Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 04/04/2021

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10th April

What: Juicy is all about giving people a good time and that good time must be shared with others. What better way than on a 3 level yacht in the harbour with banger tunes and harbour views?

Why: What better way? Well a blow job and economic stability would be nice. But if all you have is a yacht…


9) No Place Like House feat. Robbie Lowe

9th April

What: Focused on club culture, house music and the community within it lives…presenting a night that honours the culture. A space where artists and punters connect and experiment amongst the soundtrack to late night club culture. Experience Australian dance music mainstay, Robbie Lowe, who will usher in a new era in 2021. Known as a true selector, Robbie has been behind some of the great moments this city has seen. He will deliver once again in the fitting underground setting of Club 77.

Why: This is what happens when you applaud a middle aged man for continuing to hang around teenagers.



10th April

What: Dance floors have been reignited so come to The Beresford and get 100% CAMP! DJs, drag shows, dancing, lights, lasers…and a whole lot of campery.

Why: Because this term still isn’t considered offensive for some reason.


7) Classic Trance

10th April

What: Sydney, it’s time you had a dance. Trance Central presents to you ‘Classic Trance’. Binary Finary are set to play a vinyl set in their unique space for you all. This venue is fitted out with full LED Screens, lasers and lighting all in a place set up with no noise restrictions.

Why: An obsolete medium and an unnecessary genre. It’s a match made in 2021.


6) Gettin’ Wavey

10th April

What: As summer draws to a close, what better way to see it off than with a big ol’ disco, garage and house boat party!

Why: Thought you’d escaped skin cancer for another summer did you? Ha! Think again, leatherface.’-Wavey/2c598360-9415-11eb-8dd8-8f4a8500c961


5) One Hit takes on Tropikana

10th April

What: One Hit Agency visits the Northern Beaches for the first time, teaming up with Tropikana Manly to present an intimate club show with none other than Sydney favourite Kormak! Kormak’s signature brand of house blurs the lines between classic and modern interpretations of the genre, and as a result has found homes among and impressive list of labels,including DFTD, Glasgow Underground, DVINE Sounds, LouLou Records and more.

Why: The ability to discern between classic and modern House music in any way is honestly a talent in itself.


4) Deathbeds, Repriever, Brave Today, Bury Me: Live

10th April

What: Experience a night of full on experimental metal with four of Australia’s finest and dirtiest.

Why: They accept no liability for causing an actual heart attack, but the venue rules say that a picture of your corpse can legally be used on one or all of the bands’ next album covers.


3) Women in Pop: Live

8th April

What: Women In Pop Live announced the stunning line up for the debut show, and finally the rescheduled event is happening. Kicking off the regular event at Sydney’s Oxford Art Factory is headliner R&B prodigy Emalia and support electro pop act MARSHES.

Why: Because if people are going to complain about feminists being shrill anyway, we might as well add some guitars and backing vocals and charge them an entry fee.


2) Night Legion with Acrolysis and Noveaux

9th April

What: A fantastic mixed metal bill is delivered to you straight from the Forge! More than enough riffs and solos to keep your ears thoroughly bloodied and your pints thoroughly drunk. Headlining the evening and returning to the stage for the first time since lockdown is the incomparable gothic horror themed power metal act Night Legion.

Why: We thought gothic horror was a phase that died during teenagehood. But considering the fact that there are Bronies, this is far from the worst latent behaviour.


1) Young Henry’s Live Lounge feat. Dadbod & Sweetie

9th April

What: Young Henry’s and Kelly’s on King present Dadbod & Sweetie. Dadbod is a bedroom project turned four-piece rock outfit heavily influenced by yacht rock, surf and jazz. Bound by a passion for Steely Dan and the Beach Boys, Dadbod’s latest single “Rambo II”, is a nod to the popular music of Gilbert O’Sullivan. Sweetie is an all-female Sydney band who write tough songs about vulnerability. They formed because they’d been sitting in the crowd too long and it was time to stand up.

Why: It’s the hip young thing to reference one’s own dad bod now? Why do we always feel like whatever state we’re currently in, we’ll always miss being somehow relevant in the zeitgeist?’s-Live-Lounge-feat.-Dadbod-and-Sweetie/cef128e0-9414-11eb-8dd8-8f4a8500c961

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