Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 28/03/2021

Blame it on the rain?


10) Escape feat. Robbie Lowe

3rd April

What: Easter long weekend is upon Sydney and with restrictions relaxing, it’s time to enjoy monstrous line up and cheers a beer! Escape is back on home soil with two levels of epic tunes featuring some of Sydney’s best house & techno DJs including world-famous Aussie DJ and true vibe master Robbie Lowe!

Why: See a balding middle-aged man growl “shake it” to a bunch of barely legal high school grads.


9) Young Henry’s Sunday Session feat. Master Leonard & Mourners

28th March

What: Young Henry’s and Kelly’s on King present Master Leonard & Mourners. Relocated to Marrickville in Sydney’s Inner West, Master Leonard draw from a deep pool of satanic sludge, stoner and thrash, to create monumental riffs that will crush your spine. Hugely inspired by early doom such as Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus and Electric Wizard, incorporating influences of old school death metal and punk, Mourners have set out to bring you the filthiest, caveman riff driven doom metal.

Why: Add a crushed spine and blown eardrums to your depression and bedsores.’s-Sunday-Session-Ft.-Master-Leonard-and-Mourners/96c19fb0-8db9-11eb-8dd8-8f4a8500c961


8) Pleasure ‘Saint Albans’ LP Launch

1st April

What: Sydney band Pleasure are launching their new LP ‘Saint Albans’ by attempting to play a 6 hour long set. Come for a drink and be witness to their descent into rich, distorted electro-synth madness. Pleasure’s first LP ‘Saint Albans’ was conceived, improvised and recorded over 3 days on a farm in Saint Albans, NSW.

Why: Because 1 hour of electro-synth music was declared not as effective as it could be by current secret Russian Gulag officers.‘Saint-Albans’-LP-Launch/ae41dbf0-8db9-11eb-8dd8-8f4a8500c961


7) Good Friday Sugar Shuffle

2nd April

What: Be upstanding for some Sugar! Come to the Tiki Bar, Rooftop KX Hotel for some standing, drinking and maybe some shuffling! It’s time to dance with somebody to a full night of DJ disco beats!

Why: Not to be confused with the ‘sugar seizure’, a much more common affliction since COVID restrictions sent diabetes rates soaring.


6) Hard Rock Heaven

1st April

What: Australian blues artist Simon Kinny-Lewis has performed and recorded with the cream of the blues crop including Robben Ford, Chris Cain, Josh Smith, Kirk Fletcher and many more. Experience an incendiary guitarist who simmers and burns live in a glorious night of hard blues rock.

Why: This description is brought to you by this summer’s lack of devastating bushfires.


5) Syzygy On The Water

2nd April

What: Good Friday might be a quiet day for local pubs, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend it at home on the couch. The Syzygy team have put together a special event so party lovers can start the long weekend the right way, with a rowdy cruise on Sydney Harbour. Harry HY headlines a stellar lineup, and the Syzygy DJs will also be joined on stage by talented saxophonist Lyndon Franks, for an afternoon of incredible live performances. Fans of disco, house and deep house are in for an absolute treat, so come and experience another unforgettable lap around the harbour.

Why: If a swarm of locusts comes your way, don’t take it personally. It’s a ScoMo thing. Even imaginary Judeo-Christian gods to whom he’s pledged allegiance hate his guts.


4) Swaré and Friends: Live

31st March

What: Buckle up, grab some friends and come along to The Red Rattler as Swaré takes to the stage along with Little Green, SADBOii and Sarah Wolfe in a special night on 1 stage. With music full of flavour that’ll have every beat pulsate through your veins, Swaré’s indie-pop meets electronic pop is catching the ears of Australia. Making music since he was a teenager, Swaré took his inspiration from the likes of Michael Jackson and David Bowie, but it wasn’t until a close friend showed him a video of French electronic duo, Justice performing that Swaré decided to go all in on music; merging those styles together to something uniquely his own.

Why: Imagine a combination of Jackson, Bowie and French electro. Can’t? Good. We knew we weren’t the only ones to whom that s*** made no sense.


3) Young Henry’s Live Lounge feat. Vacant Shade & The Huneez

2nd April

What: Young Henry’s and Kelly’s on King present Vacant Shade & The Huneez. Vacant Shade is a Western Sydney alternative rock band, first formed in 2012 by a bunch of schoolmates. The gents would describe their sound as a mix between Violent Soho and Blink 182, and despite criticisms of having a style that is considered ‘inconsistent’ by some, they have responded by honestly not giving a rats. Kaitlin, Chad, and Pauly are The Huneez – an indie pop trio hailing from Wollongong, NSW, playing some of the sweetest beats and juiciest jams around. Combining soulful melodies, funky rhythms, and some pleasantly piquant grooves into an assortment of original tracks, The Huneez will have you tapping your feet and moving from your seat.

Why: People who went to school in 2012 are now being called ‘gents’ in the same description that includes the words ‘funky’ and ‘piquant’. If young people just stayed within their own damn lane, everyone wouldn’t despise them so much.’s-Live-Lounge-feat.-Vacant-Shade-and-The-Huneez/f6d56b20-8db9-11eb-8dd8-8f4a8500c961


2) Byron Bay Bluesfest 

1st-5th April

What: Experience Australia’s most awarded music festival, taking place annually over the Easter Long Weekend just outside the coastal town of Byron Bay! This year’s lineup is the first all-Australian lineup ever! Featuring Jimmy Barnes, Tash Sultana, Ocean Alley, The Teskey Brothers, Pete Murray, The Cat Empire, Kate Ceberano, Kasey Chambers, The Waifs, The Living End, Ian Moss, Russell Morris, The Black Sorrows, Vika & Linda Bull, Mama Kin Spender, Dami Im, and many many more! The 2021 Bluesfest promises to be a full festival experience running across five stages and including all the trimmings from camping, tent hotels and the popular rainbow tipis, market stalls, great food, festival fashion, the busking competition, and the perennial warm good vibes that is Byron Bay Bluesfest.

Why: Thank god for festival drugs, or else you’d be forced to remember why there’s an all-Australian lineup.


(Update: Bluesfest has been cancelled. C’est la vie. Or death. Or, you know, whatever this s*** is.)


1) We Can Dance

3rd April

What: After months of no dancing, restrictions are finally easing, and it’s time to celebrate the only way: an epic dance party! In the courtyard will be DR PACKER, SGT SLICK, Husky, Kate Monroe, Robbie Lowe, Rodd Riches & Arrnott Olssen, Wild Fox. In the chapel will be Hoten, Chris Kyle, DJ Cadence, Eleuthis, Kiddell, Gelassenheit, Stiofan. In the lounge will be Mr & Mrs Parkes, Ant Schillaci, Blake Jay, Hot English Mustard, Jake Would, Romy Black, Mixed Methods, Speed Queen. Ready, get set, go!

Why: We’re just returning to normalcy after an outbreak of a hideous virus. Time to grease up a stranger with your stickiest bodily fluids!

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