Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 09/02/2020

We are the world. Isn’t that terrifying?


10) BOADICEA: A Celtic Cabaret 

14th February

What: An opera depicting the life and times of Boadicea, the Celtic British Warrior Queen, who in 60 AD led an uprising against the Romans. Written by Judy Stevens and Clarry Evans, directed by Denny Lawrence.

Why: Because what the world really needs right now is a reminder of Britain’s fetishistic adoration of nationalistic folk heroes.


9) Ric’s Bar presents Confidence Man

15th February

What: Experience the ultimate dance party in Brisbane’s #1 backyard. Confidence Man is arguably one of Australia’s hottest acts, taking the world by storm with their hits, “Boyfriend (Repeat)”, “Bubblegum”, “Better Sit Down Boy”, “Out The Window” and “Does It Make You Feel Good?”. They’re now bringing their high energy to Ric’s Backyard with a special headline DJ SET! The party kicks off in the afternoon with supports by a host of local DJs including Arrowsmith, Julz Playin, AVAXA, Penelope Two-Five and more.

Why: Hear the soundtrack of a slightly more high end Myer store without being harangued by (sober) almost-redundant Myer employees.’s-Bar-presents-Confidence-Man/46052970-4931-11ea-96b7-b132cf2a7536


8) lllenium 2020 Tour

14th February

What: American electronic music sensation Illenium returns to Australian shores in February 2020 with his biggest shows to date in support of his chart topping album Ascend. Illenium will hit Melbourne to wow everyone with his incredible live production.

Why: If auto-tune had a beard.


7) Cattle Decapitation (Live)

13th February

What: One of the most devastating, blistering and sonically brutal tours of 2020 will hit Australia in February, when death/grind masters Cattle Decapitation return to pulverise audiences. Fiercely uncompromising, confronting and utterly annihilating, Cattle Decapitation are one of the most significant forces in extreme metal’s broad spectrum. Consistently delivering genre bending releases since 1996, this band are emissaries of inconvenient truths, a constant reminder of the awfulness wrought upon the natural world by the human race. Live, Cattle Decapitation are an unrelenting cacophony of savagery, a frenzied maelstrom of pure deathgrind carnage, suffocating all in their wake. Expect nothing less than the absolute pinnacle of extremity.

Why: The show starts at 7.30pm. Deathgrind carnage operates on a strict schedule and must resolve itself in time for tea and a good eight hours of sleep.


6) Sunnyboys ‘Sunnyboys 40’ Tour

14th February

What: Sunnyboys will celebrate 40 years since their inception (though a mere 12 years of actual existence) via a new release SUNNYBOYS 40 that brings together the first ever re-release of the band’s much loved 1980 eponymous debut 7” (featuring the original version of the all-time classic Alone With You) alongside four new recordings culled from the archives of chief songwriter Jeremy Oxley.

Why: “I can’t always remember what I say, I can’t always take it having to pay, but watching you walk, you know you’re really attractive”. That’s one of the verses from their most well-known song. So. You know. That’s the standard.‘Sunnyboys-40’-Tour/b54b11b0-45e3-11ea-96b7-b132cf2a7536


5) Heed the Porter (Live)

14th February

What: Heed the Porter are launching their second EP ‘Home’ at Black Bear Lodge on Valentine’s Day. The EP has been nearly 18 months in the making and features the well-known singer keyboard player Michael Hynes who joined the band at the start of 2019. The show will feature songs from the new EP as well as songs from their debut EP When We Were Young, which quickly shot to album of the week in early 2017. Heed the Porter are a 6-piece alt rock and blues band based in Brisbane, formed in late 2015. The members have a wide range of influences and musical experience across genres including country, alternative country, jazz, and rock.

Why: We’re not sure whether the ‘porter’ in the name refers to the archaic term for the profession or the very specific type of beer, but you’ll need to be au fait with both archaic terminology and very specific types of beer to be deemed worthy at this event.


4) Integrity (Live)

12th February

What: Founded in 1988 by artist, Dwid Hellion, Integrity has a legendary and influential presence in the Metal, Noise, Hardcore, Gospel and Punk scene for over 32 years. Diverse, sinister and eclectic, it is impossible to nail them down to just one genre of music. They exist beyond simple confines of category or genre. Integrity still remain one of the most relevant bands in extreme music.

Why: We’re not surprised. It’s probably hard to be irrelevant in a genre that’s still lyrically based on medieval torture methods and mangled lines from the Old Testament.


3) As It Is (Live)

14th February

What: After 18-months of global touring in support of their acclaimed third album “The Great Depression”, English pop punk band As It Is have announced they will be returning to Australia. With their third album, As it Is continue to use music to better understand who we are as humans and the ability to feel powerfully less alone. “This record started off life as an exploration of the question ‘Do we as a society have a fetish for mental illness?’” offers front man Patty Walters; “Do we romanticise or glorify a sickness? It was important for me to do some soul-searching around that question. Are we part of a scene that actually does more damage than good in terms of the way we talk about these issues?”.

Why: Watch them profoundly engage in soul-searching concerning the moral quandary of the fetishisation of marketable depression for $60 a ticket.


2) BrisAsia Festival

8th-29th February

What: With an incredible line-up of dance, arts, food, film, music and more showcasing and celebrating the city’s vibrant and diverse Asian cultures, BrisAsia Festival is one of Brisbane’s best things to see and do in 2020! Treat yourself to more than 90 individual events happening across the city and suburbs as part of the festival.

Why: If you find your mind slipping, just look to your left, there’ll be something loud, colourful and distracting enough to squash that apocalyptic mass infection-induced graveyard image that tried to worm itself into your brain.


1) Earth Frequency Festival

14th-17th February

What: Earth Frequency Festival is a 4 day outdoor festival, based in South-East Queensland, Australia. While fitting in to many cultural niches or pigeon holes such as music concert, transformational festival, tribal gathering, doof, workshop conference etc, the aim of Earth Frequency Festival is to go beyond these traditional tags and exist as a multi-faceted gathering focused broadly on creativity, community, connection, intention and inspiration, with an evolving re-invention of itself in response to the evolution of its supporting communities. Party-goers can look forward to heart-thumping sets from local, national and international music guests such as Clozee, Luigi Madonna, Desert Dwellers, The Upbeats, Nanoplex, Birds Of Paradise, The Strides, Tetrameth and heaps more spanning the breadth of electronic music as well as a wide selection of live music.

Why: An event with a description as nebulous as the term ‘music’ in 2020.

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