Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 29/09/2019

Briefly escape from the daily grind; the grinder requires disinfectant.


10) QUT Design Week

29th September-3rd October

What: Join QUT at the inaugural QUT Design Week 2019, to learn, engage with, and be inspired by design research, innovation and creativity. QUT Design Week 2019 highlights the potential of design to positively transform our world, through research, education, collaboration and leadership across the design disciplines of architecture, interior design, industrial design, fashion, interactive and visual design, and landscape architecture.

Why: This is more of an issued challenge: see how many random foreign syllables you can throw into a sentence describing the architectural aspects of a brick wall before someone asks you what the hell you’re talking about. Our money’s on five hundred.


9) Eden pres. Oliver Smith

4th October

What: Oliver Smith has been described as “an excellent DJ” by Armin van Buuren, “the best thing to happen in trance” by Mixmag and “sensational” by DJ Magazine. In recent years the highly successful UK-based DJ and dance music producer has released scores of records and has performed in some of the biggest clubs in the world. His sophisticated, deep and melodic sound is loved by fans globally. Experience him live.

Why: “The best thing to happen in trance”? The programmer for Apple’s 04 GarageBand must be pissed.


8) Necrot (usa) + Faceless Burial Live

4th October

What: Three piece from Oakland, California, Necrot, are fresh off the Decibel Magazine Tour with Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Immolation and Blood Incantation. Raw, single kick powerhouse unit, Faceless Burial, with members from Internal Rot, Agents Of Abhorrence and White Walls are here with their long awaited second ever Brisbane Show. Experience these two headlining death metal bands live with supporting acts Shitgrinder, Ascot Stabber and Bone Marrow.

Why: Shitgrinder. Shitgrinder.



5th October

What: To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the classic debut, LOST IN SPACE and the deluxe vinyl release through Volcano Vinyl, ROLLERBALL will be cranking up their retro-futuristic wall of sound for a run of East Coast shows. Riff king Dave Talon returns from the Swiss Alps to reunite with the throat, Matt “Tenpin” Boland, drum guru Cracker Roach & joining them on bass is longtime manager and Heavy Roller guitarist Luke Earthling. Regarded as one of the most explosive rock bands in Australia, these gigs are not to be missed!

Why: Wish you were born or could return to an earlier era? Remember that mass-produced nostalgia tends to leave out bits like this.


6) Chillingworth (Live)

2nd October

What: This October, Chillingworth will be making Black Bear Lodge Brisbane their own as they perform their debut headline show. The pair will be bringing a high energy collection of synth pop hits, including their recent releases Mirror and LA, alongside some never before heard songs. Filled with shiny pop melodies and tasty guitar tones, their songs are an ode to the dreamers, the lovers and the fighters. Their melodies are rich with hope and lit up with love.

Why: It’s rare for an unknown indie band to have so generic an oeuvre. Or…wait…is it common? Is it both? This conundrum may just be the most interesting thing about indie pop we’ve ever encountered.


5) The Cellar Series 2019 Concert #1 VOIX EXOTIQUE

29th September

What: One of the truly rare voices on the international world scene, award winning French born singer/ songwriter Pauline Maudy (MZAZA) joins forces with guitarist/composer Anthony Garcia for the first time in this memorable fusion of voice and guitar. An exotic array of songs and themes from ancient Sephardic, French and Spanish traditions will be interlaced with original compositions and fiery improvisations.

Why: Music so experimental that if you find it instinctively appealing, they’ll be violently offended.


4) Chelsea Handler: Life Will Be The Death of Me Tour 

4th October

What: Fresh from her 27-date tour in the US, this brand-new stand up show is classic Chelsea Handler. The brash candour and self-deprecating humour that fuelled her previous bestselling essays collections and wildly successful TV shows is here in spades. Regarded as one of the most successful figures in entertainment today, Chelsea Handler’s talk shows, best-selling books and stand-up comedy have attracted millions of fans worldwide.

Why: If there’s one way to measure how good a stand up comedian is, it’s by what they said to 50 cent on their talk show.


3) Laneway Tea Festival

5th October

What: Brisbane’s first Laneway Tea Festival will be offering tea tastings, tea classes, tea readings and other tea experiences. This is a festival to celebrate tea and allow everyone to experience tea at a different level with many vendors offering free tea tastings, tea classes and tea readings from teas all over around the world. Featuring a DIY tea blend bar as well as tea competitions.

Why: A tea festival? It’s just like Alice in Wonderland! They’ve both been defiled by hipsters.


2) Hans Zimmer – Live on Tour

3rd October

What: With a career that spans several decades, and a resume that includes The Dark Knight trilogy, Blade Runner 2049, Dunkirk, Interstellar, Inception, Blue Planet II, The Amazing Spiderman 2, The Simpsons Movie, Pirates of The Caribbean, The Da Vinci Code, Black Hawk Down and The Lion King, there remains few areas of cinema untouched by Zimmer’s musical genius. Combining stunning visuals, an expansive lightshow and music from cinematic masterpieces of the past several decades, ‘Hans Zimmer Live’ is an experience not to be missed.

Why: All the greatest, most emotionally affecting moments of cinema that crafted your childhood and stoked the flames of your impassioned youth. Experience that but without the story part and just the disassociated accompanying soundtrack. After all, there’s nothing historically troubling about a piece of music removed from its original context and venerated in a…different one.


1) Mushroom Valley

4th-6th October

What: Mushroom Valley is more then just a party, its a community, a place where you can grow, learn and connect with other like minded people. There are plenty of workshops for the young and old in the healing village as well as massage and reiki. Over the weekend the music will range through many genres. On the Friday night it will be a funk, glitch and drum and bass session, then Saturday night your more traditional techno, progressive and psytrance, with diversity over the weekend being the main flavour.

Why: It’s not an actual valley of mushrooms. It’s more of a large packet. Considering this goes on for three days, you’ll probably need a couple of packets.

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