Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 22/09/2019

This week’s going to burn a little. But don’t worry. Kris Kristofferson has a whole suitcase full of ointments and unguents.


10) The Berlin Experiment

27th September

What: Be greeted by their friendly nurse at the door and receive your patient number on entry. This dim lit underground space with white padded walls and 400 people will be your cell for the night. A rave for the clinically insane.

Why: There’s an obvious redundancy there. Unfortunately, it’s not, as of yet in the eyes of society, rave culture itself.


9) Something Else with Andy Ef & Tristan Case

28th September

What: Something Else presents two of the most notorious locals in the scene: Andy Ef and Tristan Case. Plus, two other weapons that claim to have found the ark of the minimal covenant in Europe.

Why: It’s a progressive and minimal rave. And unfortunately, neither of those terms carry the traditional connotations when nestled in amongst the vernacular of a raver.


8) UNDISCLOSED 17.0 with Motorik Vibe Council

27th September

What: UNDISCLOSED will be heading back down into the hallowed basement on Williams Street with a cracker of a lineup. This time, alongside founder Ulia and regular Lex Barlin, the UD boys are enlisting the assistance of some of the most revered and respected rave purveyors in Sydney, none other than Motorik Vibe Council. After lighting up Sydney’s underground MVC makes for one of UNDISCLOSED’s most exciting bookings to date and ensures that UD 17.0 is certainly not one to be missed.

Why: There’s nothing more underground than a rave. If only that were true. Then the rest of the world would not have to be aware of the existence of raves.


7) Return to Rio Launch Party

28th September

What: What better way to celebrate the long weekend than with All Day I Dream and Lost and Found hero Roy Rosenfeld, and Lost and Found and Balance legend Brian Cid? These two rising super stars, both creating waves around the world, are making their Australian debut on this momentous occasion supported by all your favourite Rio DJs.

Why: We can think of a couple of better ways to spend the long weekend. They also involve rooftops. Briefly.


6) Cheese Tasting: The Tasmanian Edition

25th September

What: Enjoy a flight of cheeses each matched with a different gin cocktail. Featuring old-world inspired cheeses and exploring the equally revered gins from our friends on the Southern Isle.

Why: Follow an intestinal pipe-clogger with the equivalent of caustic soda.


5) The Plan B Launch Party: Sound of the Underground

27th September

What: The official launch party of The Plan B, Sydney’s newest Techno, House & RNB event company. Celebrate this new beginning with Sydney’s legendary Techno DJs promising to give good vibes at the Basement. DJ Line-up: Justin Muscat, Mi77enz, Ravi Luchesi, Anthesi, J Love, Sasha, Nonu and Okami.

Why: Quite similar to celebrating your catholic friend’s fourteenth baby. With just as much vomit involved.


4) Folk by the Sea

27th-29th September

What: Folk by the Sea is an intimate folk festival style event featuring the sounds of folk, world, roots, Celtic, bluegrass and gypsy music over 3 days in the picturesque seaside town of Kiama, famous for its blowhole. This event replaces Folk in the Foothills which was held at the Jamberoo Valley Lodge.

Why: Never has the phrase ‘blow it out your hole’ carried such mellifluous connotations.


3) Kris Kristofferson & The Strangers Tour

27th September

What: One World Entertainment is proud to announce the awaited return of legendary Kris Kristofferson & The Strangers to Australia. The three times Grammy winner, Rhodes scholar, actor and undisputed country music living legend kicks off his tour in Adelaide on September 17th before moving on to the east coast. Kris will be accompanied on stage by The Strangers.

Why: Turns out kicking the crap out of vampire arse wasn’t enough to sate this man’s clamouring desire to remain relevant.


2) Sydney Fringe Festival

22nd-30th September

What: The Sydney Fringe Festival is the largest independent arts festival in NSW. With events spread out across the sprawling city, the festival celebrates and highlights the amazing work of local independent artists, art makers and performers, inviting audiences to visit undiscovered parts of the city, a new venue or a secret bar, and discover the fantastic creative offerings artists prepare year-round. This year, the Fringe is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a lineup focused on re-igniting Sydney’s nightlife.

Why: Considering the current state of Sydney’s nightlife, we can only assume the attempt at re-ignition will involve literal arson.


1) Burning Seed

25th September-1st October

What: Burning Seed is an annual gathering that enables its participants a trans-formative experience. Emanating out of place and living outside the pattern of the traditional festivals and events is an experience of gift giving and encouraging participation on all levels for building permanent and transitional communities from a wide variety of cultural lifestyles deeply rooted in Art projects.

Why: Wandering around in the desert professing strange edicts and constructing idols for the purpose of disparaging idolatry. This worked out real well the first time.

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