

Yes, bringing together the breathtaking views of the Sydney Harbour skyline at dusk with the sounds of another all-ages live music line-up, the Twilight at Taronga Summer Concert Series is back once again!

The Twilight at Taronga line-up has all the makings to deliver another standout season of Sydney summer memories as artists making their Twilight debut like Broods, Wolfmother, Pete Murray, The Australian Rock Collective, Sunnyboys, Paul Kelly in Thirteen Ways To Look At Birds, Mavis Staples and Meg Mac, perform alongside returning favourites Bernard Fanning, Kasey Chambers, James Morrison, Bjorn Again and the Comedy Gala, within Taronga Zoo’s intimate natural amphitheatre.

See the monkeys, the pandas, the lions, the meerkats, the baby elephants, cry “I just wanna wish you well!”, and, hell, if you can, kill a bee with your bare hands.

It’s 2020. Death is coming. The least it could do is look attractive.

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