Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 18/04/2021

Now’s the time to laugh! For tomorrow, ScoMo’s going to do something moronic again.



24th April

What: Slingshot x Hustle & Flow presents HIPHOPIKONZ, a party celebrating the music and visuals of some of hiphop’s most iconic artists – the time The Wu-Tang Clan – from the Golden Era to the Future.

Why: The world is suffering through a mass trauma and has only to look forward to the next one. The louder and more senseless the music, the less you’ll have to think.


9) Blueprint: 12 Hour Party

24th April

What: Blueprint takes over the top 3 levels of the Kings Cross Hotel for the first time with a 12 hour party featuring some serious legends.

Why: The best way to waste 12 hours – wasted.


8) Kaskeid: Drifter

23rd April

What: Kaskeid are a 5 piece Metal-core act from Sydney, Australia. 2021 boasts the start of a new sound for Kaskeid with the release of their new single, ‘Drifter’, an energetic and melodic track that explores what it’s like learning to dedicate time to the things in life we truly take for granted.

Why: Appreciate that track’s concept by shunning your loved ones and work for 5 hours to drink watered down whisky in front of strangers screaming at you.


7) Young Henrys Sunday Session feat. Sudo 60s & The Ginger Bakers

18th April

What: Sudo 60s have distilled the last two decades of indie music history into a style that somehow doesn’t sound the least bit contrived. Sometimes it’s hazy, strokes-style garage rock complete with Casablancas’ megaphone vocals; sometimes restrained, crooning ballads with a gentle melancholy embedded in the track. With a true collaborative design of 4 members who write, The Ginger Bakers are a band for any occasion as they stretch the genres of Rock, Blues, Progressive, Folk and Psychedelic. Experience both these bands in a night of incredible live music.

Why: Crooning, melancholic garage rock? Ah yes, the antithesis of contrived.


6) Artsville Unhatched

25th-28th April

What: Hosted outdoors by the Art House Cafe in Port Kembla, this festival will run over a full weekend and showcase 37 local bands and artists, including youth of the Illawarra. The idea is to create an environment that provides joy and stress-relief for both musicians and audience.

Why: The best way to experience the culture of the Illawarra region. For two days only.



23rd April

What: Experience the resurgence of Sydney’s nightlife with some amazing rave acts showcasing their incredible talent for all to enjoy.

Why: Or stay home, get drunk on proper booze and put the phrase ‘techno’ into Spotify because lockdown has made you release your profound disgust for other people.


4) The Agincourt Vol. 4

24th April

What: Located in the heart of the Sydney CBD, The 871 Band Room presents The Agincourt. Get ready for a night not to forget as the acts will be bringing you the finest in Sydney’s indie rock scene from a range of up and comers.

Why: Come see if Sydney’s nightlife has recovered since the…1970s. When Sydney had a nightlife.


3) Power Drill: Live

23rd April

What: 4 Piece Punk Powerhouse from the coastal paradise of Lennox Head, POWER DRILL have set their sights on East Coast domination in 2021. After their formation and two hard hitting singles, the rock dogs went hard to work in the shed, crafting and bringing to life their rowdy blend of heavy punk, slammed into a tight package that is their debut EP ‘State Of Emergency’. Power Drill are taking this EP on the road for their first ever tour, taking along their best mates, Billinudgels finest tradie punk band, Rash for a two weekend blitz from Sydney to Bris!

Why: Celebrate Sydney’s post-COVID comeback with a drill through your ears.


2) Young Henrys Live Lounge feat. Boysclub & Tshitaki

23rd April

What: It’s now 2021 and the patriarchy is cornered, lashing out like a beast with nowhere else to run. It’s time to sound the death knell on misogyny, discrimination and bigotry. But rather than the dreary toll of a bell, we send off the patriarchy with a blast of furious, energised punk rock sent forth from the minds, and amps, of Sydney’s Boysclub. Keeping it to the bare essentials as a three piece, Tshitaki distil fuzz guitars over a tightly wound rhythm section creating a searing assault on your more genteel senses, divining their own unique brand of musical alchemy with their new album ‘World Keeps Turning’.

Why: We’re finally taking down the patriarchy through music! Joan who? Never heard of her.


1) Sydney Comedy Festival

19th April onwards

What: The Sydney Comedy Festival is Sydney’s biggest and most exciting annual comedy event, bringing hundreds of comedians to stages across Sydney. Plus, with over 180 shows to choose from, including massive Gala events, the Sydney Comedy Festival has something to suit every sense of humour.

Why: We’ve spent months in lockdown being offended by the gross, corrupt actions of world politicians. But restrictions are over. It’s time to be offended by comedians again.

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