Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 25/04/2021

Time to get squishy.


10) Cro-Bar

30th April

What: Sto Na Sat, with a multitude of DJs with bring forth your favourite Croatian Music along with R’nB, House and EDM at the Flamingo Lounge. The Backroom will be blasting R&B, house, EDM and NRG.

Why: The best way to experience a country marked by genocide and soccer: in a different country with music so loud that any hint of cognisance is blasted away.


9) Variety Rocks 4 All

1st May

What: Families will be entertained by some of Australia’s best kids entertainers, cultural music acts, Variety Heart Scholarship performances and some award winning Country Music artists. The line up will feature; Playschool performers Teo and Rachel Coopes, former yellow wiggle and children’s entertainer Sam Moran, Country Artists Jasmine Rae, Amber Lawrence and Mel Dyer and plenty more!

Why: Enjoy a day out with your kids. Because you won’t have to actually engage with them on any level with all the colourful crap going on.


8) The Indie Groove

26th April

What: The Indie Groove has teamed up with the famous Burdekin Hotel on Oxford Street to bring you the best of the best…LIVE! From the venue that brings you AM//PM and WeLove Fridays, you now have the perfect night to come and experience first hand the brand new music Australia has to offer. Experience the very best in new Aussie music, and maybe even get some trivia and drag in while you’re at it! This week features: Nicole Chufi, Jet City Sports Club and BELLE.

Why: They say by the age of 30 one stops listening to new music. So if you’re over the age of 30, get in quick, now, before your bones start disintegrating and the social media algorithm categorises you as too irrelevant to receive targeted advertising.


7) The Agincourt Vol. 5

1st May

What: Located in the heart of the Sydney CBD, The 871 Band Room presents The Agincourt. Get ready for a night not to forget as the acts will be bringing you the finest in Sydney’s indie rock scene from a range of up and comers.

Why: Come see if Sydney’s nightlife has recovered since the…1970s. When Sydney had a nightlife.


6) No Place Like House feat. Donald Leicester

30th April

What: The Sleaze Magician, Donald Leicester, is the oldest soul in a young man’s body. His mind was born in the 70s, deeply in love with jazz, soul, funk layered with quirky and eclectic drums which perfectly describes his DJ sets. Carving out his expertise in the booth over the last few years, we hand him the reigns to show you why he is one to watch. Experience him live.

Why: A hipster in his 20s into 70s music? Stop the goddamn presses.


5) Barbirusa, The Wandering, Inhibitor Live

30th April

What: Black Sun Presents: Barbirusa, The Wandering and Inhibitor in a night of intense deathcore.

Why: Don’t fear death. Fear life. That’s where all the deathcore bands are.


4) RELIQA Live

1st May

What: After announcing their signing with Destroy All Lines and bringing back explosive performances supporting bands along the likes of Redhook & Thornhill and announcing their appearing on the brand new FULL TILT FESTIVAL alongside Northlane, Hands Like Houses, In Hearts Wake + more, after a year of silence due to extreme circumstances surrounding Covid-19, the band had been working hard behind-the-scenes to bring you their new single ‘Mr. Magic’, and now Sydneys alt-prog band Reliqa will be performing an exclusive hometown show at The Burdekin Hotel.

Why: Covid really was a quieter, more simple time.


3) Chaos Outdoor Day Party

1st May

What: Outdoor day party kicking off with heavy deep tech house music, rolling through the night.

Why: Start your day off with the heavy stuff so the post-alcohol depression seems lighter.


2) Young Henrys Live Lounge feat. Prog Dylan & Keen’s Mustard

30th April

What: Young Henry’s and Kelly’s on King present Prog Dylan & Keen’s Mustard. PROG DYLAN. Huge sounds and heart melting lyricism, paired with a tasteful selection of antics that will leave you saying “wow this band was good I will see them again”. Keen’s Mustard – beautifully surfy and wonderfully wonky.

Why: With a name like ‘Prog Dylan’, you know to expect real original ground-breaking stuff.’s-Mustard/e7449830-a56e-11eb-8dd8-8f4a8500c961


1) Sydney Comedy Festival 

April 25th onwards

What: The Sydney Comedy Festival is Sydney’s biggest and most exciting annual comedy event, bringing hundreds of comedians to stages across Sydney. Plus, with over 180 shows to choose from, including massive Gala events, the Sydney Comedy Festival has something to suit every sense of humour.

Why: We’ve spent months in lockdown being offended by the gross, corrupt actions of world politicians. But restrictions are over. It’s time to be offended by comedians again.

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