Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 13/10/2019

The world is getting stranger. Time to make trouble.


10) Season X in the Bridge #8

19th October

What: Season X is proud to announce the Eighth Edition of this legendary event. They are bringing to you the best of House and Techno and the powerful Psytrance with some of the biggest headliners in Sydney that have already played at Subsonic Music Festival, Dragon Dreaming, New Psycle, Antigravity, Universo Paralello Festival and many more. Just outside of the lockout; enjoy a 15 hour party with the bar open all night long until midday of the next day.

Why: Avoid the early morning hangover with a headache that starts as soon as the DJ blinds himself with his own snapback and says “you ready for this?”.


9) Bayside Food & Wine Festival

19th October

What: The Bayside Food & Wine Festival is a relaxed afternoon tasting the culinary delights on offer, picking up great cooking tips, all while being educated on the finer points of wine and beer making and of course tasting!

Why: If the appearance of the MasterChef crew gets you down, don’t worry. It’s the Bayside Food & Wine Festival. Just make sure you remember to bring your own cement shoes.


8) Charades + Breakbeat Chaos + Alien present MARTYN

19th October

What: Charades, Breakbeat Chaos and Alien join forces to bring Dutch master Martyn to Sydney for the first time since 2012. A one man nexus point for the sounds of Chicago, Detroit and the UK, Martyn injects eclecticism, emotion and futurism into his productions (on labels like Osgut Ton and his own 3024) and DJ sets including his residency at Berlin’s legendary Panorama Bar. Join Charades, Breakbeat Chaos and Alien on a journey deep into the sounds of science fiction with a true visionary.

Why: “A one man nexus point for the sounds of Chicago, Detroit and the UK”. So, you have two choices. Pay thirty bucks or stay home, rev the leakiest most smoke-belching leaf-blower you can find and beat yourself to unconsciousness with an old VHS copy of Fawlty Towers.


7) Summer Launch Celebration

17th October

What: Celebrate the beginning of summer in’s new Paddington art gallery. Join them for drinks, canapés, endless summer beats and live performances.

Why: A gathering of hipsters so self-aware, thanks to their chosen medium, that they understand alcohol is necessary for anyone to be in the same building as them. How considerate.


6) Soirée Blanche: World Champagne Day

18th October

What: To celebrate World Champagne Day, Champagne Bar Sydney has partnered with Champagne Pommery to bring you an Australian exclusive: the launch of the new Champagne Pommery Apanage Blanc de Blancs! Live the French way, 1960’s style with free-flow of Champagne Pommery Apanage Blanc de Blancs, canapes and live entertainment!

Why: You might as well take this opportunity to revel like a country in the midst of an economic spike. Traditional economic models will not exist in about ten years when we’ll be trading the meatiest limbs of our young for access to water supplies and apple-compatible portable chargers.


5) Stranger K*ngs

18th October

What: Grab your bicycles and peddle fast past Pennywise, because you’ve been invited to Stranger K*ngs! A new queer performance night where those who feel brave enough risk it all on stage for your enjoyment! Stranger K*ngs celebrates the weird and wonderful in Sydney’s drag community. It is a space for performers of every kind to try something different and have some fun. It is a celebration of the King community, as well as an inclusive space for AFAB, AMAB, and everyone to explore themselves and let loose.

Why: The fetishes don’t include stock manipulation, and the dirtiest politician will be a ripped zombie Obama. If heaven exists it’s here.*ngs/19b197c0-ea16-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


4) Good Food Month

13th-31st October

What: Some of the world’s best chefs will descend on Sydney for the 21st edition of Good Food Month. Taking over restaurants across the city this October, the annual food festival will see pop-up restaurants and dinners from the likes of Alain Passard, Hiroyuki Sato and Thomas Frebel, as well as pasta parties, vegan feasts and the return of the Night Noodle Markets.

Why: The coroner’s report from your multiple coronary-induced death will sound so much more colourful with the names ‘Passard’, ‘Sato’ and ‘Frebel’ under ’cause’.


3) Grinspoon: Chemical Hearts Tour 

19th October

What: The Chemical Hearts tour will be packed with hits and audience faves from the era when Grinspoon absolutely dominated the festival lineups of the day including Big Day Out, Homebake, Livid and Peaches & Cream.

Why: A band whose output is so aggressively mediocre, you’ll want to engage in drug use just to break the monotony. At which point, the lyrics become pertinent to you. Kind of ingenious when you think about it.


2) John Waters: Make Trouble Tour 

15th October

What: The one and only John Waters returns to Australia with his world acclaimed one-man show, filled with “comic anarchy” – the unique brand of outrageous insights and urbane wit that once earned the cult filmmaker and pop culture icon the moniker, The Pope of Trash.

Why: You know who he is, bitch. He’s the filthiest person alive, that’s who he is.


1) FKA Festival

19th October

What: Head to the rolling green hills and lush vines of Hope Estate for a day out filled with Aussie rock music by the likes of the Rubens, SAFIA, Allday, Lime Cordiale, The Chats, Kilter, Yahtzel, LO’99, Sippy, Tori Levett, Lex Deluxe and more. Experience the best local eats, fresh craft beer & wine, all set to the backdrop of the iconic rolling hills of the Hunter Valley and its most famous stage.

Why: Featuring the Rubens whose most popular output includes the repeated line, “Hoops and everything get back never get back too soon”. Sometimes feverish writings on a notepad are not abstract poetry. Sometimes they’re just bollocks. But to be fair, bollocks is the highest artistic standard on Triple J.

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