Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 22/12/2019

You’re up the creek without a paddle this week. You should’ve packed one instead of filling the boat with litres of whisky.


10) Cro-Bar

27th December

What: Darling Harbour will come alive on The Port. Sto Na Sat, with a multitude of DJs with bring forth your favourite Croatian Music along with RnB, House and EDM on the shore of the Darling Harbour Precinct.

Why: The best way to experience a country marked by genocide and soccer: in a different country with music so loud that any hint of cognisance is blasted away.


9) Picnic presents Lena Willikens

28th December

What: Lena Willikens is heralded as an act who takes music to it’s most transformative, teleporting dancers and listeners with sounds from the deep, vast reaches of her arsenal. Her most die-hard fans are hooked on the unexpected, and that’s not confined to the booth either — she’s found many outputs for her electronic musings. Joining her is a tour de force of support with Nat James b2b IV Drip and Kali.

Why: We know whenever we muse upon an idea, it always helps to have someone intermittently scream “PLUR!”.


8) onesevenfour

28th December

What: A curated EDM rave for summer featuring: Camo & Krooked, Dimension, Calyx & TeeBee, Cyantific, Makoto, GLXY and MC Fava.

Why: A rave with the recommended blood alcohol percentage right in the title.


7) AM//PM Emo Night

28th December

What: AM//PM is wrapping up 2019 with a massive Emo Cover Set with singalongs ’til late. Celebrate the end of a decade under the influence! Every year the week between Christmas and NYE is one of their largest events! Live bands featured include: Bangers & Mosh (Emo Classics Cover Set) , Grenade Jumper, Capitol Affair, Ride For Rain and Birdshow.

Why: If there’s anything we think of when we think of emos it’s Christmas and excessive use of exclamation points.


6) Boxing Day at Watsons Bay hotel feat. Spacey, Uone + More

26th December

What: Blueprint & Summerlove once again combine for a very special Boxing Day Party at one of Sydney’s most iconic venues. This 10 hour event will be spread across two areas and feature only the best sound and lighting for the artists to perform on. Experience live acts playing on the Sun Deck featuring drums, electric guitar, sax, trumpet and keyboard to give it that fun summer day-party vibe along with a stellar DJ line-up.

Why: Your mental well-being will be shredded post-Christmas, 10 straight hours of rave won’t make a difference at that point.


5) Boxing Day Boat Party

26th December

What: Dopamine & Welove Agency are extremely excited to be teaming up to bring to you a boat party this Boxing Day. Enjoy 4 hours on Sydney Harbour with huge sound systems & light shows, featuring Andrea Bakulic, Edward Fedotov, Gelassenheit, Nick Reverse, Sangalli and Tomas Ramirez.

Why: The toxic mercury vapour being released into the air via the boiling ocean is one hell of a party drug.


4) Morning Glory: Summer Fling

22nd December

What: Your favourite sunrise dance party is back for a Summer Fling. Dance the morning away with your nearest/dearest as the sun rises with what is set to be the funnest Summer Series of 2019. Whether you’re an early riser or a late bloomer Morning Glory is the Sunday morning house & techno party worth getting up for!

Why: Begin your day with an aural assault. It’s good preparation for the dystopian hellscape we’re heading towards in which there’ll be a permanent hum of agonised screaming.


3) The Parlour feat. Marlie

27th December

What: All things sweet and nice, flavours to get your body moving and a line up so hot your ice creams will be melting. It’s time to strap in and get lost in the music, with a passion for creating an environment for you dance in, pushing the boundaries for what has been seen in the Sydney club scene they will be taking things up a notch and converting their beloved Good Bar basement into an ice cream parlour to help you cool down and end the year. With a VOID sound and a visual experience like no other they will be living up to their reputation of creating an environment you will remember, full of floor to ceiling décor and visuals throughout.

Why: We are not actually sure whether real ice-cream is involved. One would think flaunting dairy consumption is unwise considering their target market.


2) The Ultimate Xmas Eve Pool Party

24th December

What: Held at Sydney’s iconic rooftop pool venue “Ivy Pool Club”, iRock Entertainment hosts Sydney’s wildest and wettest Summer celebration. Experience Sydney’s most iconic rooftop pool venue with House & RNB across 5 DJs, Xmas glitter face painting, sexy santa iRock dancers, pool games throughout the day, drinks and wood fire pizza served all day. Their attitude for pool parties is that all guests should get wet and be involved in the party. Don’t be a poser!

Why: Make yourself wet under threat of social retaliation. Just like high school.


1) The Raft Up

29th December

What: Imagine the sun is out, the drinks are flowing and the summer beats are thumping! Welcome to The Raft Up, where multiple Luxury Catamarans link up with headlining DJ’s from across Australia, to create the ultimate experience on the Sydney water for you and your friends! This summer’s hottest event has just arrived in Sydney and tickets are limited, so act fast! Grab all of your friends, and get ready for the party of a lifetime!

Why: Like a river-faring gypsy camp except with absurdly wealthy white people. It seems even visions of an oppressed people can be appropriated.

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