Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 07/03/2021

Hang up the chick habit, pick up a cocaine one.


10) Berlin Underground: Leather and Lace

13th March

What: Experience a dark smoke-filled underground club in the middle of the Sydney CBD with 400 guests expressing their minds with black leather and ace while driving techno shakes the room late into the night.

Why: If lockdown was one of Oprah’s carb fasts, Berlin Underground would be 14 kilos of macaroni and cheese.


9) Punk Not Dead

13th March

What: It’s 2021, but punk is not dead. Experience a killer night of Sydney’s best punk acts featuring Shark Arm, Trashed Again, Forest Hall, Terrificus, Rubber Necker and Wawawow.

Why: To be fair, it’s 2021. The only thing not being needlessly revived is actual human life.


8) Paradox pres. Laura King

13th March

What: Melbourne’s Queen of Techno, Laura King, is on her way north to remind us Sydneysiders what a good old-fashioned dance party is all about. Laura mixes a magical blend of early tribal techno, hard trance and acid, which has earned her the reputation of being a crowd-favourite everywhere she goes.

Why: Drugs are mandatory.


7) Alpha Goose: Live

12th March

What: Experience a double act night at the Red Rattler Theatre Marrickville with Alpha Goose (funkiest motherfunkers in the nation) and Elliot Wings and the Flying Serpents (six guys just making music for the fun of it).

Why: The most easily digestible indie music feast since that other double act we can’t remember.


6) Bastardizer, Lethal Vendetta & Livewire

13th March

What: As summer fades, welcome in Autumn the best way. With some heavy f@*king metal! Bastardizer have been terrorising stages across Australia since 2013 with their brand of dirty black thrash’n’roll. Having supported acts such as Origin, Morbid Angel, Toxic Holocaust and Lich King it is well known to fans of Australian metal that Bastardizer are one of the best acts in Sydney. Supporting them are trad-metal outfit Lethal Vendetta and thrash upstarts Livewire.

Why: Celebrate the changing of the seasons with a change in your insurance premiums once you start requiring the use of a hearing aid.


5) Sunset Piazza

7th-21st March

What: If you had any doubts that live music and comedy are back, big time, then you need to check out Sydney’s brand new pop-up outdoor venue and concert series in the heart of the city. The Sunset Piazza is in Cathedral Square, opposite Hyde Park, bringing with it 32 nights of music and comedy under the watch of the beautiful St Mary’s Cathedral. Sunset Piazza offers the kind of night out in the city you’ve been craving. Visit a local restaurant before the show or grab a bite to eat from on-site artisan providores serving panini and antipasti. Enjoy a pre-show drink from the bar, and settle in for a selection of Sydney’s best DJs, pre-show. Some astonishing talent will be playing, across the full spectrum of genres: think Ben Lee, Alex the Astronaut, the Umbilical Brothers, Opera Australia, Lawrence Mooney, Lizzy Hoo, and JK-47. Sydney’s favourite jazz vocalist Emma Pask; classical music mavericks Ensemble Offspring; and purveyors of queer parties and good times, Heaps Gay also join the program.

Why: Get pissed, eat paninis and watch Heaps Gay in front of a church. We’re often hard on Sydney but sometimes it just pulls it off.


4) Midnight Oil: Makarrata Live

13th March

What: In early 2021 Midnight Oil will perform a handful of special outdoor concerts called Makarrata Live. At each show, the band will be joined on stage by an incredible line up of First Nations collaborators for a unique concert event featuring music from their #1 mini album The Makarrata Project plus iconic Midnight Oil songs of Reconciliation from throughout their career. These gigs will seek to elevate The Uluru Statement From The Heart which calls for a Makarrata – or “truth telling” – to account for the theft of lands and displacement of First Nations people.

Why: A desperate attempt to remain relevant, as bald and oily as the lead singer himself.


3) Young Henry’s Live Lounge feat. Rainbow Riders & Amber Rose

12th March

What: Young Henry’s and Kelly’s on King present Rainbow Riders. Rainbow Riders are a psychedelic surf rock band getting barrelled over the rainbow. Supported by the ethereal Amber Rose and her band.

Why: Psych music will never die. Because it’s always required drugs to be enjoyable.’s-Live-Lounge-feat.-Rainbow-Riders-and-Amber-Rose/57151880-7e17-11eb-8dd8-8f4a8500c961


2) BACK! By Your Side.

13th March

What: Experience a romper 2-level party at the beloved Chippo Hotel! Dance the night away at The Chippo courtyard, laneway & bunker with BIG sound, colourful décor & your deep-grooving, big-grinning mates for an all-time session kicking off from midday to midnight.

Why: The wider your grin, the more mouth juices you get to transmit!!-By-Your-Side./6745b020-7e17-11eb-8dd8-8f4a8500c961


1) Women in Pop: Live

11th March

What: Women In Pop Live have announced the stunning line up for the debut show launching on International Women’s Day. Kicking off the regular event at Sydney’s Oxford Art Factory is headliner R&B prodigy Emalia and support electro pop act MARSHES.

Why: Be a good person by default.

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