Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 08/12/2019

Say hello to the sun. Say goodbye to benign skin tumours.


10) Moonbow: Full Moon Cacao Ceremony + Ecstatic Dance

13th December

What: Close the decade together in ceremony and celebration with a radiant four hour experience of medicine music, cacao ceremony, drumming, ecstatic dance and grateful reflection. Under the magnetic lunar energy you will, as always, honour Mother Nature and connect to her cycles, influenced by the sign of Gemini you will dance under the moon celebrating all sides of ourselves, light, dark and everything in between.

Why: Don’t worry. The burning sensation you contract from this event isn’t genital herpes, it’s just you connecting to Mother Nature. She’s on fire right now.


9) La Factoria

8th December

What: La Factoría is considered a musical factory, since it has formed various exponents of Reggaeton that continue to achieve successes today. La Factoría has an extensive repertoire of hits that have become hymns in the urban genre and that continue to transcend in different generations. The Reggaeton Group will be joined on stage by Australia’s best DJs & live performers.

Why: It’ called ‘Reggaeton’. Assume a bevy of white hipsters.


8) Egyptian Lover (Live)

13th December

What: Experience west coast royalty with electro innovator EGYPTIAN LOVER live. For one night only he’ll be bringing a bag of old school electro heaters, his 808 and a call for all freakaholics to take two steps to the dance. Live sets on the night from Hugh B. and Naeem. Hosted by the one and only Stelly G, plus boss level DJs, Merph and Simon Caldwell keeping you limbered pre and post Egypt.

Why: We didn’t understand most of the preceding sentences, but if our knowledge of electro rave music is anything to go by, the less comprehensible it is, the more turnt it will be.


7) FRIPS presents Rave in the Cave feat. Beth Yen

14th December

What: FRIPS is back at the Burdekin Hotel making their way into the main room with their latest instalment of Rave in the Cave. Fresh from her stay at Return to Rio, the ARIA club chart topping Beth Yen will be taking the reigns to bring you an unforgettable Saturday night, so slip on a party shirt, slop on some sunscreen and slap on your dancing shoes. Get down to the Burdekin for an awesome night.

Why: Sunscreen for an indoor night rave? It’s interesting to track the downfall of society through the words of a litigation-fearing club promoter.


6) Unicorns: A Hot Holiday Romance

14th December

What: Say goodbye to 2019 with Unicorns! To seduce your eyes, ears and hearts will be an array of talented heartthrobs: from chain saw wielding Burlesque Babe Diesel Darling, Comedian Zoe Combs Mar and Caramelsauce Mel to House of Slè. Serenading your soul will be Unicorns DJ royalty Megan Bones. As well as our faves DJ Sveta and Yvngcweed. At the stroke of midnight The Bi Life returns! You will have the opportunity to be matched up with the potential bi babe love of your life/night/next 5 seconds live on stage! So bust out your romantic/kinky ensembles and get ready to say goodbye to 2019 with a hot, queer bang!

Why: It’s one way to embrace the problematic climatic oven. Call it kinky and bang till the fast-approaching apocalypse.


5) Time Out Sydney Bar Awards

9th December

What: Join host Matt Okine, as you toast the city’s best cocktail bars, new bars, wine bars, bartenders and more at the party for the party-makers. You can expect an evening of delicious drinks, great food, sweet tunes and celebration, shoulder-to-shoulder with the city’s best bar professionals. The eats will come courtesy of Eat Art Truck, Chur Burger Food Truck and Vejoes Food Truck. The Imperial Hotel Drag Queens will be strutting their stuff, along with the team from Retrosweat, and the Dollar Bin Darlings will be DJing the disco grooves.

Why: You’ve powdered your nose on their property for the past decade or so. It’s time you toasted their lack of litigiousness.


4) Little Mix: Bounce Back Tour

14th December

What: Little Mix have firmly established their reputation as one of the most phenomenal performers around, having had 21 UK hit singles and sold more than 45 million records worldwide. This month the band release their new single ‘Bounce Back’. The song was produced by the legendary Stargate (Rihanna, Beyonce, Katy Perry), and features an ingenious sample from the classic Soul II Soul smash ‘Back To Life’, which co-incidentally celebrates it’s 30th anniversary this summer. Come see them perform it live.

Why: Well it turns out the youth of today isn’t actually all that different to the youth of generations past. Here we were assuming that the era of the girl group was dead and gone to be replaced by the timed orchestra of social media notifications. But that’s not so. The one thing we would have happily seen shrivel up and die has slathered itself with anti-ageing cream, pumped itself full of silicone and burst back out onto the stage.


3) Opeth 2019 Tour

14th December

What: Since forming in the tiny Stockholm suburb of Bandhagen in 1990, the Swedes have eclipsed convention, defiantly crushed the odds, and, most importantly, crafted 12 stunningly beautiful, intrinsically intense albums, to become one of the best bands on the planet; whether that be live or on record. December 2019 will see Opeth performing a stunning set of classic tracks from throughout their 30 year career as well as introducing Australian audiences to astounding new material from their forthcoming studio album.

Why: They’re not what they once were. But some bowel-churning death growls are timeless.


2) The Petting Zoo

14th December

What: Welcome to the zoo, a music & arts event for animals of all sizes! Petting Zoo style decor will be scattered around the enclosure so you can explore and discover throughout the day. Roving performers and magicians will keep you entertained. Be ready to experience a level of interactive production that you have not seen before! Artists have been booked to deliver constant aural pleasure through finely tuned pa’s, across 3 epic stages. Featuring: Franky Rizardo, Weiss, Route 94, Tube & Berger, Amine Edge & Dance, Solee, Mat.Joe, Late Nite Tuff Guy, Jordan Brando, Noizu, The Journey, Brian Fantana, Luke Vecchio, Handsdown & Leighboy, Laura King, Bec Grenfell, Francesco Castelli, Madalaine, Chriss Matto, Matteo Freyrie, Etwas, Andrea Guadalupi, Amaddin, Trentoff, Dean Turnley, Metwally and Elliott Creed.

Why: Just like a normal petting zoo, only more sensorially offensive. And a lesser concentration of heroin in the promoters.


1) Festival of the Sun 

12th-15th December

What: Somewhere over the rainbow lies the land of FOTSUN, promising three jam-packed days of ghouls, glitter and great Aussie music. Mark your calendars and gather your mates to get ready for this summer’s freakiest festival. Celebrating its sweet 16th in style, Festival of the Sun returns to Port Macquarie to send it with their ‘Ghouls and Unicorns’ edition. Leading the way this year are Methyl Ethel and Briggs, and they’ll be joined by the likes of Julia Jacklin, Trophy Eyes, Baker Boy, Lime Cordiale, Amyl & The Sniffers and loads more.

Why: If you’re able to see a rainbow in the barren hellscape of the 2019-20 Australian summer, congratulations. You won’t have to risk death from consumption of tainted festival drugs. The ones you’re already packing are sufficient.

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