Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 31/01/2021

One month down.


10) Splash at The Port

6th February

What: Experience Sydney’s craziest party club at their new home, The Port! Featuring: Flite, Lil B, Soprano, MC Suga Shane, James Saxman Spy and J-Drumboy!

Why: Let’s hope this new home takes. They left their last home covered in puddles of piss.


9) SoundWaves All White Boat Party XII

6th February

What: Experience a SoundWaves cruise to start off your February, with an indoor and outdoor balcony area over two levels on the famous Supercat boat cruise overlooking the Sydney Harbour, a huge sound system & light show and an official lineup featuring Lewdantix, Nick Reverse, Sangalli and Tricks. The dress code is all white!

Why: Sponsored by Omo.


8) Lizzie Jack and the Beanstalks: Live

6th February

What: Brought together by a broken washing machine, Lizzie Jack and the Beanstalks are a four-piece indie rock band from Wollongong. Fronted by Lizzie Jack, the tracks produced by the band present a hybrid of folk-esk storytelling and garage rock, taking influence from Eliza and the Delusionals, Tired Lion, Waax, and Maddy Jane. The Beanstalks are anthemic, authentic and here to leave a lasting impression. They’re gracing the grass at The Arthouse again, joined by Sydney outfit Passion Dash and local legends the Huneez!

Why: We’ve always been fascinated by the use of the word ‘authentic’ to describe every single indie band to come out of the past couple of decades.


7) No Place Like House feat. Robbie Lowe

5th February

What: Focused on club culture, house music and the community within it lives…presenting a night that honours the culture. A space where artists and punters connect and experiment amongst the soundtrack to late night club culture. Experience Australian dance music mainstay, Robbie Lowe, who will usher in a new era in 2021. Known as a true selector, Robbie has been behind some of the great moments this city has seen. He will deliver once again in the fitting underground setting of Club 77.

Why: A play on words is the closest this generation will get to home ownership.


6) PURE 100% DJ Nights

6th February

What: Experience a night of the ultimate playlists, lights and sound with Unity Hall bringing beats to Balmain, oh yeah!

Why: Be careful, though. It’s the guy in the third toilet stall from the left selling the pure stuff. The guy in the second stall is mostly peddling Wizz Fizz mixed with Actizyme.


5) Hooked Boat Party: Vol 7

5th February

What: Experience a killer night on the harbour with 4 DJs showcasing their skills, 2 bars and 2 full levels of insane beats!

Why: The perfect opportunity to puke 2020 out of yourself.


4) Sam Simmons: Live

5th February

What: One mighty rough year = One mighty DUMB show. NO life lessons, NO profundity and NO epiphanies. Just one hundred percent guaranteed gelastic and frivolous escapism from the “new normal”. This shall surely be an evening of socially distant people congregating safely in a room facing forward. Number 52 your human lamington is ready. Experience comedian Sam Simmons live.

Why: See what every other nation in the world assumes every Australian man is.


3) Ross Noble: Humornoid

6th February

What: What happens when pure comedy takes human form? What happens when a creature is created and bred to do stand-up? Nobody knows because that isn’t a thing. What is a thing is Ross Noble doing a show. You can come and see. This is it.

Why: You’ve been staring at Premier Palaszczuk for a long time. Come see what a fun mentally ill northerner looks like.


2) Worship: Queer Cabaret

6th February

What: Worship is back at its new home, The Bearded Tit! Celebrating the community’s unique identity and queer culture through cabaret and music. They have curated a diverse lineup of Sydney’s brightest performers to present pieces around the themes of cultural and spiritual practices, identity and worship.

Why: Lighten up your sexual palette that, since lockdown, has gotten almost illegally dark.


1) Young Henrys Live Lounge feat. Foxlore & Cosmic Rodeo

5th February

What: Young Henry’s and Kelly’s on King present Foxlore & Cosmic Rodeo. Foxlore is a 5-piece emerging post-punk/indie rock band from Sydney. The band has been labelled as surprise performers with mind blowing sounds and killer tunes. Cosmic Rodeo is a group of 5 quite different musical characters, wandering through the sonically ever changing soundscape, looking for adventure. They’ve got their own way of doing things, resulting in a fusion of Bluesy, Indie, Alternative Rock with an Americana twang.

Why: When you eat a dish made of twenty different ingredients and it ends up tasting like a homogenous pile of mush.

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