Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 17/01/2021

Keep your fluids up.



5) Michael McDermott: Live

22nd January

What: What invisible lines drawn on the earth mean to people on both sides of that said line? How ideologies shape our world, how nationalism is on the rise, and what has happened to the sacred? Are we all in this together? One of the most soul-stirring singer songwriters ever will explore these questions in an intimate, interactive livestreamed performance as only a musician can.

Why: Bob Dylan’s insight was insufficient to save a morally ailing world from a horrific reality…so here’s Michael.


4) Ricky Warwick: I Don’t Feel At Home 

17th January

What: Ricky Warwick is a Northern Irish musician and songwriter, and the lead singer with Black Star Riders and Thin Lizzy. He is also the frontman for the Scottish hard rock band The Almighty, with whom he achieved chart success in the UK throughout the 1990s. Experience him singing live in this uniquely intimate virtual performance.

Why: Hear an Irish rock relic from the late 20th Century voluntarily.’t-Feel-At-Home-(Sydney)/a054b0d0-52c2-11eb-833c-8d4622c61372


3) Jaret Reddick: Cover Song Monday

19th January

What: Jaret Reddick of the brilliant rock band Bowling For Soup will be performing in an intimate livestream, taking requests from fans and getting us all through tough times!

Why: Because he’ll NOT be singing Bowling For Soup songs.


2) Fresh Basil: Live

19th January

What: Fresh Basil is a cosmic musical force grounded here on Earth in Nashville, TN. The band features Justin Pellecchia from The Minks, Jaimie Timm of Microwave Mountain, Joe Bisirri of Liz Cooper & The Stampede, and Spencer Sayer of Quiet Oaks respectively. Fresh Basil’s sound can be heard on the debut LP, ‘Midnight Rodeo’…a fluid swirl of melody in harmonic convergence with everything…yinyang…the beginnings of something else entirely. Experience them live.

Why: And just like actual fresh basil, if you’re friends with someone who actively cultivates an appreciation of this band, you’ll never have a single conversation with them in which it doesn’t come up.


1) Alive At The Bluebird Presents: Kendell Marvel, Waylon Payne & Erin Enderlin 

22nd January

What: Kendell Marvel wrote and recorded his new album, Solid Gold Sounds, in a matter of days, but it took a lifetime in country music to get there. Marvel and The Black Keys’ Auerbach co-wrote nine of the album’s 10 songs, drawing on the country sounds of the ‘70s as well as Marvel’s own experiences. The son of golden-age country soul singer Sammi Smith and longtime Willie Nelson guitarist Jody Payne, Waylon Payne was named for his godfather Waylon Jennings, surrounded by heroes such as Kris Kristofferson as a kid, and raised by his strictly religious grandparents. He honed his own chops on the road with Shelby Lynne before releasing a critically acclaimed debut album called The Drifter in 2004. Enderlin is also a go-to writer for stars looking for heavyweight country with classic panache––Alan Jackson’s “Monday Morning Church,” Lee Ann Womack’s “Last Call,” Luke Bryan’s “You Don’t Know Jack” and a host of other songs recorded by Randy Travis, Joey + Rory, Reba McEntire, Terri Clark, Whisperin’ Bill Anderson, and more are all Enderlin-penned. See them all performing live in this unique virtual experience.

Why: A band of the people behind the behind the people you love, that you can be almost 100% sure don’t have deep ties to white supremacy.



5) Float With Movement & The Crypt

24th January

What: FLOAT with The Crypt & Movement as they take you on a journey, presenting the finest House & Techno music Sydney has to offer. A cruise like no other, unique decor, top end sound, this is surely a party not to be missed out on.

Why: Your lady is the sea. Which is why you should sit on top of over, subjecting her to the constant assault of your terrible taste in music and rampant alcoholism.


4) Sounds Of The Underground: Aussie Legends

23rd January

What: Sydney, its time you had a dance. It’s time you heard the music you love loud. It’s time to come together again. Trance Central is bringing you a truly unique experience set within 10.5km of Sydney’s CBD. This venue is fitted out with full LED Screens, lasers and lighting all in a purpose set up with no noise restrictions. Let loose and RAVE.

Why: It’s time for a new cluster.


3) Manly feat. Cassette, Jimmi Walker and More

23rd January

What: Escape is making a return to Manly! After a 3 year hiatus throwing wild parties in Bali, they are back on home soil with two levels of epic tunes featuring some of Sydney’s best house & techno DJs.

Why: The a***hole you knew a while back has returned home and he’s even worse than you remember because he thinks getting pissed on a beach in Bali and contracting multiple strains of herpes for three years made him a more enlightened being.


2) Pirates Of Sydney Harbour: A New World

23rd January

What: Ahoy! They’re back! Join the pirates as they take over Sydney Harbour for the ultimate boat party – sailing 3 sheets to the wind, on a luxury vessel sprinkled with treasure and local DJs playing the best Underground House & Melodic Techno across two levels.

Why: If you don’t consume a least two bottles of rum and try to mutiny against the douchebag in the backwards hat in charge of the music, you won’t have gotten your money’s worth.


1) Hottest 100 Festival

23rd January

What: Celebrate the countdown of the best tuna of 2020 at the Hottest 100 party!  Who’s gonna take out the top spot for 2020? TAME IMPALA? SPACEY JANE? CARDI B? Enjoy a stream of the countdown while you sip on quality beverages with your crew with an open grass area, food trucks and free Zooper Doopers! Tickets include kick-ons complete with more great vibes and great DJs!

Why: Reflect on the fact that the braying of US politicians might not have actually been the worst thing we had to listen to in 2020.

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