Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 09/02/2020

The call of the wild sounds a lot like “Lexapro!”


10) Berlin I Love You

15th February

What: Valentine’s Day is here, so dance with the devil it is to the sounds of techno all night.

Why: An event with music as laconic as its description to counter a day crammed with more idiots waxing lyrical than a PHIL1012 class. Perhaps one of the only situations in which German techno is used for good.


9) Morning Glory: Summer Fling

9th February

What: Dance the morning away with your nearest/dearest as the sun rises. Whether you’re an early riser or a late bloomer Morning Glory is the Sunday morning house & techno party worth getting up for! For anyone who enjoys a sunrise dance or hates calling it a night come down for an Espresso Martini, Bloody Mary or a Vodka Redbull for a new type of Sunday Service.

Why: Really takes the edge off the manic, stress-inducing rush of a Sunday.


8) Valentine’s Traffic Light Party

14th February

What: Love is in the air which means Valentine’s Day is almost here. And whether you’re loved up, loved out or just love to let your hair down, Side Bar’s got you covered at their infamous Valentine’s Traffic Light Party! They’re pulling out all the stops for this one with traffic light cocktails, love heart confetti plus all the fun time vibes your body can handle.

Why: We often wonder what it’ll be like when drone technology permeates the imagery and metaphor used in dating culture. There are no traffic lights dictating drone tech. It’s more extended covert reconnaissance and abrupt, wordless presentation of a package.’s-Traffic-Light-Party/2d5d9a50-4928-11ea-96b7-b132cf2a7536


7) Oxytocin Release

14th February

What: A conscious Valentine’s Day event inspired by love, connection and sensory play. Immerse yourself in a holistic evening infusing movement, music, dance, art and mindfulness, all brought together for a world-class experience to keep you grooving and evolving. If you’re single, bi, open, gay, complicated, partnered, loved or unsure, whatever your status, experience a unique party celebrating love, connection & music on this special day.

Why: If you’ve the desire to be more conscious than usual on Valentine’s Day, congratulations, you’ve reached the zenith of mediocrity in which you’re not terrifically alone nor are you taking full advantage of the pleasures of consensual pseudonecrophilia.


6) Integrity (Live)

11th February

What: Founded in 1988 by artist, Dwid Hellion, Integrity has a legendary and influential presence in the Metal, Noise, Hardcore, Gospel and Punk scene for over 32 years. Diverse, sinister and eclectic, it is impossible to nail them down to just one genre of music. They exist beyond simple confines of category or genre. Integrity still remain one of the most relevant bands in extreme music.

Why: We’re not surprised. It’s probably hard to be irrelevant in a genre that’s still lyrically based on medieval torture methods and mangled lines from the Old Testament.


5) As It Is (Live)

13th February

What: After 18-months of global touring in support of their acclaimed third album “The Great Depression”, English pop punk band As It Is have announced they will be returning to Australia. With their third album, As it Is continue to use music to better understand who we are as humans and the ability to feel powerfully less alone. “This record started off life as an exploration of the question ‘Do we as a society have a fetish for mental illness?’” offers front man Patty Walters; “Do we romanticise or glorify a sickness? It was important for me to do some soul-searching around that question. Are we part of a scene that actually does more damage than good in terms of the way we talk about these issues?”.

Why: Watch them profoundly engage in soul-searching concerning the moral quandary of the fetishisation of marketable depression for $60 a ticket.


4) Worship MG

14th February

What: This Valentine’s day Worship is thrilled to return to The Red Rattler for a special Mardi Gras love-in. The night begins with a curated line up of Sydney’s hottest emerging performers in a multifaceted cabaret experience hosted by the droll but delightful Tammy. At the culmination of these performances everyone will pack the dance floor for a truly queer form of worship – feeling the power found on a dance floor packed with like minded souls in a truly transcendental experience. With Sydney’s own Matt Jay returning to town and Worship’s Dyan Tai on music duties, Worship MG is guaranteed to become legend.

Why: The closest thing to a sexless orgy since the pre-Christmas sales (without the malice).


3) Alice Cooper ‘Ol’ Black Eyes Is Back’ Tour

15th February

What: School’s out for Summer! Iconic shock rocker and Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Famer Alice Cooper is returning to Australia with his all-new “Ol’ Black Eyes Is Back” show. With a revamped setlist and a new outlandish stage show, Australian fans are in for a real treat when he takes to stages across Australia. Special guests will be Aussie rock stalwarts Airbourne along with MC50, featuring Wayne Kramer of the legendary MC5 with an all-star band.

Why: He wants to kiss you but he wants it too much. And he’s 72 years old.‘Ol’-Black-Eyes-Is-Back’-Tour-(Sydney)/b35f63c0-45e2-11ea-96b7-b132cf2a7536


2) Twilight at Taronga

14th February-7th March

What: Bringing together the breathtaking views of the Sydney Harbour skyline at dusk with the sounds of another all-ages live music line-up, the Twilight at Taronga Summer Concert Series is back once again! The Twilight at Taronga line-up has all the makings to deliver another standout season of Sydney summer memories as artists making their Twilight debut like Broods, Wolfmother, Pete Murray, The Australian Rock Collective, Sunnyboys, Paul Kelly in Thirteen Ways To Look At Birds, Mavis Staples and Meg Mac, perform alongside returning favourites Bernard Fanning, Kasey Chambers, James Morrison, Bjorn Again and the Comedy Gala, within Taronga Zoo’s intimate natural amphitheatre.

Why: There could be nothing more calming to the psychology of a wild animal whose hearing is many times more powerful than a human than a brass band and some hard rockers screaming for three straight hours.


1) Mardi Gras 

14th February-1st March

What: Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is one of Australia’s most famous and well-loved events, bringing thousands of visitors to Sydney to join in the celebrations. It captures the imagination of Australia’s LGBTQI and mainstream communities, taking over the city for weeks on end, culminating in the world-famous Parade: a colourful and dazzling night of pride, celebration and self-expression. The official theme for this year’s festival is ‘What Matters’, encouraging party-goers to reflect on and examine not only how far members of the Australian LGBTIQ+ community have come, but how much further we have to go. From ground-breaking queer artists to trailblazing thought leaders, Mardi Gras 2020 is an opportunity to visit the next destinations on our journey of diversity, inclusion and social justice.

Why: The holiday season is over. Now for the good times.


Special Mention

Byron Bay Surf Festival

14th-16th February

What: Surfers, beach-lovers and water-people…the 2020 Byron Bay Surf Festival is nearly here! It’s time for some super surfing fun, chock full of music, art, surf, special guests, events and culture. Say hello to annual favourites the Surf Art Markets, Sunset Cinema, Shaka Events, BBSF Artshow, the Freestyle & Stoke Surf Sessions and live music parties every night at the Byron Bay Brewery. There will be an epic lineup of surf legends, filmmakers, artists, surfboard shapers, activists and musicians including Didirri, Goons of Doom and Psychedelic Porn Crumpets.

Why: Make sure you stagger your meth consumption. You don’t want to go off schedule and start ripping peoples ears off their skulls before Goons of Doom start performing.

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