Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 20/10/2019

We’re popping the cork off this week. And we didn’t just phrase it that way because of deep-rooted alcohol issues.


10) Hidden Haciendas #013: 12 Hours of Power 2.0

25th October

What: Hidden Haciendas is back delivering you another sell-out 12 hour non-stop party at one of Sydney’s finest underground house and techno venues. 12 hours of power. You don’t want to miss this one.

Why: We are not sure why they’ve decided to use a Spanish word in the title of this event. Perhaps they are aware that no matter the language, 12 hours of rave music is untranslatable into anything pleasant.


9) Plump DJs & Kid Kenobi at Cafe del Mar

26th October

What: Legendary Plump DJs alongside Kid Kenobi will be returning to Cafe del Mar Sydney this October for their first rooftop party of the season! Plumps DJs are internationally renowned UK DJ/Producers whose passion for innovation and non-conformist attitude to electronic music has fuelled their fire for over a decade. Notorious frontline pioneers of the breakbeat genre in late 90’s, the Plump DJs have diversified in recent years incorporating broader styles in dance. Despite countless accolades, awards, records, and firsts have been the hallmark of Kid Kenobi’s illustrious 20-year long DJing career, Kid Kenobi shows no sign of slowing down! Far from it! And with breakbeat making a resurgence both in the US and the UK, it seems he couldn’t rest on his laurels even if he wanted to!

Why: Unfamiliar with breakbeat? Imagine the loudest, dimmest person from high school somehow got absorbed into the sound spectrum.


8) Buttered: Aussie Chard Fest

22nd October

What: Get ready for Buttered, an Australian ‘Kath and Kim’ inspired Chardonnay Festival. Buttered is a night of premium and exciting wines matched with nostalgic Australian snacks and tunes celebrating the best of contemporary Australian chardonnay – not the stuff your mum used to drink. After the tasting finishes at 8pm, you are invited to kick on at the cellar door for a Kath and Kel level dance-off. You’ll be spewing if you miss it.

Why: Nothing classes up a liquor like a tribute to a show famous for expertly parodying the lower class.


7) WeLove #223: Toni Varga

25th October

What: Toni has a unique style. A warmish and elegant tech house sound. This sound has travelled in Toni’s suitcase since the beginning, bringing his peculiar, genuine sound to clubs all over the world. Not only a veteran DJ but also a world-class producer, Toni is one of the most admired artists of the Spanish scene. Experience him live.

Why: Of all the terms used to describe tech house, warmish and elegant have never been amongst them. But when a genre of so-called music involves throwing a philharmonics-worth of instruments and a whole 80s synthesizer into an industrial mincer, you could argue no descriptive term is inapplicable


6) Med School

25th October

What: This is where genuine love happens. Calling out the ravers and all the people who love wicked music, good vibes, hugs on the dance floor and having complete freedom to express yourself. Bass Drop x onesevenfour present Med School in Sydney featuring: Whiney, Keeno, Royalston and Unglued, hosted by Degs.

Why: This is where genuine love happens? Huh. Mother was right. No one will ever love us.


5) Grave Rave

26th October

What: The event that stops the city dead in its tracks, to worship at the altar of their beloved triangles year after year, is on the horizon. The Dark Princes of Dance share their testament to their cherished and undying flock of undulating fanatics, at this year’s chapter of Sydney’s most iconic night of horrors. Raise your hands high, close your eyes, and submit to the glory and the power of Grave Rave.

Why: “Sydney’s most iconic night of horrors”? Seems a pretty undeserved label considering Halloween is really an American tradition and Sydney clearly has its own night of horrors in the form of New Years Eve.


4) Good Food Month

20th-31st October

What: Some of the world’s best chefs will descend on Sydney for the 21st edition of Good Food Month. Taking over restaurants across the city this October, the annual food festival will see pop-up restaurants and dinners from the likes of Alain Passard, Hiroyuki Sato and Thomas Frebel, as well as pasta parties, vegan feasts and the return of the Night Noodle Markets.

Why: The coroner’s report from your multiple coronary-induced death will sound so much more colourful with the names ‘Passard’, ‘Sato’ and ‘Frebel’ under ’cause’.


3) Uncorked Balmoral Food & Wine Festival

20th October

What: Immerse yourself in the Hunter Valley way of life and unearth the tastes, sights and stories of the beautiful wine soaked haven at one of Sydney’s great icons, Balmoral Beach. Meander through the myriad of stalls and sample gourmet delights, or just sit back in the sunshine and enjoy the live music amongst an exquisite fusion of wine, food and good company.

Why: If you encounter someone that refers to their life as a ‘wine-soaked haven’ who isn’t currently inhabiting an abandoned shopping trolley in an alleyway, consider it a delightful anomaly.


2) Daniel Sloss X Tour 

20th October

What: Don’t miss Scotland’s award-winning Daniel Sloss when he returns to Australia this October for a very special encore performance of his critically acclaimed & stunning live show; X.

Why: It’s been a long while since we’ve listened for the Scottish brogue, given we’ve all been deafened by the American elephant-in-a-wood-chipper, but it’s about time we plugged in our hearing aids and paid for one sweet session of Scottish sanity.


1) Oktoberfest in the Gardens

26th October

What: Inspired by the love of the traditional Bavarian festival and great beer, Oktoberfest in the Gardens features two massive big top beer halls, authentic German food stalls, roving performers, sideshow alley, silent disco, a wood chopping demonstration and an eclectic mix of entertainment and competitions across multiple stages throughout the afternoon and evening. Taste your way across Europe with a large selection of imported German beer, cider, wine and a range of other beverages.

Why: Who could’ve predicted that one day the Germans would provide the freest method of passage across Europe?

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