Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 23/06/2019

It’s time to hit the road. Whatever it takes to get away from a mass cluster of yogis.


10) Yoga Day Festival

29th June

What: This festival will feature fun yoga asanas sessions, yoga wisdom talks, health & wellness workshops, live Kirtan bands & mantra meditation, cooking demonstrations, kids yoga, vegan markets and much more!

Why: Well, at least it’s a designated area. We know where these people will be, lessening the chance of encountering a random drum circle on the street or being sucked into a 2 hour conversation about kombutcha and bowel health.


9) Together Agency pres: 8 0 8 – Shooters Takeover

28th June

What: 808 returns to Surfers Paradise, this time bringing along Together Agency’s fleet of bass heads. Providing your late night fix of heavy hitting bass & trap, this is one to strap in for.

Why: If your need for a late night fix of bass & trap has become of a concern to you, try tapering off by repeatedly smashing your head into a wall.


8) Rings of Saturn Australian Tour 

24th June

What: Self-proclaimed Alien Death Core Texans, RINGS OF SATURN have announced their long awaited and well over due first tour of Australia and New Zealand! The bands fourth album, Ultu Ulla, was released in 2017 via Nuclear Blast and combines ultra heavy chug and groove with eerie soundscapes, soaring melodies and enough oddball fusion to truly make it a celestial event! Don’t miss one of the most enjoyable metal shows of the year!

Why: “One of the most enjoyable metal shows of the year”? We’re no experts in marketing but they could have at least tried to promote it.


7) The Apocalypse Tour 

29th June

What: Hailing from all over Australia the collective of artists have one common goal – to continue to empower the Australia Hip Hop scene and ensure that their efforts are not easily forgotten. Enter the inaugural Apocalypse AU tour!

Why: Because there’s no genre that really needs bolstering more than Hip Hop. You know. That alternative, experimental form of which only a precious few know.


6) Spellbound: Films In Conjunction With Second Sight

29th June

What: Farewell Second Sight: Witchcraft, Ritual, Power with a series of films curated by Queensland Film Festival Director John Edmond. Comprised of three programs, this film series examines magic as a form of agency. Preparation Rituals explores magic as performance and performance as control of oneself or others. Black Magic Cannot Cross Water presents four constructed iterations of group ritual. And Stones Have Laws presents two works of shared-ethnography in which the Saramaccan Maroon people of Suriname enact how they live within the forest.

Why: Let’s just hope this doesn’t open up the same portal to hell as The Blair Witch Project – a million terrible film students in jean shorts getting shaky footage of twigs and shrieking like saucy vaudevillian maids.


5) Chrome & Clutter Retro Festival

28th-30th June

What: Get away from the big smoke for a weekend filled with entertainment, drive-in movies, a retro dog parade, live musical performances, market stalls, garage sales and best of all – vintage and classic vehicles.

Why: A month’s worth of pollution released into the atmosphere in three revved-up days. You have to admire the efficiency.


4) Bayside BBQ & Beer Roadshow

29th June

What: Imagine sitting on the grass and gnawing on a giant hunk of meat from some of the Best BBQ Foodies whilst sipping on some of Australia (and the World)’s most delicious craft brews. That’s what you’ll experience at this festival.

Why: Then imagine exactly how you’d like your funeral to pan out. Might as well plan a few weeks in advance.


3) Billy Ocean 2019 Tour 

24th June

What: Following his sold out 2018 UK tour, Billy Ocean has announced he is coming to Australia in June. This is part of his world tour, where he will perform his greatest hits and favourite tracks. He will be joined on stage by his super band to put on a show that will get everyone out of their seats. Billy Ocean’s recording highlights include a Grammy Award for Caribbean Queen and contributing the theme tune to smash-hit movie Jewel of the Nile.

Why: Your hearts will beat as one. You probably have the same style of pacemaker.


2) Neck Of The Woods Music Festival

29th June-1st July

What: Neck of the Woods celebrates Australian original music, showcasing over 20 hours of some of the best upcoming songwriters and bands in the country. The festival also features two nights camping, lifestyle activities such as yoga workshops, art installations, an interactive children’s area and a festival marketplace showcasing Townsville’s best street food and artisan market stalls.

Why: We’d always associated original Australian music with a kind of grittiness and so were slightly disappointed by the inclusion of children at this festival. But then again, we should’ve expected it. The most famous recent musical output from Australia was Iggy Azalea. And what’s more child-friendly than ‘Dirt In Your P***y Ass B!tch’?


1) MELT: Festival of Queer Arts And Culture

27th June-7th July

What: A 10-day festival designed to celebrate LGBTIQ+ arts and culture and promote visibility and inclusivity among the LGBTIQ+ community with close to 35 productions, exhibitions and events.

Why: There’s a bigoted homophobe currently at the helm, Australia. You know what that means. It’s your job to party harder than you ever have before.

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