Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 24/01/2021

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10) LEO: EP Launch

30th January

What: Come celebrate indie musician LEO’s debut EP launch outdoors at The Servo!  Catch local talents Kayla Music, Nick Blow then LEO as she plays you songs from her first ever, proper, professional type EP. She might make you cry, she might make you laugh, she might make you slightly uncomfortable (especially if you’re late), so come along for the ride!

Why: A white lady fresh off of a campervan singing loudly and making you feel uncomfortable, a couple of drunks stumbling around and a man everyone knows as “Nick Blow“ staring at you? Sounds like a servo.


9) PURE 100% DJ Nights

29th January

What: Experience a night of the ultimate playlists, lights and sound with Unity Hall bringing beats to Balmain, oh yeah!

Why: Be careful, though. It’s the guy in the third toilet stall from the left selling the pure stuff. The guy in the second stall is mostly peddling Wizz Fizz mixed with Actizyme.


8) Glass Island: Red Room

30th January

What: Red Room is back with a sunset cruise onboard Glass Island featuring an original lineup of old school DJ heroes from its roots back at Hotel Chambers. Killer fun on the open seas!

Why: Finally, killer fun that goes beyond accidentally brushing against a stranger’s ungloved hand at Coles.


7) Summer Sessions by Season X

30th January

What: Season X is proud to announce their Summer Sessions boat party! Celebrate the summer together with music and family vibes and the best of Minimal, Deep, House and Techno, 2 floors, a smoking area, a full bar and amazing views of Sydney Harbour.

Why: Wouldn’t be summer without you developing at least one potentially malignant mole.


6) Australia Day Cruise: For the Love of House

26th January

What: Celebrate Australia Day the best way you can! With a House music event with food, BYO alcohol and a MEAN DJ line up! Embark on Sydney Harbour with a line up like no other, featuring house legends Nukewood, Tass Valan, Kinezos and Theo B!

Why: When you inevitably throw up, just blame it on the full view of Crown Towers.


5) Hooked Boat Party: Vol 6

29th January

What: Experience a killer night on the harbour with 4 DJs showcasing their skills, 2 bars and 2 full levels of insane beats!

Why: The perfect opportunity to puke 2020 out of yourself.



30th January

What: Experience a 5 hour old skool cruise on the world’s best harbour! It’s been 14 months since the last old skool event and it’s about time to put the past behind us and start 2021 off with a BANG! DJ Captain Kirk is a very well known household name in the industry and has a career spanning over 25 yrs and has played at the most elite clubs during the era. This crowd favourite will be your captain for the best way to start of 2021!

Why: Nothing more old school than a middle-aged DJ trying to appeal to a crowd of drunken half-naked recent high school graduates.’/5ab4ff40-5d20-11eb-833c-8d4622c61372


3) Lost in Sydney: Australia Day Boat Party

26th January

What: Lost in Sydney is throwing an amazing summer boat party on Australia Day! They’ve set up the decks on one of Sydney’s amazing boats, so jump in the water to cool off, and listen to their DJs fill the afternoon with Disco and House music with a proper Ibiza feel!

Why: By “Ibiza feel” we assume that means ‘currently closed off to foreigners’. So, depending on what you remember about the feel of Sydney Harbour out of the last 20 or so years, yeah, sounds pretty accurate.


2) Frequency Jam

27th January

What: Join ALPHAMAMA and Nardean for a Jam night with a different flavour! Featuring an all femme houseband, and hip hop, soul and RnB grooves!  The time has come to amplify the voices that aren’t always heard.

Why: Then there’ll be the later time when you understand amplification of unheard voices shouldn’t necessarily be via a jam night.


1) The Kilbeys and Last Thursday

29th January

What: Young Henry’s live lounge and Kelly’s on King present The Kilbeys & Last Thursday. The Kilbeys are a four piece Pop/Rock band with strong influences drawing from Blues, Funk and contemporary RnB.  Last Thursday is Euan Hart, John Bilsel, Jaspar McCahon-Boersma, & Christian Amore. Taking influence from bands such as Middle Kids, Last Shadow Puppets and Last Dinosaurs largely, as well as deeper roots in a mix of Disco, Classic Tock and “anything sad and acoustic guitar based”, the band continues to evolve. Experience both bands in an awesome live concert.

Why: It’s refreshing to hear an indie band so readily admit their complex muse; “anything sad”.

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