Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 06/10/2019

Your liver will not survive this week. But it will go down dancing.


10) Progressive House Classics Party 2.0

12th October

What: The sunflowers are back! After an amazing party last year and many requests for round 2, the decision has been made to take another trip down memory lane. Come, join together for a special night of nostalgic music, through some of the golden years of Progressive House. 1998 – 2004 (ish)!

Why: So this is what nostalgia has come to. The early 2000s were ‘the good times’ and anything before is nebulously as ancient as Victorian corsets and the discovery of fire.


9) Something Else: ‘A – A- Aron’ Robins

12th October

What: This week Something Else presents one of the most underrated locals in the scene, the ginger ninja Aaron “A-A-Ron” Robins… A Something Else resident & regular at parties for well over a decade, this homie is one of the most under rated locals in Sydney who always delivers the grooves and flawlessly mixes across multiple genres, you will get nothing but the goods! A crew of talented ladies will join him behind the decks.

Why: It’s been a long while since we heard or saw someone use the term ‘homie’. Perhaps that’s why the so-called music at these raves is so loud. It’s impossible to navigate a parlance that has no definite rules beyond ‘you must be below the age of 21’.‘A-A-Aron’-Robins/dd2ad9b0-e63c-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


8) EXTRA DIRTY October Long Weekend

6th October

What: Extra Dirty brings a dark and dirty sound to Sydney’s gay underground. Cult DJs unite a diverse crowd with every raw and sexy beat connecting the packed dance floor. Of course, the music is just one half of the equation. The real driving force behind Extra Dirty is the extraordinary community filling the dance floor. The crowd skews toward queer, gay, leather and fetish but can’t just be classified into one club culture or clique. This is a place where all tribes are welcome, all bodies are celebrated, and all aesthetics have an equal claim to space.

Why: We have to distance ourselves slightly from this event. We do not believe all tribes should be welcomed. We do not believe all bodies should be celebrated. There is a whole tribe of white flabby bodies called MPs whose most positive contributions to humanity started and ended on the day they learned to direct their shit into the inside of a toilet bowl. Boy, did we have hope that day.


7) Ok Moon Album Tour (Sydney)

10th October

What: Ok Moon return to the stage in September to celebrate the release of their debut album, after selling out their debut Sydney and Melbourne shows earlier this year. The collaborative project from Dustin Tebbutt, Lanks, Hayden Calnin and Xavier Dunn deals in raw and colourful stories of the heart woven through cinematic pop songs. The artists have been working behind the scenes on this body of work for two years, and now are excited to bring their music to the stage.

Why:  ‘Colourful stories of the heart woven through cinematic pop songs’. It speaks to the uniqueness and quality of their oeuvre that you can’t exactly tell which sleazy studio-head, tween pop promoter or ad agency spit-balling a breakfast cereal commercial came up with that line.


6) The Kraken Black Spiced Rum: Awaken The Kraken

10th October

What: Sydneysiders are invited to do the unthinkable and Awaken the Kraken with The Kraken Black Spiced Rum. Transforming Luke’s Kitchen into a dark lair of artistic destruction, punters will attempt to awaken the beast in a night that must be seen and will most definitely be heard. Featuring intricately crafted Kraken cocktails, Luke Mangan ‘awakening’ canapes, ceramic destruction, live art from Pamela Irving and ‘hard to drown out’ live music performances, the evening will attempt to awaken the beast’s every sense.

Why: Harken back to a more innocent time when you believed pirates to be charming, gold-hungry, swash-buckling, eyeliner-wearing philanderers and not RPG-wielding quasi-victims of a complex world economy on GPS-equipped speedboats.


5) Mejico’s Annual Taco and Tequila Festival 

12th October

What: Calling all tequila fans! The Annual Mejico Taco and Tequila Festival is back this October after a sell-out in 2018. Join the biggest names in agave and tequila, learn cocktail recipes, indulge in tacos and impress your mates with your new-found knowledge. Sample the world’s best tequila as you’re guided through the history, process and (most importantly) flavour of many varieties at Mejico with over 20 products.

Why: Anyone that decides to do a karaoke version if The Champs’ ‘Tequila’ will be removed from the event. You’re the problem, you can’t be involved in the solution.’s-Annual-Taco-and-Tequila-Festival-2019/18cb57c0-e637-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


4) Pinot Palooza

12th October

What: Pinot Palooza is wine that rocks. Their line-up of Pinot producers are the best from Australia, New Zealand and beyond. So come, soak up the wine, music and taste your way across the #pinot spectrum. Highlights of this festival include over 200 wines, 70 wineries, Bar Vermouth, Beer (of course) and a massive food line up.

Why: It’s a wine festival, but they’ve used ‘palooza’ in the title and also made use of a hashtag. Meaning you’re already dominating them on the dignity leader-board. You have dignity to spare. Check which relatives have functioning livers and go nuts.


3) Good Food Month

1st-31st October

What: Some of the world’s best chefs will descend on Sydney for the 21st edition of Good Food Month. Taking over restaurants across the city this October, the annual food festival will see pop-up restaurants and dinners from the likes of Alain Passard, Hiroyuki Sato and Thomas Frebel, as well as pasta parties, vegan feasts and the return of the Night Noodle Markets.

Why: The coroner’s report from your multiple coronary-induced death will sound so much more colourful with the names ‘Passard’, ‘Sato’ and ‘Frebel’ under ’cause’.


2) Craft Beer & Cider Festival

12th & 13th October

What: Sydney’s famous beach-side craft beer and cider festival is returning for another glorious instalment. The Garden at Coogee Bay Hotel will transform into an epic festival celebrating some of the best craft beers & ciders in the country with live jazz, food pop-ups, and over 60 beers and ciders to sample.

Why: Feel your liver pulsate with the same chaotic syncopation of live jazz. It takes violent liver pulsation to be able to endure live jazz.


1) The Australian Beer Festival

11th-13th October

What: This year marks 15 years of Australian Beer Festival at The Australian Heritage Hotel, the original home of craft beer. Gloucester and Cumberland Streets come alive for the ultimate street party for beer lovers and foodies alike. A three-day celebration of Australian craft brewing, the streets have a frothy line up of beer and cider brewers; gourmet food stalls; meet the brewer sessions; blind tastings; and live entertainment. Beer Fest is every beer enthusiast’s dream weekend.

Why: The key to achieving ones dreams is to have achievable ones. Getting pissed in the street. You’re practically Hemingway.

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