Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 19/01/2020

It’s time to let loose and be a child again! You can’t blame a child for causing irreparable damage to the climate. They’re not legally mentally competent enough to understand the gravity of their actions. Quick! Is Target already out of those giant rompers?


10) WeLove #236 feat. Shaf Huse

24th January

What: With heavy support from the likes of The Martinez Brothers, Seth Troxler, Marco Carola, Loco Dice, Jamie Jones and Luciano, Milan based producer/DJ Shaf Huse quickly emerged as one of the industries most talked names. Notably “Mavado”, which was a major hit on the scene last summer, and selected by famed Ibiza nightspot Circoloco as the anthem for their closing season, the young Italian’s emergence onto the global circuit certainly didn’t go unnoticed either, with releases on the likes of Play To Win, Avotre, Inmotion and D-Floor Music and collaborations with Music On resident LEON, whilst gracing the decks at key venues across Europe. Experience him live.

Why: It’s events like this that make us unafraid of the imminent robot apocalypse. If anything can take out the sweaty overpaid middle man between a GarageBand loop track and a room full of drunk ravers, that’s one step towards a better tomorrow.


9) Dopamine & WeLove Agency pres. Australia Day Long Weekend Boat Party

25th January

What: Dopamine Events & WeLove Agency are extremely excited to be teaming up for another boat party this Australia Day Long Weekend featuring a huge sound system and light show and the talents of Covsky, Daneille Duchesne, Funk U, Gelassenheit, Kavod, Luana Muller and Sangalli.

Why: Australia Day is the perfect time to realise the hypocrisy of the phrase ‘stop the boats’, when these rave-blasting candy kids are freely floating around the harbour.


8) The Rio Rooftop feat. Atish, Oona Dahl & Tara Brooks

25th January

What: After the huge sell-out success of last year’s Rio Rooftop series, they’ve decided to do it all again, but this time bigger and better. To kick things off, they’re bringing good friends and Return to Rio Family favourites Atish (Manjumasi), Öona Dahl (Anjunadeep) and Tara Brooks (Bedrock). What a musical treat this will be!

Why: To each their own. Some people consider generic rave music a treat. For others, a treat is a colonoscopy. Others, homicide.


7) Trashbags x Tuffem Up! Throwback Party

25th January

What: It’s 2020 and lockout laws are gone, so Trashbags & Tuffem Up! Records are throwing party. Bringing back the tunes and good old times of the electronic dance scene somewhere between 2006-2011. If you were going out around that time chances are you have already come to some of Trashbags events. Featuring: REDIAL, Trashbags Posse DJs, Obey & Ra and Pat Sevenson.

Why: In our rush to fight for the revival of Sydney’s dead nightlife we’d not considered the EDM-based downsides. Like when a guy who nearly drowned is resuscitated only for him to walk over to the poolside turntable and yell, “Let’s get TURNT MOTHERF***ERS!”!-Throwback-Party/13a3eef0-38b8-11ea-96b7-b132cf2a7536


6) Yeah Buoy Aus Day Eve Jungle Afloat Boat Party

25th January

What: Did someone say floating nightclub over the Australia Day long weekend? Yeah Buoy. What’s a good time if you can’t share it with others? On Aus Day Eve, Yeah Buoy brings you an epic boat party in The Jungle with three levels and three stages of music – disco, house and techno – on a jungle-themed $5 million boat hosting 400 partygoers. Think of a floating jungle nightclub. They’re making your f****d up fantasies a reality!

Why: If your most intimate, disturbing fantasy entails getting drunk to rave music on a boat, you shouldn’t be afraid of having your every thought monitored and subsequently influenced by funded hackers. There’s really nothing of value in your head.


5) Bear Bar: Lunar New Year Celebration

24th January

What: Gong hei fat choi…it’s the Year of the Rat! Join Bear Bar to celebrate the Lunar New Year, with DJ Man Lie on the decks, tasty Asian treats & lots of surprises.

Why: A venue that’ll get you drunk enough to consider Sydney’s raging rat problem circumstantially folksy. If only for one night.


4) Ball Pit Weekend

24th-26th January

What: An adults-only ball pit party is coming to Sydney! Step inside an epic wonderland complete with cocktails, tunes and balls, balls, balls. Featuring 250,000+ balls, confetti cannons, party DJs and neon cocktail buckets. Get ready for one of this year’s most Instagrammable events, as Side Bar fills with booze, balls & plenty of unrestrained fun.

Why: A ball pit straight from your childhood. Except this time there’ll be more piss everywhere.


3) Pirates of Sydney Harbour

25th January

What: The ultimate boat party with treasure spread across 3 decks as you take over Sydney Harbour! With 3 styles of music – Progressive, House and Techno – spread across this battleship, this is going to be one to remember. Featuring: Dave Seaman, Edu Imbernon, Cadence, Amod3us, Beth Yen, Miss Match, Tristan Case, Jez Sands, Analog, Summit DJs, DJ Montana and Victor Y.

Why: People often get worked up about the lack of historical accuracy in the 21st Century’s romanticisation of pirates. But don’t worry. This is a rave. There’s bound to be at least one act of sexual assault.


2) Walk Off The Earth 2020 Tour

22nd January

What: Following a sold out 2017 tour, Canadian indie pop band Walk off the Earth are set to return to Australia in January 2020 for another string of spectacular performances. After their brilliant 5-people-playing-one-guitar interpretation of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” exploded on YouTube, the band has gone on to take the world by storm, selling out venues across the globe and collaborating with some of the biggest names in music.

Why: Get an exclusive live preview of the new track for the Nutella ad.


1) Sydney Festival 

19th-26th January

What: Every January, Sydney Festival starts the new year with a bang, transforming the city with a bold cultural celebration based on critical ideas and cutting-edge art and performance. Sydney Festival’s audacious contemporary programming positions it at the forefront of arts practice in Australia and up there as one of the most wonderful festivals in the world.

Why: Don’t forget to watch out for the wildly accurate piece of performance art featuring thousands of people fleeing a very realistic all-consuming raging fire. Don’t worry if cops are telling you to run and your clothes suddenly start to feel very warm, it’s just the genius of the piece.

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