Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 04/08/2019

By the end of this week you’ll be infamous. The greatest legends always begin with Flemish ale and wood-chopping.


10) Best In Show: Markets At The Boulevarde

10th August

What: Markets At The Boulevarde invites you to celebrate the Best In Show of the Ekka Show with market stalls, sideshow games, fairy floss, entertainment, showbags, and a cupcake decorating competition. So come one, come all, to enjoy some show favourites!

Why: The Ekka distilled into four short hours without the ever-present odour of animal faeces. You’re welcome.


9) Hendo’s Beer Collective

8th August

What: Do you love drinking beer and learning about the brewing process? Hendo’s has teamed up with some of the best local breweries to bring you six masterclasses. Sample beers from each brewery while hearing about their story and learning about each beer. The first Beer Collective night will feature Stone & Wood.

Why: Truthfully, you only have to love the first part. The drinking beer part. Once you’ve done enough of that, no amount of hipsters waxing lyrical about the brewing process will affect you.’s-Beer-Collective/54ad7510-b591-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192



7th-11th August

What: ZIRK! CIRCUS brings together Russia’s finest big top traditions with the daring skills of today’s greatest circus superstars. Step inside the Big Top Chapiteau and be part of the action where no audience member is ever more than 15 rows from the circus ring. Marvel, gasp and cheer at the most exciting, action packed, awe-inspiring circus event coming to Australia this year.

Why: There’s no more brilliant way to get the heart pumping with feats of expert athleticism than by proxy whilst holding an ice-cream.


7) Rareski Shareski VI: Alvinne Sessions

7th August

What: Welcome back the Rareski Shareski sessions with four cracking beers from Belgian funster masters, Alvinne. Belgian outfit Alvinne are as famous for their amazing Flemish sour ales as they are for crimes against graphic design. Come for a tasting of four crazy good bottles.

Why: Judging by the description of the event, and the fact that the organisers have clearly sampled the Flemish alcoholic fare, we can safely assume the alcohol content of the ales on offer is higher than usual. We wholeheartedly approve of this.


6) Adults Only Inflatable World

10th August

What: It’s time for the BIG kids to let their hair down and indulge in some very serious fun. Let your inner child go wild on a variety of jumping castles, inflatable basketball, cliff jumps, or just race your friends over the inflatable obstacle courses! There’s also gonna be street food, craft beer, cocktails available for purchase and music galore.

Why: What could possibly be better than spending the night bouncing around in an inflatable world? Getting your f***ing life together.


5) Wildfire & Pour

8th August

What: Join Chef Jerome Dalton from Dalton Hospitality, David Bone from Cuttings Wine and Todd Stevens from Neudorf Vineyards to experience the fire dome feast. Enjoy canapés beside the fire followed by a share plate feast cooked in the fire dome with a cheese board and petite fours to finish; all paired with wine from the Neudorf Vineyards.

Why: We’re not entirely sure a fire is necessary. With the quantity of wine, canapes and cheese you’ll be ingesting, your heart’s increasing struggle to pump blood through your veins should keep you warm all night long.


4) Infamous The Show 

4th-10th August

What: A combination of sexy circus acts, raunchy dancing and cheeky comedy will have you crying with laughter. Infamous is an 18+ event encompassing delicious treats and snacks, vip table service with a choice of alcoholic beverages for a never-seen-before circus cabaret vibe! You’ll walk away thoroughly entertained by this lush and lavish production.

Why: Nothing says ‘never-seen-before’ like an enduring form of entertainment stemming from the late fifteenth century.


3) Japanese Craft Beer and Gyoza Night

9th August

What: Harajuku Gyoza Executive Chef Matt Fosker and Head Brewer at Yoyogi Japanese Craft Beer have come together to present the first ever fun and yum Japanese Craft Beer and Gyoza Night! This event is not to be missed as you will try six unique and tasty Yoyogi beers matched with some of the newest Harajuku Gyoza menu items and a few favourites!

Why: The best way to immerse yourself in a culture with which you are only mildly familiar: immersing your face in a tankard of liquor.


2) Snow Patrol ‘Live and Acoustic’ Tour 

6th August

What: A run of Australian shows see Snow Patrol performing in a ‘Live and Acoustic’ mode as a 3-piece featuring singer and guitarist Gary Lightbody, Johnny McDaid on ‎Guitar, piano and vocals and Nathan Connolly also on guitar and vocals. Performing songs live as you’ve never heard them before, the band will be playing all your favourites from classic Snow Patrol albums including ‘Run’, ‘Open Your Eyes’, and ‘Chasing Cars’, alongside songs from their 2018 release ‘Wildness’.

Why: If they lay there. If they just lay there. For about 13 years. Would they find relevance again? Sure they would. If Boy George can, anyone can.‘Live-and-Acoustic’-Tour-(Brisbane)/b8761e40-ae56-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


1) Ekka Royal Queensland Show

9th-18th August

What: Celebrating its 142nd year in 2019, The Ekka will again take place at the Brisbane Showgrounds in Bowen Hills. From traditional displays like farm animals, wood chopping and horse jumping, to the more modern fashion shows, laser show and live performances by some of the top Australian recording artists, families will be entertained and thrilled every day of the Ekka.

Why: This is one event that you should probably prepare the space-time continuum for. The amount of irony involved in pissing away money on something that markets the image of but does not contribute to a poverty-stricken profession might just cause some cataclysmic rupture. But then again, there are hipsters buying $300 ripped jeans. So we’re probably pretty much through the looking glass.

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