Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 09/05/2021

Time to meet your liver.


10) The Agincourt Vol. 6

15th May

What: Located in the heart of the Sydney CBD, The 871 Band Room presents The Agincourt. Get ready for a night not to forget as the acts will be bringing you the finest in Sydney’s indie rock scene from a range of up and comers.

Why: Come see if Sydney’s nightlife has recovered since the…1970s. When Sydney had a nightlife.



14th May

What: Experience a line up full of talented DJs ready to bring the best of House, Tech House and Techno for a night to be remembered.

Why: Then forgotten once you leave the club and realise you’re wasting your life on frivolity, upon which you become a financial consultant and start listening exclusively to Huey Lewis.


8) No Place Like House feat. Street Player & Matonii

14th May

What: Street Player, off the back of his True Romance EP, steps into mission control with a taste for a French touch and production to boot. Bringing a blend of high energy house and nostalgia set to soundtrack dance floors from Sydney to Paris. Experience him live.

Why: “A taste for French touch”. There’s a point at which making a joke becomes an exercise in redundancy.


7) Bootz N Catz pres. After Party

15th May

What: Experience a rave with the best prog. selectors Sydney has to offer.

Why: $3 off the entrance fee if you can provide a legitimate explanation as to why these are the ‘best’ prog selectors as opposed to any other prog selector.


6) Geometric Sounds #2

15th May

What: Experience a 15 hour session of the best of underground electronic music.

Why: Then come to this thing.


5) Yeah Buoy: Saturday Boat Party

15th May

What: Set sail for a classic Yeah Buoy Boat Party with a stellar local DJ lineup to suit!

Why: A microcosmic representation of the floating vat of disease we have been living in…with watered-down gin!


4) Young Henry’s Live Lounge feat. Planet Holiday & The Bifters

14th May

What: Planet Holiday are a four piece garage rock band from Sydney’s north-west suburbs. Their garage rock sound melds with alt-rock and post grunge, flirting with skate/surf, stoner-groove and psychedelic vibes. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of over saturated synth pop and the ghastly auto tune, The Bifters are a whirlwind of fiery blues-rock sent forward in time, hell-bent on restoring the music industry. Experience both these bands in an incredible live performance.

Why: Garage rock from the north-west. Expect a lot of lyrical discontent concerning the housing market.’s-Live-Lounge-feat.-Planet-Holiday-and-The-Bifters/4b246240-b050-11eb-8dd8-8f4a8500c961


3) Alive on Friday

14th May

What: Tim Grey started making acoustic music after realising he would never be invited to join Green Day. Hailing out of south Sydney, Zac Gray is a master at songwriting. Cooking up smooth tunes and beautiful melodies. Salmon Engine has been creating sampled beats in his bedroom but is now taking it to the stage.  Adam and Joel are a fresh new duo out of the heart of Wollongong and Sydney. Creating their own style, a melting pot of all styles. Experience all these indie acts in an evening of incredible new music.

Why: Thought you’d aged out of having to experience high school talent show rock bands? Think again.


2) Alpha Goose: Live

15th May

What: A night of hard funk, rock and psychedelia with Alpha Goose to celebrate the Aussie youth music scene. The young group hails from Sydney, blending influences from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, P-Funk, Prince, James Brown and more to create an immersive and obsessive sonic experience.

Why: Celebrate Aussie music with a band influenced by Americans!


1) Recovery on the Rocks

16th May

What: This is an intergenerational, multimodal exchange of music and performance – featuring a diverse array of local artists, bound by sincere intentions to emotionally engage and uplift after the acute traumas of the past year. A safe and inclusive space that welcomes people of all ages, races and sexualities – seeking to heal the harms endured in isolation by sharing culture in a creative re-purposing of this historic outdoor/indoor venue.

Why: If this isn’t an orgy, we owe you $20.

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