Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 18/11/2018

From Florence to Israel to Italy to Britain to Latin America, this week of worldly cultural delights will truly prove that we, as Australians, should have never ever have produced Kyle Sandilands.


10) AgFutures Innovation and Investment Forum

21st November

AgFutures 2018 coincides with National Agriculture Day, and will showcase the breadth of emerging innovation and investment opportunities in the Queensland agricultural sector.

A hell of a way to justify that patch of…uh…’medicinal’ leaf growing in your closet.


9) W A Lee Equity Lecture 

21st November

The QUT Faculty of Law invites you to the 18th Annual W A Lee Equity Lecture discussing “Equity in an Age of Uncertainty: Big Data, Confidentiality and Fiduciary Liability”.

Yeah, we know. But think of it as the one time you’ll go to Brisbane court without have to endure jury duty or publicly urinate.


8) La Scala Ballet – Giselle and Don Quixote

18th November

Italy’s celebrated Teatro all Scala Ballet Company (La Scala Ballet) will perform for the first time in Australia featuring Giselle and Don Quixote.

Featuring dancers from one of the oldest and most renowned ballet companies in the world, take a picture of yourself at this thing and no one will ever question your intellectual integrity ever again. Then fake a medical emergency, leave ten minutes of the way through, go home and re-watch the Cornetto Trilogy.


7) Down Underground Party feat. Leonardo Gonnelli

18th November

Enjoy one of the best underground House & Techno artists, Florence-born Leonardo Gonelli. Having risen through the ranks of the Florentine house scene, Leonardo comes armed with a rich catalogue of musical knowledge and a dynamic and innovative approach to making music.

And the bar comes with a rich catalogue of alcoholic beverages and a dynamic and innovative approach to allow you to stomach 90s techno music.


6) Beirne Brunch Club Launch

18th November

Beirne Lane presents the Beirne Brunch Club. 3 hours of a bottomless brunch featuring a smorgasbord of brunch delights, beats and live performances, circus artists, naked models and a beauty station.

Because there’s no better time to get your eyebrows plucked than after 2 hours of day drinking, with a stomach gurgling with cider jelly, blue cheese and cream cannoli and some guy’s dick in your face.


5) BHC Itzhak Movie Event

18th November

From Schubert to Strauss, Bach to Brahms, Mozart to…Billy Joel, Itzhak Perlman’s violin playing transcends mere performance to evoke the celebrations and struggles of real life; “praying with the violin”. The premiere of this documentary explores Perlman’s life as a polio survivor landmark musician.

Polio? Nigh-on dead geriatric violinists? Disability? What’s not to love?


4) The Catherine Tate Show Live 

20th November

Award-winning comedian and actor, Catherine Tate is taking her comedy sketch TV show on the road in a series of live performances featuring never before-seen-sketches of some of her most famous characters such as Nan’ Taylor, Irish nurse Bernie, Geordie Georgie and Essex girl Sam.

So, if you’re one of those people that can stomach a whole 2 hours of a one-person sketch show live…we truly envy your patience.


3) IMA Annual Party

24th November

Coinciding with The Commute, this year’s annual party celebrating the Institute of Modern Art will draw on the exhibition’s relationships locally and across waters, through song, dance and spoken word.

The night is full of dancing, drinks, food, and all the social credit of going to an art gallery without actually having to think of as many synonyms as you can to describe a work of abstract art consisting of a single dot on a canvas.


2) Polo In The City 

24th November

Brisbane will be bringing the old sport of polo into the 20th Century with horse racing, fashion events, games, dressage, drinks, and of course the game of polo itself.

We may be all grown up as a country now, but we’ve still got that little plastic horsey given to us by our austere, violently abusive father that we like to play with sometimes.


1) Latin American Film Festival 

22nd-25th November

Now in its 14th consecutive year, the LAFF is comprised of 14 different films, one for each participating country: Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Chile.

A loud celebration of the Latin American filmmaking and a quiet way to chastise your vile ignorance of other cultures.

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