Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 15/09/2019

We’re raising the bar this week. But don’t worry. There’ll still a bunch of club techno to help balance out your expectations to ensure you don’t go into shock.


10) Techno Is Not For Boys

21st September

What: Spektrum Events presents its second instalment of TINFB. Providing two rooms of techno, from the melodic ambient sound to the stripped back industrial strength, they guarantee techno satisfaction.

Why: It turns out techno doesn’t discriminate based on gender. How disappointing. A solid section of society could’ve been spared so much suffering.


9) Heads Up

19th September

What: Heads Up is a series of curated shows, giving you the first look at exciting a whole range of new Australian talent. Heads Up looks to provide a live platform to connect music fans and industry alike with the most promising artists, bands and DJs emerging to the forefront of the Australian music scene. This show will feature: Cabu, Kid Pharaoh, Lola Scott, The Goods and The Regime.

Why: Having to identify your musical tastes via dissection of your own wants can be exhausting, and, in this era of new music, pointless. Come. Let them tell you what you like. Or at least what’ll enable you to stay present in youth culture.


8) Spencer Parker: Nights Like This

21st September

What: This London-born, Berlin-based artist masterfully straddles a heady mix of house, techno and disco that has seen him become a regular at legendary spots like Panorama Bar/Berghain and Concrete while his output sits in the boxes of DJs like Ryan Elliott, The Black Madonna, DVS1 and Gerd Janson. Experience his debut in the GB Basement!

Why: A basement debut that doesn’t involve semi-preserved body parts or thousands of illicit photographs. How refreshing for this era.


7) Hidden Haciendas: 12 Hours of Power

20th September

What: Hidden Haciendas is back, delivering you a 12 hour non-stop party at one of Sydney’s finest underground house and techno venues. Some of Sydney’s finest, most talented and well known techno and house DJ’s will be guiding you through a wild twelve hours, each bringing their own brand of sparkle and flair to add to your eyes as you dance your hearts out.

Why: It’s getting more and more difficult to get unique strains of ‘sparkle and flair’ uncut with powdered laxatives. But they’re expecting you to endure twelve straight hours of club techno and house. So it’s a safe bet they’ll have the good stuff.


6) E.J. Worland Solo Show

19th September

What: Acoustic light rock and blues musician E.J. Worland is back in Australia for short time and will be showcasing a stripped back version of some of his new material off the EP and more, at a venue that means a lot to him. E.J. Worland invites you to take a trip down memory lane, back to where it all began at El Rocco and to be the first people to watch him perform and talk about the new songs in the most intimate setting.

Why: There’s no more apt way to describe contemporary light indie blues than ‘collectively pretending to remember something no one remembers’.


5) Lazy Ghost ‘Green Out’ Tour

21st September

What: Coming from the snowy mountains of Canada, Psychedelic Surf rockers Lazy Ghost are making their way down under this September in support of their 2019 EP “Green Out.” Lazy Ghost seamlessly fuses together a rich tapestry of surf, psych and indie rock to create their unique sound. Their lyrics are honest, brazen and bold. They come straight from the dusty basements of their bleeding hearts. The musicality is complex yet accessible, you can easily get lost in the depths of their music.

Why: If their talent for music matches their talent for mixing metaphors, you can bet this’ll be as chill as the first snowfall on the penguin’s eyeball of sentence structure.‘Green-Out’-Tour/4ddab860-d42c-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


4) Australian Kingswood Factory

15th September

What: Australian Kingswood Factory end their Sydney long-weekend at the iconic Frankie’s. Take your life in to your own hands as they smash it with Black Knuckles, hardcore punks Legal Aliens and Newcastle lads Trashed Again (proudly collaborated by Turbo Nun Entertainment Group and Baron von Weasel Music).

Why: Feel the rage pumping through your veins explode and smash the system with hardcore punk along with the world’s best pizza that you can also enjoy at home (after you’ve successfully smashed the system) via deliveroo!


3) Casa Chilena: Chilean Independence Pop-Up

21st September

What: Come and experience the taste and flavours of Chile at this Pop Up event underground in the heart of Bondi Junction. A collaboration between local Pisco Importer, Sydney Latin Life and The Junction, Bondi will allow you to taste a huge range of Pisco alongside a tasty Completo served at the new Bandidas bar where you will also find freshly made ceviche. The night will last forever will a DJ lineup of Full Reggaeton.

Why: Admit it it. You know nothing of Chile. But that’s never stopped you from getting blasted and yelling in half-formed Spanish before.


2) Sydney Fringe Festival

15th-30th September

What: The Sydney Fringe Festival is the largest independent arts festival in NSW. With events spread out across the sprawling city, the festival celebrates and highlights the amazing work of local independent artists, art makers and performers, inviting audiences to visit undiscovered parts of the city, a new venue or a secret bar, and discover the fantastic creative offerings artists prepare year-round. This year, the Fringe is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a lineup focused on re-igniting Sydney’s nightlife.

Why: Considering the current state of Sydney’s nightlife, we can only assume the attempt at re-ignition will involve literal arson.


1) Sydney Bar Week

15th-18th September

What: Hosted by Australian Bartender, Sydney Bar Week 2019 is shaping up to be the biggest Bar Week yet. There’ll be more than 30 events happening over five days — tasting shows, spirits and bar business talks, the Bartender Magazine Australian Bar Awards, Indie Spirits Tasting, the Whiskey Roadshow, The Most Influential List, and all the trade parties and seminars that make Sydney Bar Week the biggest week of bar celebration each year.

Why: It turns out there’s a specific week for this. Huh. Who knew?

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