Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 11/08/2019

This week you’ll feel like royalty. In other words, obsolete. The sound of current progressive experimental rock bands tends to inspire that feeling.


10) Confronting Contemporary Art: Abstract Painting and Op-Art

17th August

What: What have you always wanted to know about contemporary art, but been too afraid to ask? In this interactive seminar, Dr Mark Pennings, Senior Lecturer, Visual Arts, Queensland University of Technology, takes a close look at the abstract paintings within the Australian Collection and mesmerising Op-Art works featured in the ‘Geometries’ exhibition of the Queensland Art Gallery.

Why: Questions such as ‘do you ever feel strange about the fact that Imposter syndrome isn’t an irrational state of mind for you?’ won’t be answered with aplomb.


9) Keir Lecture by Lynne Cooke, Senior Curator

13th August

What: This lecture will consider curatorial practice and responsibilities in relation to questions of diversity and inclusion in exhibition programming and collection acquisition and display in museums of modern and contemporary art. Taking as a model for study one of a number of categories of creators routinely marginalised in modernist theory, self-taught and folk artists, it will explore the intersection of these outliers with American avant-gardes over the course of the twentieth century.

Why: A contemporary art-focused dissection of the ‘No Homers’ rule.


8) Artist Talk: Tania Bruguera

17th August

What: For over 25 years, artist Tania Bruguera has created socially-engaged performances and installations that examine the nature and effect of political power structures. Her long-term projects are intensive interventions on the institutional structure of collective memory, education, and politics. Join Bruguera for this artist talk where she will discuss her research and work.

Why: It might actually be worth attending this one as this is probably her swansong. Who the hell needs interpretive art to unpack the complexities of current political power structures when Sesame Street’s explanation of ‘sharing’ is already too wordy for those actually participating in current political power structures?


7) Life Out Loud Storytelling: Beginnings

16th August

What: Life Out Loud is all about the art of storytelling. Come along and listen to real people telling real stories. From first timers to seasoned speaking professionals, these are people from all walks of life telling their stories. Storytellers will share a true story from an interesting moment in their lives when they experienced a ‘beginning’.

Why: You can share with them the true beginning of your alcoholism: having to listen to live performative story telling.



11th August

What: ZIRK! CIRCUS brings together Russia’s finest big top traditions with the daring skills of today’s greatest circus superstars. Step inside the Big Top Chapiteau and be part of the action where no audience member is ever more than 15 rows from the circus ring. Marvel, gasp and cheer at the most exciting, action packed, awe-inspiring circus event coming to Australia this year.

Why: There’s no more brilliant way to get the heart pumping with feats of expert athleticism than by proxy whilst holding an ice-cream.!-CIRCUS-(8th-Performance-Brisbane)/129e3040-948c-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


5) Document One [UK] Live

13th August

What: Rewind DnB and Onesevenfour are teaming up again to bring Document One to Brisbane for one intimate and epic night of Drum and Bass music back at Sub Rosa. Document One’s background as songwriters has resulted in an ultra harmonic and melodic take on club music, creating broad appeal even to those less familiar with the sound of electronic dance music.

Why: It’s difficult to imagine how EDM could be of an even broader appeal than it is currently. Perhaps they’ve taken out the middle man of alcohol and simply instituted the process of audience lobotomisation?


4) Art As Catharsis Winter Showcase

17th August

What: The Art As Catharsis Winter Showcase features some of Australia’s most eclectic progressive metal and experimental acts. Featuring: Weightless In Orbit (Album Preview), The Valley Ends (Album Lauch, VIC), Faux Bandit, Last Lakes, 1 Giant In 9, Endless Valley.

Why: It’s a bold claim that six bands can represent the diversity of underground progressive and experimental music. But then, it’s a bold claim that current progressive and experimental music is anything more than recycled genres from bygone eras perverted through a synth and spewed out on a sweaty club dance-floor.


3) Ekka Royal Queensland Show 

11th-18th August

What: Celebrating its 142nd year in 2019, The Ekka will again take place at the Brisbane Showgrounds in Bowen Hills. From traditional displays like farm animals, wood chopping and horse jumping, to the more modern fashion shows, laser show and live performances by some of the top Australian recording artists, families will be entertained and thrilled every day of the Ekka.

Why: This is one event that you should probably prepare the space-time continuum for. The amount of irony involved in pissing away money on something that markets the image of but does not contribute to a poverty-stricken profession might just cause some cataclysmic rupture. But then again, there are hipsters buying $300 ripped jeans. So we’re probably pretty much through the looking glass.


2) Boy & Bear 2019 Tour 

15th August

What: After the most tumultuous period of their lives both personally and professionally, Boy & Bear are back with a world tour. Boy & Bear will reintroduce themselves to Australian fans via a series of intimate shows before heading to North America.

Why: An indie band so quintessentially indie that their album comes with a complimentary tub of beard oil and a phonetic list of mouth sounds that allow one to display passionate non-commitment.


1) Abbey Road Live

17th August

What: In celebration of Abbey Road’s 50th anniversary, some of Australia’s most respected musicians and members of iconic groups, collectively known as ARC – Kram (Spiderbait), Mark Wilson (Jet), Davey Lane (You Am I) and Darren Middleton (Powderfinger) – all self-confessed Beatles tragics, will faithfully and lovingly bring The Beatles’ most audacious creation to life on stage, performing Abbey Road in full, from start to finish, followed by a second set comprising of a selection of hits spanning the breath of The Beatles’ career and catalogue.

Why: Like a relapsing necrophiliac just out of psychiatric rehab, the world is going down hard and deep on The Beatles. And these guys’ talent for fingering is unrivalled.

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