Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 25/08/2019

This week’s a battle royale. Your digestive system versus the bits of digestive system you’ve just ingested.


10) Beer & Wine Pairing Dinner

29th August

What: At Pig ‘N’ Whistle Riverside, they love all things beer and wine, so an evening full of both is right up their street. Hosting the night will be New Zealand Winery Delegat and Revel Brewing Co. An evening perfect for the wine connoisseur and beer buff, or even a Father’s Day treat!

Why: Or even a Father’s Day necessity. Don’t argue. You may be on good terms with your father, but that doesn’t mean sobriety is an option. You’re not a pod person.


9) IWTFA with Ness (The Gods Planet, Mental Modern)

30th August

What: Ness began his electronic music journey in the late 90’s and his evolving interest and passion soon encouraged him to start a DJ career experimenting with various genres. Ness’s music and DJ sets are well accepted and defined as an exploration of a wide range of deep and hypnotic techno and ambient soundscapes. Experience him live.

Why: The long search is over. Ness is here and a monster of an entirely different kind.


8) Nautical Mile ‘Marionette’ Tour

29th August

What: Fresh from the success of their Regicide tour, Perth’s Nautical Mile return to the east coast with their latest single Marionette, a hard-hitting and aggressive track about the breakdown of a family unit and troubled domestic relationships. The accompanying live show is high-octane, frantic and energetic, with the band excited to be calling in at some of their favourite venues for the tour. The Regicide tour received rave reviews and the band plan to go even harder with the Marionette tour.

Why: “…a hard-hitting and aggressive track about the breakdown of a family unit and troubled domestic relationships”. Happy Father’s Day week, kids.‘Marionette’-Tour/747e3ac0-c2f0-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


7) GUTS: An Offal Degustation

26th August

What:GUTS is a six-course degustation celebrating offal. Often underappreciated, offal is a staple in cuisines all over the world, especially in places where food waste is avoided as a necessity. GUTS profiles offal in six different ways to highlight its flavours and textures, and to proudly show that it should have a place on any table. This ain’t your friendly neighbourhood offal like beef cheeks or tongue either, we’re talking proper innards from the feet to gizzards. Come get weird.

Why:  You’re going to need to have your liver surgically removed at some point in the near future. Might as well learn the best flavour profiles to accompany it once it’s out.


6) Whisky Dinner with Archie Rose Distilling Co.

31st August

What: Be guided through tastings of Archie Rose’s Six Malt New Make and White Rye before indulging in a three-course dinner created by Executive Chef Douglas Innes-Will and team, paired with Archie Rose cocktails, finishing with an exclusive tasting of their newly released Rye Malt Whisky.

Why: A night involving the name ‘Archie Rose’ without upper class English incest.


5) Selfish Sons Live

31st August

What: 2019 has seen personal bests for emerging alternative rock band Selfish Sons. More recently, the band have put their focus towards creating ‘their best catalogue of work to date’, Jordy Marcs stating that ‘this tour will be the bands most promising shows to date’. Come experience the ultimate of indie alt-rock.

Why: Shoe-gazing so intense their hair has grown over their entire faces making any need for an up-turned face obsolete.


4) Wine at the Wharf

31st August

What: A day full of wine, beer, cheese and chocolate! Enjoy over 50 wines, beers from Bentspoke, Aether and Brick Lane, cheese from Le Fromage Yard and chocolate from Kokopod!

Why: A night with a stomach pump and future with a red flag on your health insurance.


3) Bakery Lane Bake Off

31st August

What: A festival laneway party to celebrate all things CAKE! Featuring stalls from heaps of cool suppliers and sponsors, presentations from a bunch of Australia’s most exciting cake gurus – like Rosie from Rosie’s Dessert Spot and Nick from The Scran Line – plus heaps of local gurus too! There will be music, games, drinks, food, giveaways, prizes, a live 30 minute cake decorating smack-down with huge prizes….and just a bloody good time!

Why: Proof that the entirety of society has not yet surrendered to the lure of the health-conscious. Pre-diabetics unite!


2) Piano Battle Live

29th August

What: The brainchild of internationally acclaimed pianists Andreas Kern and Paul Cibis, the PIANO BATTLE sees the duo go head-to-head on stage, charming and enchanting the audience with a variety of classical pieces. The debut version of the Piano Battle is a concert show that shines the spotlight on two rival pianists who compete to win the audience over with their distinctly different styles, techniques and artistic personalities.

Why: The ultimate event for lovers of puffery. The puffery to which we refer is, of course, self-directed. Good job, you. You can tell the difference between the quality of one extended piece of classical music and the other.


1) Hugh Jackman – The Man. The Music. The Show.

31st August, 1st & 3rd September

What: Academy Award nominated, Golden Globe, Grammy and Tony Award-winning performer, Hugh Jackman will be bringing his The Man. The Music. The Show. WORLD TOUR to Australia in August this year. Produced by TEG DAINTY the tour will see Jackman perform a new show with hit songs from The Greatest Showman, Les Misérables and more from Broadway and film, accompanied by a live orchestra.

Why: He’ll never be Wolverine again. But that doesn’t mean he’s finished attempting to break the sound barrier with his howl-based oeuvre.

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