Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 02/02/2020

Gorge on excess (responsibly).


10) Something Digital presents Emergency Digital

4th February

What: There is nowhere left to run. Australia’s new reality is embedded with large scale disasters that will change the way we live, consume, create and care for one another. As a knowledge economy, part of our strength is our ability to leverage technologies to manage & respond to emergency or disaster management. From crowdsourcing intelligence to donation coordination or drone technology for aid relief, digital solutions are within our reach. Something Digital is inviting Brisbane’s digital community to come together develop ideas, centralise existing resources & collaborate with others to create solutions to large-scale emergencies.

Why: Participate in the new digital world by travelling on the train to conference room B.


9) ‘Late Capitalism’s Broken Promises’ with Daniel McKewen

8th February

What: Taking some of the themes in McKewen’s work like economics, politics, and popular culture as a starting point, you’re invited to join an open discussion to unpick the meaning of late capitalism and how it plays out in our current times. This discussion will mark the final weekend of McKewen’s temporary public artwork Promissory Estoppel, currently projected on the façade of the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts.

Why: We’re experiencing the complex, destructive repercussions of disingenuously packaged purchasable economic free will. But the one thing we can always take solace in is that, no matter the year, no matter the economic epoch, there’ll always be some a***hole sticking a piece of fruit to a wall and another a***hole willing to call it art and pay a hundred thousand bucks for it.’Late-Capitalism’s-Broken-Promises’-with-Daniel-McKewen/00e73a40-43a5-11ea-96b7-b132cf2a7536


8) Eden presents Vintage & Morelli

7th February

What: Marko Cubric, known to the world as Vintage & Morelli, is Serbia’s leading trance & progressive producer and is a core contributor to Los Angeles-based imprint Silk Music. His music has gained support from many of the industry greats, including Above & Beyond, Armin van Buuren, and Paul Oakenfold, and has received rave reviews in DJ Mag, where he has received several featured “Top 10” columns. Experience him live.

Why: If you’re unaware of his canon of music, think of an immersive interactive exhibition room at the Powerhouse Museum for children entitled “Journey Through The Small Intestine”.


7) Good Morning (Live)

2nd February

What: Melbourne’s ​Good Morning return with their second album this year, ​Basketball Breakups​. Following ​The Option from April and last year’s ​Prize // Reward​, ​Basketball Breakups distils Good Morning​ into just over twenty minutes of scrappy, melodic, melancholy guitar music. Recorded over 4 days in Matsumoto, Japan, at the end of a tour, ​Basketball Breakups ​was essentially made on holiday, in the middle of a humid summer, in a studio next to a 7-11. Guitars, bass, drums, keys and piano form understated rock arrangements, ever-effortless in Good Morning​’s light, laconic way.

Why: Hear light, laconic holiday music without having to endure the claustrophobia of standing in a lift.


6) Beastwars 2020 Australian Tour

7th February

What: After a triumphant Australian visit earlier this year, New Zealand heavy act Beastwars return to Australian shores in February. With a new found perspective and deep understanding of the fragility of life stemming from vocalist Matt Hyde’s recent battle with cancer, the band are back in world-class form. Promoting gargantuan new single This Mortal Decay, the introspective work was the last song written for latest Beastwars album IV and also the most triumphant, shaped by Hyde’s recent experiences delving into the abyss.

Why: One of the best ways to profit off cancer since the death of television screwed the televangelists.


5) Vesicant, Consummation, Paroxysmal Descent & Veins of Atrophy (Live)

8th February

What: Underground extreme metal makes its long awaited return to Brisbane with Vesicant (NZ), Consummation (Aus), Paroxysmal Descent (Aus) & VoA. Vesicant will bring militant black/death terror, Consummation will bring dissonant, epic black metal, Paroxysmal Descent will bring black metal misanthropy and Veins of Atrophy will bring the dark ambient vibe.

Why: AUTO-EROTICALLY ASPHYXIATE YOURSELF WITH THE BLOODY INTESTINES OF THE ANGEL CHILD OF THE APOCALYPSE, but make sure you finish by 11:30pm. You’ve work in the morning and those papers won’t file themselves.


4) Corrosion of Conformity (Live)

8th February

What: The Rock world was abuzz with the news that Pepper Keenan was headed back to his old stomping grounds and recording his first album with Southern Rock legends Corrosion of Conformity in 13 years. The result was an absolute stormer of an album ‘No Cross No Crown’ and their first for Nuclear Blast, the album cracked the Billboard Charts, The UK Charts and Australia’s own ARIA Charts heralding a triumphant return. Now thanks to Silverback Touring Corrosion of Conformity are headed our way again with Pepper up front! They are going to give you what you expect. A Southern flavoured, beer soaked, sweat drenched, smoke filled riff fest with a set list offering new tracks alongside all time classics like Vote With A Bullet, Cleanse My Wounds, Albatross, Wiseblood and Seven Days.

Why: Nothing corrodes conformity like another desperate man with a guitar and a midlife crisis trying to make a comeback.


3) The Empire Strips Back

6th, 7th & 8th February

What: Starting in a small 100 seat bar, The Empire Strips Back has gone on to become one of the biggest burlesque events in the world. After a sold-out, critically acclaimed North American tour, which saw the show play everywhere from LA to Broadway, The Empire Strips Back team returns home to Australia for their annual national tour before heading back overseas. For those that missed out on previous tours, be prepared for some seriously sexy Stormtroopers, a dangerously seductive Booba Fett, some tantalising Twi’leks, a delightfully luke-warm Taun Taun, a lady-like Skywalker, the Droids you are looking for and much, much more! Get your tickets now and come along to celebrate everything Star Wars…and the removal of clothing.

Why: Your pubescent fantasies but with production values and corporeal flesh. And your mother’s not in the next room.


2) Healthy Hedonism Festival

2nd February

What: The Healthy Hedonism Festival is all about entertaining your hedonistic curiosities in a more mindful and healthy way. Simultaneously enjoying the pleasures of new food and beverage flavours, and some seriously sexy drinks. Enjoy premium low and mid alcohol brands, healthy restaurant food, beverage stalls holding interactive new brand activations, boxing, swimming (yes swimming!), yoga sessions, main stage presentations, internationally recognised performers, workshops, and masterclasses to promote these new products to industry and the public. Experience a day immersed in the tastes and delights of quality restaurant food, premium low to no alcohol cocktails and a huge variety of other mindful drinking brands to delight your senses.

Why: Nothing screams absolute ecstasy like an event hosted by a company on the edge of liquidation with piss-weak alcohol, white people doing yoga, promotional pitches and people constantly using the word ‘mindful’.


1) A Day on the Green 2020 feat. Cold Chisel

8th February

What: A Day on the Green is an “experience” combining the best Australian and International artists with carefully selected wineries, offering a day of good food & wine, good friends and of course great music. To date there have been almost 400 concerts under the A Day on the Green banner with over 3 million people attending. This concert features Cold Chisel.

Why: Nothing goes better with “Metho Blues” than a lovely Shiraz and a gourmet cheese platter.

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