Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 17/11/2019

You’ll be making waves this week. Make sure you cover your mouth and don’t swallow. There’s a lot of mercury in that water.


10) The Berlin Experiment

23rd November

What: Be greeted by their friendly nurse at the door and receive your patient number on entry. This dim lit underground space with white padded walls and 400 people will be your cell for the night. A rave for the clinically insane.

Why: There’s an obvious redundancy there. Unfortunately, it’s not, as of yet in the eyes of society, rave culture itself.


9) Pelvis x Breakbeat Chaos: Luca Lozano & Mr Ho

22nd November

What: Pelvis and Breakbeat Chaos welcome you to Castle Klasse Wrecks, featuring label heads Luca Lozano and Mr Ho throwing down the gauntlet. Come see dual internationals duel it out behind the 1 and the 2 at the top of the Lansdowne, off the back of a split release with Pelvis Records, these knights of the round jogwheel promise you the kingdom.

Why: If you understand less than 95% of the preceding paragraph, you’re already obsolete and will not be welcome at the event. So don’t worry about consulting urban dictionary.


8) 5 x 5 x 5: Happy Mag’s 5th Birthday

22nd November

What: Happy is turning 5 this November, and to celebrate they’re taking over all 5 levels of the Kings Cross Hotel, a venue that’s suffered dearly under 5 years of lockout laws. With lockouts being scrapped in the CBD just yesterday, there’s never been a better time to help restore Sydney’s nightlife to what it once was. Prepare to party like it’s 2014.

Why: The comatose heart of Sydney has been jerked out of its slumber and is once again ricocheting around like the tortured muscle in the chest of a meth addict. Well, it may not be quite there yet. But with your help, it can be.’s-5th-Birthday/f6e772e0-0721-11ea-b14f-a713526e5192


7) Nightrain Techno presents Wrong Assessment

22nd November

What: Nightrain Sydney presents Wrong Assessment DJ, producer and label manager from Milan, Italy. With releases on heavyweight labels such as M_REC, Planet Rhythm, Pole Group, MORD and Clergy, he has found himself playing all over Europe, the Americas, Asia and South Africa. He is also the founder of AWRY, a platform to release both his own, as well as other artist’s music. This has been based on a common ground of deep, hypnotic and minimalistic Techno and has been coupled with strong aesthetics and imagery.

Why: “Minimalistic techno”. So, we assume that instead of mashing all the buttons on a synthesizer at once, he just mashes half of them.


6) WeLove #227

22nd November

What: This week, WeLove will be hosting We are Family, with On-Off and Mario D’ambrosio on duties bringing some London house and techno vibes, alongside Andrea Guadalupi (Eat The Beat – Melbourne) and the Pecudet, all under the same roof.

Why: A multicultural world is so much easier to digest when it’s expressed through the same track played fifteen thousand times.


5) Faded Friday

22nd November

What: The Friday you have been waiting for has finally arrived. Dream Entertainment Sydney presents: Faded Friday at The OX Nightclub. Get ready to let loose and get your bump and grind on with Sydney’s best DJs spinning the hottest tracks of RnB, Bollywood and Old School. Featuring: Da-V, Dylz & Nav.

Why: “Bump and grind”. Now there’s a phrase we haven’t heard in a long time. Considering the average aural volume of Old School DJs playing at a club, it’s likely to be the last thing we’ll ever hear.



22nd November

What: UNDISCLOSED proudly presents another night of the best techno Sydney has to offer at Goodbar. Dean Zlato will be leading the charge for the night. PACE resident and dark/acid/industrial techno enthusiast, Black Dahlia will be making her UD debut. Going back to where she began, UD regular and deep house aficionado, Marina Lović will entice you with a rare techno set. Welcome to the basement for another cracking night of techno!

Why: “A rare techno set”. Kind of like a rare big mac. You’ll be lucky if you don’t spend thirteen hours puking after consumption.


3) WeLoveWaves

23rd November

What: Start the summer with the first boat party of the season, teaming up with Underwaves. The boat is equipped with an outdoor area and an indoor room, where artists will take you on a journey through the sunset. And the trip goes on at Goodbar, where WeLove Agency will host the after-party. Get ready LOVErs, a great experience around the Harbour is ahead.

Why: Isn’t it interesting how the connotations of the word ‘boat’ change immediately when there a bunch of white people on board instead?


2) Gin Palooza

21st-24th November

What: The Sydney Gin Palooza is a festival of over 200 Australian & NZ quality Craft Gins, delicious grazing boards, tapas and Schibello Coffee underneath the heritage trusses of the Grand Paddington Town Hall. Choose from over 200 Craft Gins to taste (responsibly) accompanied with fresh botanicals & StrangeLove Premium Tonic. Mingle & ‘Meet The Gin-Makers’ & chat about how they make their Gin & learn how it’s best served. To add to your GINtastic experience you can buy direct from the distillers on the day…take home a bottle or two.

Why: The only instance in which an extended conversation with an artisanal distiller is tolerable: when you’ve the same blood alcohol content as an 18th Century British child-snatcher.


1) FoodBoogie

23rd November

What: The night is always young at Blue Oasis By Chefin as guests kick back with a cocktail or hit the dance floor as the sun goes down. While gazing over the spectacular Darling Harbour view, meet some of the hottest international DJs amid this epic daytime FoodBoogie at Blue Oasis BY Chefin. With a dazzling squad of artists jetting in from London, Isle of Man, Oslo and The Gold Coast, this 10 hour marathon will mix up the best of Disco, Nu-Disco, Funk, Boogie and House music with a highly creative and affordable menu of individual and sharing dishes and cocktails.

Why: You know what eases the digestion of whatever fresh garnished horror is considered ‘gourmet’ these days? Someone screaming the word “TURNT” at you repeatedly.

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