Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 21/03/2021

Fires, plague, floods, grunge techno.



27th March

What: Slingshot x Hustle & Flow presents HIPHOPIKONZ, a party celebrating the music and visuals of some of hiphop’s most iconic artists – the time The Wu-Tang Clan – from the Golden Era to the Future. 2 turntable technicians, DJ Diola and DJ Raine Supreme, will drop a night full of tracks.

Why: The world is suffering through a mass trauma and has only to look forward to the next one. The louder and more senseless the music, the less you’ll have to think.


9) Yeah Buoy: Jungle Afloat Boat Party

21st March

What: Did someone say floating nightclub? Yeah Buoy.  What’s a good time if you can’t share it with others? Yeah Buoy brings you an epic boat party in The Jungle with three levels and three stages of music – disco, house and techno – on a jungle-themed $5 million boat hosting 400 partygoers. Think of a floating jungle nightclub. They’re making your f****d up fantasies a reality!

Why: A floating Petri dish of unmasked idiots, scaled up for maximum potential observation.



27th March

What: Get ready for the best night of old school reggaetón & the most listened to electronic hits in the history of music! Let’s dance together!

Why: We’ve heard the term so many times and yet we’re still not exactly sure what reggaeton is. But perhaps that’s the point. If you have no idea what you’re listening for, you can’t tell how s*** it is.


7) Season X Onboard: All Black

27th March

What: Summer is over. Now it’s March, it’s a new season, it’s time for something new. Season X is bringing back the ONBOARD concept this Autumn. They’ve booked the biggest commercial vessel around Sydney waters for a Saturday late night cruise: 3 floors, VIP area, rooftop, 2 music rooms, 360 views of this great city, 8 DJ’ and to add that extra taste the energy and vibes that only Season can bring. Get your dancing shoes ready, sort out your black clothes and experience another unforgettable night.

Why: The best way to drunkenly rave – surrounded by a giant toilet.


6) Club 333

27th March

What: Welcome to Club 333 at the Flodge. Experience an awesome night of live music featuring: Mel Ertler, a 20 year old artist who performs an eclectic mix of soul/RnB, pop, rock, jazz & funk, Manning Patston, an acoustic guitar, loop pedal, and mic master, and Michael Kopp, one of Sydney’s premier solo & and band acts. At 28 years old with thousands of gigs, nationally & internationally under his belt, there’s no genre left unturned when it comes to the set list on any given night.

Why: A cheap hotel buffet of music.


5) Taylor B-W + Maari: Live

25th March

What: Tucked inside a pop shell lies Sydney-born, Kiwi singer-songwriter, Taylor B-W, who blends strong vocals, soul-driven melodies with emotive lyrics that reflect her resilience and quest for peace within herself and the world around her, swiftly moving between the many facets of pop music to show-off the different sides to her artistry. Maari blurs the lines between music for the heart and music for the dance floor. With an unapologetic love of all things magical and melancholy, the duo are a melting pot of darkness and light. Experience both these incredible talents in a night of live music.

Why: Inner peace with pop music. Like drinking creamer for a stomach ache.


4) Country Rocks

26th-28th March

What: Experience a full weekend of camping, music, great company, awesome food and drinks, plus plenty to do for the whole family! This event will include a huge line up of Country Rock artists. Headlined by Aussie legends The Wolfe Brothers! Joining them will be Jetty Road, Drew McAlister, Kirsty Lee Akers, Andrew Swift, Bill Chambers, Cornell & Carr, Viper Creek Band, Darlinghurst, Cameron Daddo, Ben Ranson, Brewn, Tori Darke, Neillyrich, Cloe Styler, Ingrid Mae, Copperline, Abbie Ferris, Stewart Barton, Bo’ness, The Johnny Cash Show + More. Hosted by Justin Thomson from KIX Country Radio.

Why: We’ve always wondered whether, unlike current US country music, Australian country music doesn’t reek of fascistic patriotism. If you find out, let us know.


3) Capitol Affair ‘Will You Go’ Single Launch

27th March

What: Sydney indie four-piece Capitol Affair unleashed their new single ‘Medicate’, a soaring masterclass in pop-rock perfection, just last year. Now, they’re back again for a new year and a brand new track. Experience the launch of their new single with a brilliant live performance, supported by Clay J Gladstone and Midnight Zepher.

Why: A lesson in the marketability of the “unmarketable”.‘Will-You-Go’-Single-Launch/3d443d60-890b-11eb-8dd8-8f4a8500c961


2) Sunset Sounds

27th March

What: 13 Aussie legends are set to rock the Winery! On the killer lineup for Sunset Sounds 2021 are thirteen of the all-time best Aussie rock and pop heroes – Daryl Braithwaite, Ian Moss, The Black Sorrows, Kate Ceberano, Ross Wilson, Glenn Shorrock, Richard Clapton, Thirsty Merc, Dragon, Russell Morris, Shannon Noll and 1927 all taking the stage to belt out the hits you know and love.

Why: Because remembering Shannon Noll exists requires a lot of wine.


1) Young Henry’s Live Lounge feat. Great Job & Air Heart

26th March

What: Young Henry’s and Kelly’s on King present Great Job & Air Heart. Great Job! are a local garage/punk rock band that always bring a bucketload of fun to the stage. Great Job! are sure to fill your night and your ears with yummy tunes that will make you turn to the person next to you and say, “this is a yummy tune!” Airheart: the band she told you not to worry about. Following in the footsteps of local legends such as Johnny Hunter and Amyl and the Sniffers, they’re a pop punk four piece with a passion for getting booties shaking.

Why: We’d never thought we’d hear a punk rock band use the term “booties”. But then again there’s recently been mass death on a world scale, so in terms of the unexpected, it’s really not at the top of our list. It’s close though.’s-Live-Lounge-feat.-Great-Job-and-Air-Heart/5b110620-890b-11eb-8dd8-8f4a8500c961

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