Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 15/03/2020

Eat, drink and make enough noise to drown out your anxieties.


10) SEQFBC Annual Fire Science Forum 2020: Facing Fire in a Changing Climate

17th March

What: The SEQ Fire & Biodiversity Consortium present their annual Fire Science Forum, at the Queensland State Library. Featuring a range of world-class speakers, including researchers from the Centre for Environmental Risk Management of Bushfire (Wollongong University), Queensland University, CSIRO & the BOM; & expert fire operators from QFES, Powerlink & Ten Rivers. With the theme, “Facing Fire in a Changing Climate”, topics include prescribed burning, smoke, fire ecology, infrastructure risk, fire weather & an overview of Queensland’s 2019/20 Bushfire Emergency.

Why: Spend seven hours deconstructing the somehow still disputed notion ‘climate change bad’.


9) Banksy and the Rise of Outlaw Art (Screening)

25th March

What: Banksy’s creativity has made him one of the most famous cultural icons of the modern era. His satirical street art and subversive epigrams combine dark humour with graffiti executed in a distinctive stenciling technique. Some of his most famous works include ‘Cardinal Sin’, ‘The Drinker’, ‘The Antics Roadshow’, ‘Fragile Silence’,’ Art Buff’, ‘Slave Labour’, ‘The Mild Mild West’, ‘Pulp Fiction’ and ‘Bankrobber London’ among many others. This unofficial story of the man and the movement features interviews with Ben Eine (world-famous artist), Steve Lazarides (Banksy’s former right-hand man), John Nation (graffiti pioneer), Felix ‘FLX’ Braun (author & artist), Risk (renowned street artist), Ket (author & artist), Scape (author & artist), Will Ellsworth-Jones (Banksy biographer), Richard Jones (author & publisher), Simon Reynolds (pop-culture author) and Claire De Dobay Rifelj (art historian).

Why: See a film about the richest anti-consumerist since Pope Ratzinger.


8) Yoga + Beer at the XXXX Brewery

19th March

What: Yoga and Beer. An unlikely combination, but one that will have you getting bendy in an hour-long yoga flow then enjoying a nice cold schooner of Gold provided by XXXX Brewery while you have a laugh and rock out to awesome jams.

Why: There’s nothing like finding your centre with a central nervous system depressant.


7) Birrunga Gallery’s 5th Annual Archibald Prize Preview: Opening Night

20th March

What: An opportunity for the Brisbane and SEQ Arts Community opportunity to experience works that are otherwise never available unless they are hung as finalists in the 3 Archibald competitions or the celebrated Salon des Refusés, initiated by the S.H. Ervin Gallery. Artists this year are, including but not limited to, Kane Brunjes, Symone Male, Jim Martin and James Strickland. Each artist will speak to the stories of their works, of their motivations, of the subjects chosen and in all likelihood some entertaining tangents that only add to the pleasure on the evening.

Why: Archibald’s fun, shiftless brother is back in town. Of course there’ll be wine.’s-5th-Annual-Archibald-Prize-Preview:-Opening-Night/0524b530-64c8-11ea-96b7-b132cf2a7536


6) Friday the Freaks Come Out

20th March

What: Experience the biggest night so far of underground House, Progressive and Techno with 2 massive headliners in AVAXA and Taglo playing the same night. Regular residents 4G, Eamonn, Glutton and Paul Millar will support. AVAXA plays melodic house and techno until her fingers bleed, leading you through expansive mountainsides and dark corridors. Warm, buttery melodies combine with alluring bass, dark rhythms and clean synth work, to create the immersive AVAXA experience. Taglo’s journey began in the cosmos of trance, and over the years he began to slow things down and evolve into a deeper, progressive sound. Taglo’s soundscaping is emotive, melodic and meaningful – there’s meaning to his melodies, there’s drive.

Why: We’d usually take issue with the description of anything at a rave as “warm” and “buttery”, but it’s 2020 and they’ve really synthesised the hell out of MDMA.


5) Ocean Film Festival

18th March

What: Each year the Ocean Film Festival World Tour will screen over 2 hours of the most inspirational, educational and entertaining films related to the ocean from independent filmmakers both international and Australian. The tour kicks off in March before travelling around Australia before heading around the globe. The Ocean Film Festival World Tour includes a unique selection of films of varying lengths and styles covering topics such as the oceanic environment, marine creatures, ocean-related sports, coastal cultures and ocean lovers.

Why: Sure to be a worthy memory in ten years when the oceans are a hot chemical stew of sick toxic mutants.


4) Unite 4 Wildlife Day Party

21st March

What: Vibe Tribe United Presents, ‘Unite 4 Wildlife,’ a day party with a purpose – uniting the community in hope, connection and wildlife aid! Consider this your invitation to one of 2020’s best productions! With everyone involved kindly donating their time and skills, including the artists! Enjoy a juicy lineup of the tastiest Psytrance, Dub and Drum and Bass the East Coast and interstate has to offer, all in AID of WILDLIFE RESCUE!

Why: Raise the infection rate of a 2020 catastrophe to raise funds for a different 2020 catastrophe.


3) Brisbane Comedy Festival

15th-22nd March

What: Australia’s fastest growing comedy festival, Brisbane Comedy Festival has grown into a multi-venue extravaganza, bursting at the seams to host a hand-picked selection of the funniest folk in the country. It’s year 11 for the Brisbane Comedy Festival, featuring a bumper line-up of 85 acts playing in 14 performance spaces across 5 venues. The month-long fun and frivolity begins with the Opening Gala. The festival will of course shine a spotlight on top Queensland talent including Mel Buttle, Steph Tisdell, Becky Lucas and Matt Okine, local collectives Act/React, Brisburned, and Politics In The Pub as well as Agro with Jamie Dunn. National heavyweights Dave Hughes, Peter Helliar, Fiona O’Loughlin, Nazeem Hussain and Frank Woodley will be along for the ride, as will international acts such as Stephen K Amos, Jonathan Pie, and Jimeoin. Queerstories and Livewired return in 2020 as well.

Why: We’ve been laughing at death since the war went cold. It’s time for a change in stimuli.


2) MOULD: A Cheese Festival

20th-22nd March

What: MOULD will bring together the best artisan cheese producers from across the country for a festival of cheese, wine, masterclasses and more. Alongside the best Australian cheeses, there will also be a full food program featuring dishes from local cheesemongers and to wash down all that delicious cheese, there will be wines, whisky, sake, beer and cider available to purchase.

Why: You don’t need toilet paper when, with four straight hours of cheese consumption, you can put a three week stopper in your arsehole.


1) Brewsvegas

15th-22nd March

What: Brewsvegas is a grassroots festival, grown from conversations between early good-beer-folks about how to support and celebrate the burgeoning Brisbane beer scene. The Brewsvegas community is welcoming in the new decade with a 2020 program of events happening across some of the city’s most favoured pit-stops to fuel up on beer, food and fun, including the likes of The Catchment Brewing Co., Fritzenburger, Alfie’s: Craft House, Newstead Brewing Co, Soapbox Beer, Fonzie Abbot, Tippler’s Tap, Sea Legs Brewing Co, Archive Beer Boutique, Netherworld, Mongrel, Brewski Bar, The Foundry, Blute’s Bar, plus many, many more. There will be everything from golf tournaments and food pairings to backyard barbecues, beer trails, pet nat painting parties and 70s-themed shandy soirees.

Why: Nothing could evoke the unique, incomparable flavour of Brisbane better than an event called ‘Brewsvegas’.

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