Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 06/10/2019

Snap on those Lederhosen. We can guarantee you won’t be wearing the most stupid outfit this week.


10) Taking Back Saturday: Emo & Pop Punk Long Weekend Party

6th October

What: Taking Back Saturday DJs will be spinnin’ all your fave pop punk & emo tunes until late! Join them for a big night of MMRS, closing the goddamn door and marching to The Black Parade. Come and dance the night away to all your pop punk and emo faves!

Why: Remember the word ’emo’? Then you’re too old to be clubbing.


9) Tinalley String Quartet

6th October

What: Now in its 15th year, the Tinalley String Quartet was awarded the Grand Prize of the 2005 Australian Chamber Music Competition, and captured the world’s attention in 2007 when it was awarded First Prize at the prestigious 9th Banff International String Quartet Competition. The Quartet remains the only Australian ensemble to have been presented in the preeminent Berlin Konzerthaus International String Quartet Series and the Jeunesse Musik Erleben Series at the Musikverein. Come experience them live.

Why: Memorise the titles in this quartet’s pedigree and you’ll be feeling unduly superior for months.


8) Jordy Maxwell ‘Hello, Goodbye’ Tour

6th October

What: “Hello, Goodbye” explores feelings of the return & loss of something so incredibly beautiful. It’s real, it’s meaningful and relatable to those who have experienced loss in their lives but still have that positive light glimmering in their body. Jordy has proven how important music is for people to express their stories and to experience an emotion through his heartfelt, vulnerable lyrics and his soulful, raw voice.Though mostly a sunny and lively personality, Jordy can hold an audience with his mix of raw emotion and light-hearted humour to accompany his endearing performances.

Why: An emotional night with an electrician with 50% less chance of violent murder. Well. It is indie pop.‘Hello-Goodbye’-Tour/fa125640-e662-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


7) Brisbane Immersive 2020 Season Launch

8th October

What: From humble beginnings to the biggest immersive theatre season that Brisbane has ever seen, Brisbane Immersive Ensemble continues to grow with the announcement of their daring 2020 Season. Join them to celebrate with food and wine at the gorgeous heritage hub, Baedeker Wine Bar, as characters new and old mix and mingle with you, dropping hints and tempting you to take a guess before the big reveals.

Why: Immerse yourself in a world of obnoxious theatrics and solicitations for money without having to visit your extended family.


6) The Beths – Australian Tour

10th October

What: 2018 was an incredible breakout year for The Beths. Since releasing their debut album Future Me Hates Me via Carpark Records/Dew Process in August, The Beths have been lauded from all corners of the globe. Known for their signature sunny guitar pop, technical prowess and front-woman Elizabeth Stokes’ witty, self-deprecating lyricism, Future Me Hates Me received international acclaim from music media including PopMatters and Pitchfork, who named it “one of the most impressive indie-rock debuts of the year”. Come experience them live.

Why: It’s a mildly clever trick. It’s impossible to be in the future, so they’ll never hate themselves. Not that that’s a big revelation. They’re indie pop musicians. Their worst inner demons feed on the fear that one day, tiny guitars might be considered less charming by moderately wealthy white people.


5) Gin Therapy

11th October

What: Select 4 gins from the special Gin Therapy menu and receive ice & Fever Tree tonic to make your own mini G&Ts! To help you navigate your selection, tasting notes will be provided so you’ll be an expert in no time! On top of that, indulge in a cheese board featuring your choice of two of pave d’affinois double cream, Quickes cloth cheddar and Berrys Creek Tarwin blue plus lavosh, quince, dried fruit & grapes.

Why: Double cream cheese and four different kinds of gin. It’s an interesting reversal. Therapy before the life-threatening medical condition.


4) Matt Okine ‘Being Black ‘N Chicken, & Chips’ Brisbane Book Launch

10th October

What: The multi-talented Matt Okine is one of Australia’s favourite award-winning comedians. Matt’s returning to his hometown of Brisbane to launch his book, ‘Being Black ‘N Chicken, & Chips’. Based on his award-winning stand-up show, and the loss of his own mother when he was 12, ‘Being Black ‘N Chicken, & Chips’ is a funny, heart-warming, and sometimes surreal look at how young people deal with grief, the loss of loved ones, and becoming an adult – all whilst desperately trying to fit in with the other kids. Join Matt to hear all about his new book at Loft West End.

Why: An event that’ll have you thinking, “Huh. I guess I’ve technically done something today”.‘Being-Black-‘N-Chicken-and-Chips’-Brisbane-Book-Launch/9c80c8e0-e662-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


3) Monster Menagerie III

12th October

What: As the world descends into its favourite nightmare month of the year in the lead up to Halloween, Netherworld is collaborating with breweries from around Australia to manifest a lineup of monstrous beers for the third Monster Menagerie! This year they’ll be conjuring up 8 unique, dessert inspired beers with the sorcery of Hop Nation, Newstead Brewing Co, 3 Ravens, Mr Banks Brewing Co, White Lies Brewing Company, Revel Brewing Co, Bodriggy and Wayward Brewing Co.

Why: Halloween? Well, the residual and continual Americanisation of Australia is as good-a reason to drink as any.


2) Brisbane Fashion Runway

12th October

What: Back. Bigger and Sexier than ever. Guests at Brisbane Fashion Runway will revel in the ultimate red-carpet experience as they bask in the charm of the iconic St Johns Cathedral located in the CBD. Guests will be touching shoulders with Brisbane’s elite social influencers, industry leaders and notable Brisbane media outlets while enjoying an atmosphere a-buzz with luxury and decadence. Brisbane Fashion Runway seamlessly executes chic and sophisticated ambience while exposing Avant Gard aesthetic and breathtaking fashions; bringing to the city the most noted fashion event of the year.

Why: A fashion show at a Cathedral. Huh. Well, at least the ridiculously clothed rapists in this industry tend to favour the pubescent as opposed to the prepubescent.


1) Oktoberfest Brisbane

11th-13th and 18th-20th October

What: Don your Dirndl or Lederhosen and get ready to feast your eyes on all things German at Oktoberfest Brisbane – Australia’s largest German festival. Connect with fellow culture-seeking enthusiasts at the Brisbane Showgrounds as the space comes to life with Oktoberfest Brisbane’s famous Bavarian flair. From schnitzels to pretzels, you’ll love the authentic flavours and treats the festival has to offer. There will also be a spectacular line-up of live entertainment with music by the Bavarian Oompah band ‘Münchner Buam’, Heidi the Yodeller and Alpenrosen Dance Group.

Why: Schnitzels, pretzels and Heidi the Yodeller. Well, a few things make more sense now. It’s quite easy to focus on world domination when you’re not distracted by anything that tastes good, or sounds good, or looks good…

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