Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 23/05/2021

Winter is scurrying.


10) Imprint feat. Josh Butler, Boogs & Kormak

29th May

What: One of house music’s most revered talents, Josh Butler makes his way to Australia for one of his first international shows post-pandemic. Arguably the most technically gifted DJ in Australia, and the longest-standing Revolver Sundays resident, Boogs, joins in for his first Sydney show in some time. Sydney favourite and powerhouse producer Kormak joins in for one of his last local shows until the end of the year.

Why: You read right. JOSH Butler, not John. At least there’s an upside.


9) Symposium 02: The Royal Edition

28th May

What: Experience city shakin’ beats from extraordinaire Sydney based DJs and professional party photography by a photographer with photo props.

Why: Take control of what Zuckerberg masturbates to.


8) El Primo Productions feat. HOTEN & JPA

28th May

What: Lucky Presents & El Primo Productions are coming together to offer an exclusive experience with the Hot Since 82’s label ‘KNEE DEEP IN SOUND’ Australian music selectors HOTEN & JPA (Melb) . The two brands have been providing immersive and unique experiences in Gold Coast and Sydney, and this is not going to be any different.

Why: Unique AND not any different.


7) Tasman Keith + Ms Thandi + Mi-Kaisha

23rd May

What: Rapper Tasman Keith heads this event alongside Ms Thandi and Mi-Kaisha. Keith joins this party series off the back of a busy 12 months including the release of his debut mixtape, latest single ‘ONE’ with Kwame, and an extensive tour run with Midnight Oil across the Makarrata Project.

Why: A fresh reason to hate rap. Other than the fact that it’s already rap.


6) Ocean Sleeper, Inertia, Infinite Illusion

29th May

What: Mosh Pits are back and metalcore act Ocean Sleeper are heading to Sydney to celebrate! After an entire year off touring, the boys are heading up the hume to set The Burdekin on fire.

Why: “On fire”? Well at least they’ve preempted the post-COVID explosion of gonorrhoea.


5) Young Henry’s presents 1978

29th May

What: ‘1978’ is a Sydney based band that brings back the music and the spirit of the Punk Movement in the late 70’s. The Sex Pistols, The Damned, The Clash, Generation X, The Saints, The Ramones, enough said.

Why: Why listen to the best when you can listen to a club imitation?’s-presents-1978/24c04130-b778-11eb-8dd8-8f4a8500c961


4) Above, Below

23rd May

What: Releasing their debut LP ‘The Lotus Chapters’ at the end of 2019, Above, Below played a handful of sold out home town headliner shows along with supporting Northlane on their 4D tour in Sydney. With plans to tour Australia and Europe in the middle of 2020 being cut short they got back into writing mode and crafted their standalone single ‘Melting Amber’ which clocking in at 8 and a half minutes is a record on its own bringing listeners a long meditative, immersive experience that is also the heaviest thing they have produced. Experience them live.

Why: 8 and a half minutes is long? Man, the kids are going to explode when they discover Dexys Midnight Runners.


3) Alive on Friday presents Grass

28th May

What: Live original music by three different singer-songwriters, spanning experimental bluesy-jazz, americana, dark folk and more.

Why: Discover that there’s a difference between folk, dark folk and just a homeless person moaning on the street.


2) Lost City

29th May

What: Australia’s biggest under 18s Festival, Lost City returns this May! Featuring Billboard & Global top 10 artist, Masked Wolf with smash hit ‘Astronaut in The Ocean’. Masked Wolf will be joined by some of Australia’s hottest acts including Luude, Tigerlily, Horizon, Rojdar, Paris Lawrence, Yo! Mafia + Locals.

Why: Reaffirm for the young people that there really is no hope.


1) Rat Trap

29th May

What: Mad Rat Records is proud to present…RAT TRAP! Inner West Music Festival. 2 Live Band Stages, 2 DJ Stages, taking place at Mothership Studios. Line-Up: Dress Thèque, Black Bird Hum, Mazy, The Harry Ashton Band, Harold & The Bishops, Jet City Sports Club, Before The King, Little Napier, DIP, The Minties, Better Off Ted, Rita B, Gerard Buttigieg, Francisco Sonur, The Causeway and Orion Jennings.

Why: An incredible rebranding of Sydney’s horrific vermin problem. By which we mean rave DJs.

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