Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 07/07/2019

Time to get your affairs in order. Opera can be a harrowing experience from which you may never recover.


10) Brisbane Arts and Culture Innovation Event 

10th July

What: See some of Brisbane’s talented creatives in an evening of live entertainment, short pitch presentations and business to business networking. Speakers will include recipients of Council’s Creative Sparks Grant Program and local creative and cultural entrepreneurs.

Why: A whole powerhouse full of people guaranteed to make you feel inferior. Until you experience the average conversational repertoire of someone that considers themselves a ‘contemporary art taste-maker’.


9) Spotlight on Rwanda

9th July

What: Put a finger on the pulse status of how the current Rwandan coffee growth, flavour and level of production are going. And yes, there will be some tasty tasters coming for your tastebuds on the night.

Why: The last time a spotlight on Rwanda made you wake up was in 2004. And that only lasted for about thirty minutes after the credits. This time’s a huge improvement. Much less genocide and a wake up so powerful you might even experience insomnia.


8) Opera In The Upper House

12th July

What: Experience the thrill of the Opera in the Upper House starring the youthful, energetic and enchanting Brisbane City Opera. Step back in time and be captivated by the splendour and history of the Upper House. Formerly the site of the Legislative Council Chamber, it only makes sense to bring to life themes of romance, betrayal, quarrels and politics through an opera extravaganza.

Why: Nothing gives one more of a thrill than the smell of decades of legislative assemblies coupled with the protracted quasi-scream of a foreign language fed through a Brisbanian accent.


7) Possum Magic On Stage

10th & 11th July

What: Joined by an extraordinary creative team, Monkey Baa brings to life the characters, journey and love that has made Possum Magic the most-loved and best-selling Australian picture book of all time.

Why: Remember an iconic moment in Australian children’s entertainment without thinking “They better lock that f***er up for the rest of his life”.


6) QFF Screening: Carolee Schneemann – ‘Body Rushes’

11th July

What: A celebration of the work of trailblazing artist Carolee Schneemann (1939-2019), whose practice explored the body—often her own—as a site for questioning representation, boundaries, and social constraints. This free screening, Body Rushes, presents four key works by the artist.

Why: Experience an artist credited with questioning body representation and social constraints without having to pause every four seconds to either consult urban dictionary or attempt to take your own life.‘Body-Rushes’/06160c30-9e19-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


5) The Whisky Club Birthday Party 

11th July

What: The Whisky Club has teamed up with The GlenDronach to throw party extravaganzas all around Australia! Enjoy a whisky cocktail on arrival, five GlenDronach single malt whiskies, charcuterie and cheese boards, birthday (whisky) cake and lots of general banter and good times!

Why: You might as well celebrate their birthday. With the amount of whisky you’ll be drinking, you’re unlikely to see your next one.


4) Australian Tattoo Expo

12th-14th July

What: With over 300 talented artists from across the globe under one roof, there isn’t a better place to be introduced to the niche and complex culture of tattooing and body art.

Why: This isn’t your mother’s needlepoint club. Though you may spot a few people around that are big fans of her talents in the bedroom.


3) Wildflower Amber & St Thomas Guided Tasting

7th July

What: Taste all the beers of the Wildflower range accompanied by a tour of the facility with the blender who will explain in depth their old-world methods and ethos. During the tour you will also sample young and old beer from the barrels to understand better the effects of ageing beer and blending.

Why: It’s so much easier to listen to someone waxing lyrical about their life’s passion when their life’s passion involves opportunities for you to get pissed.


2) Queensland Garden Expo

12th-14th July

What: Queensland Garden Expo is a three day celebration of gardening. An extensive Lecture and Demonstration Program, Landscape Display Gardens, over 360 exhibits including 55 nurseries, a Giant Kitchen Garden Feature and a cooking stage are just a few of the things visitors can enjoy at the Expo. Great food, entertainment and a range of free children’s activities all combine to make Queensland Garden Expo a great day out for all the family.

Why: A garden expo in a time of twenty-tens-era population density. It makes sense, in a way. They’re probably getting in their last big hurrah before Nambour Showgrounds are converted into a series of apartment blocks.


1) Dead of Winter Festival 

13th July

What: Dead of Winter Festival brings together lovers of all things heavy and dark from far and wide. The 2019 event includes prog heavyweights Cog, live show kings Mammal, punk royalty Bodyjar and 28 Days along with QOTSA’s Nick Oliveri, heavy lords Aversions Crown, Perth’s Voyager, Russian punk outfit Svetlanas, Israel’s Elephant Hive aand many more. But music is only part of the Dead Of Winter offering, with this year’s festival set to be zombie-fied as a horde of Australia’s best SFX make-up artists face off against each other.

Why: There’s nothing more aggressively punk than a ticketed night at the theatre.


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