Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 08/12/2019

It’s a wiggly, wiggly world, but we’re all dying slowly.


10) Thriller X Papercut presents Bris Me The Horizon

14th December

What: Get down to The Brightside on for a stack of Brisbane legends putting together one mammoth BRING ME THE HORIZON set aptly titled, BRIS ME THE HORIZON! After BRIS ME play the Thriller DJs and Papercut DJs bring you a tasty mash of emo/punk/numetal/party until they kick everyone out.

Why: We’ve no idea why they’re so urgently calling for the horizon. The horizon’s already here. And it’s unsafe for babies, the elderly and the asthmatic.


9) Dialogues

13th December

What: The power of music lies in its potential for storytelling and what better means of projecting narrative than the shared dialogue of chamber music. Claude Debussy’s Suite Bergamasque represents a youthful picture of the composer’s early style, featuring the ever-popular Clair De Lune. Another youthful tapestry is painted by Sergei Prokofiev in the Ballade Op. 15, a work that is sometimes duskily lilting, at other times pulverizing, sweeping through monumental gestures with moments of awe-inspired grandeur.Pierre Sancan was one of France’s most influential musical figures in the twentieth-century, though most of his music is now unknown. The Sonatine for flute and piano is perhaps his most celebrated work and features enchanting melodies that twist back and forth over a bed of charmingly chromatic harmonies. Ending with one of the meatiest duos in the chamber music canon, Rachmaninoff’s Sonata for Cello and Piano was composed shortly after the immensely successful Second Piano Concerto and owes much to the latter work in regards to scale and sentiment. Few composers have so deeply explored the cello’s capacity for passionate intensity and arresting tenderness.

Why: Drown yourself in turgid soup.


8) The Wiggles: Party Time! Big Show!

14th & 15th December

What: The Wiggles will explode onto stages all around Australia, when they bring their brand-new Party Time! Big Show! around the country. Big Show will feature all your favourite Wiggles songs such as ‘Do the Propeller!’, ‘E-M-M-A’, ‘Hot Potato’ and ‘Rock-a- Bye Your Bear’, as well as some hits from the upcoming Party Time! Album and more wiggly classics! Emma, Lachy, Simon and Anthony will be joined by Dorothy the Dinosaur, Captain Feathersword, Henry the Octopus and Wags the Dog as well as their brand-new Wiggly Friend; Shirley Shawn the Unicorn. You’ll also see the Wiggly Dancers, Santa Claus, dancing reindeers and much more!

Why: The litmus test to see if your child is still capable of adequately processing reality. If they’re staring with dead eyes at Anthony, waiting for the other two blue ones to come out so they can all get crushed to death, it’s time to seriously consider the lucrative world of illegal child experimentation. It’s not like they’re going to use their brains for anything, they’re never going to hug you, and you really need the funds to update to the Echo Dot. Sell your child and invest in something capable of at least simulating humanity.


7) Metamorphosis

8th December

What: Metamorphosis refers to a kind of dramatic internal change. Particularly within the Germanic tradition of composition, there is an absolute obsession with form and structure on both a micro and macro level. The collection of works in this program encapsulates something of the creative ingenuity of this period of composition that gave birth to many of the masterworks of the classical canon which are celebrated today. Beethoven’s sunny and virtuosic Horn Sonata Op. 17 preludes a program that swiftly departs for stormier destinations. Two Brahms Sonatas follow, the dark and brooding Clarinet Sonata in F minor and the majestic masterpiece that is the Violin Sonata in A major. Alban Berg’s Four Pieces for Clarinet and Piano are an early example of the composer’s extraordinary compositional ingenuity and are steeped in the sweeping emotional excesses of late-Romanticism. Anton Webern’s Variations for Piano are tiny little miniatures, a masterclass in quality versus quantity. Every little gesture contains a universe of meaning and expression. The performance ends with the broadest work on the program, the glistening triumph that is Brahms’ Horn Trio, Op. 40.

Why: A musical program in which Beethoven is the “sunny” one. Well, it wouldn’t be properly pretentious if there was any joy in it.


6) Eden presents Dosem & Khen

13th December

What: The exploration of the deeper side of techno by Dosem, since busting onto the scene almost 10 years ago, has seen him clock up countless air miles. Given his history, it’s no surprise that he has gained wide support across the electronic spectrum and with the increase of fans and followers of the Catalonian’s unique perspective of electronic music, 2020 is set to be a big year. The jury is in, and the likes of Guy J, Sasha, industry media and an exponentially growing fan base across the globe unequivocally agree; Khen is next big thing to come out of the dance music hotbed that is Israel. Experience Dosem and Khen live.

Why: Like the exploration of the deeper side of the shallow end of the pool. You know the depth before you jump. You jump because the ultimate goal is brain damage.


5) A Sweet Christmas Tasting

13th December

What: Want to have a guilt free Christmas? Where you get to eat the delicious but without the suspicious? Come on down and try this Christmas menu for free, if you are looking for delicious, nutritious and locally sourced, ethical and sustainable treats to gift or just enjoy.

Why: We see they’ve neglected to mention the planned involuntary euthanasia of that generation of family hard-wired to explode in a blamestorming orgy around Christmas. Without that we don’t see how they hope to afford us a “guilt free Christmas”.


4) Ice Nine Kills (Live)

9th December

What: Bridging the gap between horror and metal, this band focused their 2018 Billboard Hard Rock Albums chart-topping release The Silver Scream on classic films from the genre, while even enlisting some notable guest vocal performances from the likes of Stranger Things’ Chelsea Tamridge and Sam Kubrick, grandson of Stanley Kubrick, who famously directed the iconic Stephen King adaption of The Shining. Experience them live.

Why: There’s a gap between horror and metal? Who knew?


3) Thunder Fox (Live)

13th December

What: Sydney Funk lords Thunder Fox return this year with their long anticipated debut album “Love at First Sniff” – a studio realisation of their addictive live sound that has well and truly put them on the map. Experience them live.

Why: Well, Prince is dead. But we still have six white guys from Sydney in mankinis. 2020’s going to be a good year.


2) Viagra Boys (Live)

12th December

What: Swedish punk band Viagra Boys have announced they’ll bring their signature brawling, scuzzy live show to fans on the East Coast this December! Formed in Stockholm in 2015, Viagra Boys have since established themselves as prodigies, using their platform – and their band name – to criticise hyper-masculinity and patriarchal structures, and illuminate the dangers of right-wing populism in Europe. The band’s sweat-drenched live show have earned them a cult following, and for good reason. For the first time this summer, Australian listeners can see Viagra Boys’ addictive absurdism up close.

Why: Experience Nordic cultism the origins of which lie outside an isolated doomsday farmhouse dungeon.


1) Good Things Festival 

8th December

What: Good things festival established itself on the Australian festival calendar in 2018 bringing forth a new era for Australian alternative music fans, ushered in by an unstoppable army of some of the heaviest, and most alternative bands the universe had on offer. After its successful launch in 2018, good things once again returns for 2019.

Why: Remember that era of your life soaked in pathetic teenage disillusionment when you’d misquote Wikipedia-searched sections of anarchist poetry in attempt to try to carve out a reactionary identity? Imagine a whole festival dedicated to the soundtrack of that era.

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