Top 10 things On in Brisbane this week 01/09/2019

This week, give your father gin. It’s the least you could do after being part of the generation that considers the lyric ‘Love to work the kitty like purrrrrrr’ the work of a legitimately talented musician.


10) The Cold Record

6th-12th September

What: A secret performance. A one-man show. Directed by Alexandra Bassiakou Shaw and written by Kirk Lynn, This is the story of a 12-year-old boy who tries to set the record for leaving school the most days with a fever and, in the process, falls in love with the school nurse and breaks his heart on punk rock. You’ll leave with a mix tape made from the audience’s memories and a promise never to speak about what you witnessed or else you’ll get kicked out.

Why: It’s a good strategy and one that we feel may be the secret to contemporary theatre’s success. If you can’t speak of what you’ve seen, you’ll not be able to warn others off seeing it. Perhaps that’s also why so much contemporary theatre involves no outside drinks and then results in three quarters of the audience falling asleep.


9) Cradle Of Filth Australian Tour

7th September

What: When you talk about classic albums shaping genres ‘Cruelty and the Beast’ by CRADLE OF FILTH sits proudly and menacingly at the top of the tree for extreme music. In 1998 Cruelty and the Beast was released and showcased the band’s hybrid of brutality and macabre romanticism. As a concept album, it is executed with perfection…creative, intelligent, shocking, written brilliantly and played expertly. This is the only chance CRADLE OF FILTH Australian fans will ever get to witness this masterpiece live.

Why: Never heard of Cradle of Filth before? Don’t worry. Most people haven’t. And the ones that have only heard them for one second. Then they lost the ability to hear entirely.


8) Birdsville Races

5th-7th September

What: Over a 13-race program on Friday and Saturday, you’ll witness all the fanfare and excitement of a typical racing meet, superimposed on the dramatic and dusty desert landscape. Crowds of over 6000 racegoers celebrate the carnival each year enjoying two days of quality outback racing and three great nights of live entertainment. Other entertainment includes the RFDS Cocktail Party, RFDS Fun Run, Fashions on the Field, Fred Brophy’s Boxing Troupe, a variety of food vendors, a giant auction, and much more.

Why: Interesting how something can go from seedy and life-destroying to sophisticated with the inclusion of cocktail dresses and quieter, more insidious sponsorship.


7) Jacaranda Gin Fest

7th September

What: As Spring is in full bloom and the Jacarandas begin to paint the streets with colour, there is no better time to enjoy the beauty of gin surrounded by botanicals in Brisbane. Connecting with the iconic Newstead House, Jacaranda Gin Festival provides gin lovers with the opportunity to taste the best of craft and popular gins, direct from Australian and International distillers. The all-day festival session is designed to savour the sunshine, delight the afternoon and smooth your way through to the evening.

Why: The bloom of the Jacaranda tree is not quite here yet. Your blossoming liver disease should satisfy you till then.


6) Hugh Jackman – The Man. The Music. The Show. 

1st & 3rd September


Academy Award nominated, Golden Globe, Grammy and Tony Award-winning performer, Hugh Jackman will be bringing his The Man. The Music. The Show. WORLD TOUR to Australia in August this year. Produced by TEG DAINTY the tour will see Jackman perform a new show with hit songs from The Greatest Showman, Les Misérables and more from Broadway and film, accompanied by a live orchestra.

Why: He’ll never be Wolverine again. But that doesn’t mean he’s finished attempting to break the sound barrier with his howl-based oeuvre.


5) Brisbane Writers Festival

5th-8th September

What: For the past 57 years Brisbane Writers Festival has been bringing communities together to debate, share experiences and celebrate the power and wonder of literature. It presents over 150 events at the State Library of Queensland and QAGOMA each year, showcasing brave, intriguing and thought provoking local and international writers to over 20,000 patrons annually.

Why: Cock your pen and jam it into that part of your brain capable of reason. It’s time, once again, to delude yourself into believing that literature is a still-relevant form of expression.


4) Drip World Festival 

1st September

What: Australia’s biggest contemporary urban festival is finally touching down. Headlining the festival are US rapper Akon, Migos, Lil Baby, Rich The Kid and French Montana; joining them are Lil Skies, Comethazine, AMARNI, rising triple j Unearthed artists Ay Huncho and Sophiya and many more.

Why: Thought the relevance of rap and hip hop did not extend to the Australian context? You clearly failed to account for the proliferation of white people walking around with dreadlocks and a wildly misplaced sense of being ‘downtrodden’.


3) Sonic Boom 

5th September

What: Returning in 2019 in a brand new location is Jet Black Cat Music’s annual Sonic Boom. See some of the country’s finest emerging talent crammed into one huge day only at What’s Golden alongside JBCM’s pop-up record shop, Jeff Andersen Jr’s acclaimed yearly self portrait series, food trucks and more. And it’s free! Sonic Boom’s line-up is second-to-none and boasts an array of different artists – all emerging and all with differing levels of exposure. This year’s lineup features: Nice Biscuit, Party Dozen, Mid Ayr, Buttercats, Gena Rose Bruce, First Beige, These Guy, Elizabeth and many more.

Why: An indie music festival in a pop-up record shop: the young meet the young, rob the old and leave their wrinkled corpse in a ditch as revenge for tanking the economy.


2) BIGSOUND Festival 

3rd-5th September

What: Now in its eighteenth year, BIGSOUND Festival is your annual opportunity to discover the future of Australian music. Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley will come alive with a global gathering of musicians, industry, brands, media and music lovers. Acts on the lineup for 2019 include Dulcie, Approachable Members of Your Local Community, Tones And I, Japanese Wallpaper, Adelaide’s TOWNS, Ballarat’s Nancie Schipper and many more. All of the acts will play over four nights across 18 stages, in a choose-your-own-adventure discovery moment to remember.

Why: Alternatively, you could stay home and google current life-expectancy projections and the canon and touring schedule of John Farnham. It’s a far more accurate indication of the future of Australian music.


1) Brisbane Festival

6th-28th September

What: Boldly Brisbane and gloriously global – Brisbane Festival shines a spotlight on a packed program of spellbinding shows, provocative performances and illuminating installations that will set the city alight. Queensland’s largest arts and cultural event will host 454 performances of 83 shows, involving over 908 artists from around the world. This year’s theme is based on the (other) three Rs: Revels, Revelations and Romance.

Why: It’s about time they came up with another use for that old phrase. Apple’s replaced basic literacy and numeracy skills and environmental sustainability probably causes autism so we might as well eat, party and screw our way to the sparkling grave.

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