Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 21/07/2019

This week will provoke your childish side. Good thing, too. With all that ham and liquor, you’re probably going to die at forty. You might as well start this week mentally as far away from forty as you can convince yourself.


10) Wizardry High Tea

27th July

What: Wizards and witches; gather your hats, brooms and wands and make your way to Circular Quay for a magical afternoon filled with delicious sweets and savoury treats. Enjoy a Wizard’s Brew on arrival and magical activities throughout the afternoon. A truly spellbinding afternoon!

Why: Or get a job and stop pretending that dressing up as a witch or wizard beyond the age of fifteen is acceptable for anyone other than actors and paedophiles.


9) Live at the House: Nedr

25th July

What: Nedr (Ned Rallings) is a fast emerging Sydney artist with a broad performance scope including folk, alternative, soul and jazz.This scope is representative of his main influences Matt Corby, Ed Sheeran and Ben Abraham. Check him out in-person at Button Bar.

Why: Because if there’s one thing everyone thinks when they hear the name ‘Ed Sheeran’ it’s ‘alternative’.


8) Whisky & Cheese Experience

24th July

What: This masterclass is co-presented by cheese expert Claudia Bowman and one of Australia’s top single malt experts David Ligoff who will enthral you in their showcase of an impressive and independent selection of artisan cheese and whisky. It includes a whisky cocktail on arrival at the Sir Stamford at Circular Quay, followed by a 90-minute presentation of four single malt whiskies and six artisan cheeses.

Why: We think the use of the term ‘enthral’ is a little premature. You might want to wait until the morning after. What’ll come out of you will fit the term far better.


7) Code #8 feat. Gelassenheit

21st July

What: Come experience the newly renovated Club 77 like never before and be transported into the underground. You’ll be kept on your feet till the lights come on & you have forgotten what time it even is. Come as you are and be free to express as you please. The night’s line up features: Gelassenheit, JUSTIN MUSCAT, El Wicko and Luca Cavallaro.

Why: Unless what you’d like to express is the phrase “I don’t know how to pronounce the name of this track. There are more punctuation marks than letters.”.


6) WeLove #210 Winter Party

26th July

What: Winter has come to stay and WeLove will keep you warm. Enjoy hot chocolate, puffer jackets, mittens and sweet tunes this Friday at your favourite late night soirée, featuring DJ underground legends, Camo Crooks b2b Hot English Mustard DJ, DeeBee + El Wicko (Dress Code), MANU NEVES b2b Ravi Luchesi and Montana aka Damian Gelle.

Why: What better way to enjoy a cosy hot chocolate cupped between mitten-ed hands than inside a sweaty underground club full of people whose talent for friction alone could set off a fire alarm?


5) The Berlin Experiment

27th July

What: Be greeted by their friendly nurse at the door and receive your patient number on entry. This dim lit underground space with white padded walls and 400 people will be your cell for the night. A rave for the clinically insane.

Why: There’s an obvious redundancy there. Unfortunately, it’s not, as of yet in the eyes of society, rave culture itself.


4) Sub-Kulture Vulture III

26th July

What: An experimental playground of touch sound art. Throughout the night SKV III will invite participants to immerse in a crystalline sound bath, interactive performance art, transformative sensory acts, fresh underground live music and DJ’s. Expect an innovative and colourful line up of artists, eccentric performers, musicians, DJ’s and party starters from some of Sydney’s most progressive sub-cultures.

Why: “Transformative sensory acts”. Well, that’s one of the most creative ways we’ve ever heard anyone describe getting fingered at a club.


3) Christmas In July Party

27th July

What: A warm wintry Xmas in July bash to bring people together, show off the incredible views of a new harbour-side restaurant, and fill your bellies with sensational food. There’ll be plenty to do on the night, from roasting marshmallows & melting s’mores in the smoking bar, to digging into an elaborate Christmas food spread with chef-made glazed ham, bite-sized canapes, and gourmet cheeses and crackers.

Why: There’s no better way to warm up than with a giant ham. You’ll be sweating just walking to the bathroom. Not mention clutching your chest.


2) Ball Pit Party

26th July

What: Step inside an EPIC adult wonderland complete with cocktails, tunes and balls, balls, balls. With 200,000+ balls, confetti cannons, party DJs and neon cocktail buckets. Get ready for one of this year’s most Instagrammable events, as Side Bar fills with booze, balls & plenty of unrestrained fun.

Why: It would have been less disturbing had they been referring to a mass orgy.


1) Childish Gambino 2019 Tour

24th July

What: CHILDISH GAMBINO has confirmed his return to Australia in 2019 after having to postpone his sold-out Australian tour in 2018. Confirmed at the top of this year’s Splendour in the Grass line-up and Spinoff Festival, the Grammy, Golden Globe and Emmy-Award winning artist will perform a run of sideshows through Perth, Melbourne and Sydney in July.

Why: You’ve already bought the ticket. Good thing, too. After the new Lion King film, you won’t want to hear his voice again for the rest of your life.

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