Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 20/10/2019

This week has serious vibes. Disturbing ones. From the guy dressed up ‘ironically’ as Bill Cosby for Halloween.


10) La Sirene French Farmhouse Feast

22nd October

What: In late 2011 there was a hype spreading through the Melbourne beer community about a mysterious new beer that had being popping up around the place. La Sirene. Enjoy a dinner showcasing La Sirene’s sensational beer creations paired with some amazing French Farmhouse style food. Founder, brewer and all-round legend Costa Nikias will be joining in the feasting to answer all things La Sirene. Saccharomyces Super Star chef, Thomas Emblard is going back to his French roots for the night, dishing out farmhouse inspired food.

Why: Beer and meat. It’s beer and meat. But it has a French name. So attending this somehow makes you far superior to every one of your friends and loved ones.


9) Sound Offering V: LG

26th October

What: Join Brisbane-based performer Leif Gifford, for the fifth edition of Sound Offering. Gifford’s project LG, named after the artist’s own initials with a nod to a certain company’s brand name, comments on the artist’s struggles with consumer capitalism. This live performance sees LG create a richly layered soundscape teetering between harmony and cacophony using improvised synthesizer, keyboard, vocals, and effects, accompanied by the artist’s own dreamy projections.

Why: Getting your ego stroked by an audience of sycophantic Instragamming hipsters for a work that may perhaps have been considered insightful in the 1940s? Life is good.


8) Tuscany in the City

23rd October

What: A showcase of some of Tuscany’s most celebrated producers. Casanova di Neri, Poggio al Sole , Talenti , Poggio Scalette and Le Chiuse di Sotto are some of the most recognised names in Tuscany today, each making a style of wine which reflects their unique terroir as well as the meticulous attention to detail they bring to their work. The Kitchen Team will match the wines with a four course dinner, while Andreas Puhar from Enoteca Sydney will co-host and comment on the wines served.

Why: There will be 12 wines served. So the sound of Andreas should fade into the background quite quickly.


7) Fluid Festival

26th October

What: Station Road Bar + Kitchen proudly invites you to join in the fun at their Fluid Festival. Sample a range of craft beers, artisan spirits, small batch wines and ciders from some of the country’s finest producers, whilst savouring yummy tapas from SRBK. Live music, too.

Why: Consider the following morning’s increased bowel fluidity a fun bonus.


6) Halloween Hysteria

25th & 26th

What: Double, double, toil and trouble – Halloween Hysteria is BACK for 2019! Rock fans: you’re in for a duplication of diabolical mayhem! This year’s Halloween Hysteria has multiplied like the walking dead; this year the full rock regalia will be laid out over two massive nights. Night one will be headlined by Dead Letter Circus and night two will be headlined by Cosmic Psychos.

Why: A night of hard rock that’ll have you rationalising, “What does anyone need eardrums for, really?”


5) Diwali: Indian Festival of Lights

25th October

What: FICQ has been celebrating the Diwali Festival in Brisbane since 2010, promoting harmony and multiculturalism. More than 15,000 people all over Brisbane and other parts of Queensland attend the event annually, signifying the success of the festival over the years. Enjoy a full day of celebrations including a Bollywood workshop and karaoke, a citizenship ceremony, an official Diwali ceremony, a laser show with fireworks and an end-of-night Indian dance party.

Why: Don’t feel pressured to join in the party celebrations. It’s totally up to you. We’re only kidding. Dance, puppet.


4) Daniel Sloss X Tour

21st October

What: Don’t miss Scotland’s award-winning Daniel Sloss when he returns to Australia this October for a very special encore performance of his critically acclaimed & stunning live show; X.

Why: It’s been a long while since we’ve listened for the Scottish brogue, given we’ve all been deafened by the American elephant-in-a-wood-chipper, but it’s about time we plugged in our hearing aids and paid for one sweet session of Scottish sanity.


3) Good Food & Wine Show

25th-27th October

What: Good food and good wine is nothing without good company to share it with, and this year the Good Food & Wine Show, presented by Citi, is excited to again offer an exciting line-up of features to discover, taste, share and enjoy. Here is your chance to become immersed in all things food and wine, with returning show favourites and new, never before seen experiences and masterclasses.

Why: Eat, drink and make merry. Regret, vomit, and make a desperate call to your doctor concerning consumption-induced palpitations.


2) Island Vibe Festival

24th-27th October

What: Held annually on Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island) over the last week-end of October, Island Vibe Festival is a multi-faceted celebration of Island culture that includes art exhibitions, interactive workshops, stalls, circus, eco-food and craft markets. 4 stages are host to over 80 mighty reggae, roots, soul and electronic acts – including Indigenous and Pacific Islander dance and cultural groups – gathering on Minjerribah for a celebration of music, dance, art and culture.

Why: It’s held on an island off the coast of another island. They’re getting more considerate about not subjecting other humans to two full days of whatever the hell electro-reggae sounds like.


1) The Grass is Greener

26th October

What: The Grass is Greener is all about celebrating good times with friends, listening to the hottest music around under sunny blue skies. Featuring: Amy Shark, Golden Features, The Veronicas, Mallrat, Crooked Colours, Habstrakt, Holy Goof, The Kite String Tangle, The Aston Shuffle, Kolombo, Graace, Jordan Burns, CHOOMBA, Sophiegrophie, TALEENA, Jake Carmody and SVLT.

Why: Turns out the grass isn’t greener on the other side. Because it’s been stomped to death by the feet of hundreds of thousands of pill-popping ravers.

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