Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 03/11/2019

74 bands, 74 islands, 74 thousand indie-pop songs indistinguishable from one another. What a time to be alive.


10) And Remember: Fuck The Cup Responsibly at Birrunga Gallery

5th November

What: The counter-event to the yearly festival of crass, The Race That Shames A Nation. Vegan canapes, champagne and a presentation by Birrunga Wiradyuri of his 2014 Archibald Prize entry of Archie Roach, from blank canvas to finished work.

Why: Proof that not all youthful rebellion is fun or exciting.


9) 4×5

9th November

What: 4 fresh Australian piano quintets, performed by 5 musicians: Robert Davidson (double bass, TOPOLOGY), Bernard Hoey (viola, TOPOLOGY), Graeme Jennings (violin, QSO), Louise King (cello, CELLO DREAMING/MUSES TRIO), Rebecca Seymour (violin, QSO) Therese Milanovic (piano, TOPOLOGY / MUSES TRIO). They will be moving a grand piano into the Red Box in the State library, a rare opportunity to hear a beautiful piano in this amazing venue. You’ll hear wonderful works by Elena Kats-Chernin (The Offering), Bernard Hoey (Quod Scripsi), Robert Davidson (Stradbroke) and Joe Chindamo (Anatomy of Melancholy), accompanied by the stunning night view of the River City at its best.

Why: If this finally makes you realise, once and for all, that you are the uncultured being your mother always knew you were with absolutely no capacity to genuinely appreciate the genius of orchestral quintets, there’ll be a river right in front of you in which you can drown yourself.×5/95a7dbf0-fb8c-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


8) Supanova

8th-10th November

What: Three massive days of Supa-Star celebrities, cosplay (costume-role play), fan clubs, musical performances, creative master classes, celebrity Q&As, wrestling, tournaments and competitions, and a hall full of shopping possibilities.

Why: Nerd culture is now hip. Which means you don’t necessarily have to possess niche knowledge of a certain strain of literature or art to participate in this convention, you just have to possess the capacity to be aroused by skin-tight outfits and the desire to see big budget Hollywood action films.


7) Japanese Wallpaper Album Tour

9th November

What: Following his latest single Imaginary Friends, indie pop artist Japanese Wallpaper is set to release his debut full-length record Glow. To celebrate, Japanese Wallpaper will be heading on his biggest national tour to date with Lontalius (NZ) and Montgomery.

Why: Of course he’s white.


6) Izy (Live)

8th November

What: Moon is the slinky, downtempo, debut single from Izy (pronounced eye-zee), a trio who emerged from the rainforests of Far North Queensland this year to make Melbourne their new home. “Moon was her name, moon was her name” goes the hook, introducing the honeyed voice of bassist Warrigo Tyrrell. On guitar and drums Ryo Montgomery and Maru Nitor-Zammataro complete the trio. Perfectly synchronised, perfectly minimal, this understated piece of jazzy soul brings to mind D’angelo and Bilal at their most stripped back. Izy is taking their live show to Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane. Don’t miss out on their incredibly understated and dynamic take on Soul music.

Why: A trio who emerged from a rainforest with no links to or intentions of forming a doomsday survivalist cult. A rarity in these times.


5) Winterbourne (Live)

8th November

What: Winterbourne will conclude the biggest year of their career to date by touring their hugely anticipated debut album Echo Of Youth. The imaginatively named ‘Echo Of Youth Tour’ will take Winterbourne to all corners of Australia (with an embarrassingly large number of exceptions), where they will perform plenty of bops, jams and classic hits from their exhilarating, anthemic indie-rock canon to tens of billions of adoring fans. We can confidently say that this tour will be the single greatest achievement in the history of music, but don’t take our word for it.

Why: They have a sense of humour. Maybe that’ll make it worth paying to see the seventieth band out of three hundred this year of 20-something-year-olds in black skivvies singing about their bygone youth.


4) Lanikai Bottle Share with Brewmaster Steve Haumschild

8th November

What: Fruited wild ales made Hawaiian style with pineapple, lychee, strawberries and wild lemons? Yes please! Meet co-founder, CEO, and brewmaster of Lanikai, Steve Haumschild, for an intimate bottle share with four of his amazing wild ales and a cheeky Imperial Stout accompanied by cheese and charcuterie.

Why: It technically counts as consumption of fruit. Do not waste this opportunity.


3) Blackbird Garden Party Melbourne Cup

5th November

What: Across their bar and restaurant areas, Blackbird will be hosting a lavish, cocktail style garden party. Enjoy gourmet canapes, fresh seafood and food stations and free flowing french champagne, premium wines, cocktails and spirits. In addition they will have live music, full coverage of the days’ races, larger-than-life roving entertainment, fashions on the field, prizes and charity sweep stakes to the benefit of YoungCare. Dress to impress, for this is the event to be seen.

Why: Nothing makes one feel better about supporting an industry built upon stoking peoples life-destroying gambling addictions than a cocktail outfit, champagne and a donation to a charity, the name of which is the perfect combination of vague and seemingly progressive.


2) Grinspoon: Chemical Hearts Tour 

7th November

What: The Chemical Hearts tour will be packed with hits and audience faves from the era when Grinspoon absolutely dominated the festival lineups of the day including Big Day Out, Homebake, Livid and Peaches & Cream.

Why: A band whose output is so aggressively mediocre, you’ll want to engage in drug use just to break the monotony. At which point, the lyrics become pertinent to you. Kind of ingenious when you think about it.


1) Airlie Beach Festival of Music

8th-10th November

What: Now in its seventh year, the Airlie Beach Festival of Music is fast becoming one of Queensland’s premier live music events. Only in Airlie Beach can you see 74 bands alongside 74 islands in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. Watch big name acts and discover new talent – there is something for every musical taste. Experience a town coming alive to the sound of music. With live entertainment spread throughout 18 venues, the atmosphere is electric. Featuring: John Butler, The Superjesus, John WIlliamson, Smokie (uk), Yothu Yindi, Mahalia Barnes, Bon But Not Forgotten and many more.

Why: John Butler’s still alive. Who knew?

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