Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 01/09/2019

It’s father’s day week. And we have a whole lot of liquor planned for the days following the big one to help you emotionally cope with the fallout.


10) Future Tones at The Loft

7th September

What: The future is you and the future is here! Presenting: FUTURE TONES – Bollywood meets Electro. A supersonic electronic party jazzed with the beats of Bollywood.

Why: It’s all the credit of appearing to be culturally worldly without actually having to able to distinguish the genre from the sounds of a pain-receptive robot on fire.


9) Will Saul: Nights Like This

7th September

What: Nerve is teaming up with Nights Like This to bring in a man known for having the best pair of ears in modern electronic music: Will Saul (along with some of Sydney’s favourite newest names). Will Saul has been at the cutting edge of electronic music for nearly 20 years. He has released well over 150 records across his two labels – Aus Music & Simple Records.

Why: You read the description. He has ‘the best pair of ears in modern electronic music’. So come, support the deaf.


8) Rock Bottom presents DROP 2.0 ft W:LL

6th September

What: As the weather warms and spring pokes its head out, there’s no better way to help bring back that warm summer feeling then with the wholesome tunes provided by W:LL (Will Mulhearn). Having recently supported the likes of ANOTR, Hammer and Sidney Charles, W:LL is a promising young DJ arising from Sydney’s north shore who is sure to create an atmosphere that will DROP you down to Rock Bottom in the notorious Goodbar basement.

Why: The phrase ‘hitting rock bottom’ has never been so apt. You’ll find an equal mix of the over 40s in dead-end jobs attempting to reclaim something of their youth and youth attempting to stave off the fear that they’ll never be able to secure a dead-end job here, partying in the only place that could drown out their own screaming desperation.


7) Father’s Day Gentleman’s High Tea

1st September

What: Does your dad love meat and beer? Try the Gentleman’s High Tea this Father’s Day weekend! Enjoy buffalo wings, salt & pepper calamari, mini beef burgers, pork belly bites buckets of fries and Sydney Brewery Growler’s featured Brewery Beer or Cider.

Why: If your father is a frequenter of high teas, you’ll also be able to enjoy your sizeable inheritance that much earlier once over-consumption of pork and beer has quickly claimed his life.’s-Day-Gentleman’s-High-Tea/6d9d83f0-ca98-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


6) Whisky Wonka

7th September

What: Alchemist Events presents the perfect Father’s Day gift idea for those dads that have everything. Enjoy a selection of whisky-infused confectionery, crafted by hand to ensure the perfect balance between the dessert and the whisky. A selection of three single malt whiskies will be included.

Why: For the dad that has everything except diabetes.


5) Close Counters ‘Refractions EP’ Tour

5th September

What: Melbourne-based duo Close Counters are heading around Australia to celebrate their forthcoming EP, ‘Refractions’. The EP follows the bands’ growing connection with the underground soul/jazz scene in Melbourne. The four-track release, via Exist Recordings, features singles ’HEY!!!’ and ‘Tip Of My Tongue’ plus ‘Bespoke’ — featuring Sydney vocalist Wallace, and ‘High Noon’ — a deeper groove exploration with a spaghetti western tinge featuring their close-friend and frequent collaborator Elle Shimada on violin.

Why: It’s a band description that could’ve arisen from the 40s, 50s or 60s. So no one above the age of 29 will be permitted entry.‘Refractions-EP’-Tour/576e7ca0-ca94-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


4) Fred Armisen: Comedy For Musicians But Everyone Is Welcome

4th September

What: Peabody Award-winning, Grammy and Emmy-nominated actor, comedian, voice artist, screenwriter, producer, singer and musician, Fred Armisen is coming to Sydney this August and bringing his colourful personality with him! Best known as a former cast member on NBC’s Saturday Night Live, Armisen has also appeared on TV favourites Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Broad City. Catch his show live in Sydney and don’t worry if you’re not a musician – everyone is welcome!

Why: A comedian whose most notable achievement is corpsing more than Bill Hader. Considering what an increasing number of comedians are notable for these days, that achievement is worth honouring with a ticket purchase.


3) Father’s Day Lunch: The Ultimate Meat Feast

1st September

What: This Father’s Day, gift dad with The Ultimate Meat Feast at La Boca Bar & Grill! Sit back and relax while succulent and tender cuts of barbecued meat are brought around to each table. Indulge in a banquet-style feast of flavoursome lamb, beef, pork and chicken slow-cooked over traditional wood fire Parilla and Asador grills. Enjoy endless all-you-can-eat BBQ meat without ever having to leave your table. Every dad will receive a complimentary glass of Stella Artois on arrival, served in a souvenir glass.

Why: A hallmark-style card is so impersonal. Get him something he’ll really feel in his heart for years to come. Until the triple cardiac arrest stops him feeling anything at all.’s-Day-Lunch:-The-Ultimate-Meat-Feast/f8efeca0-ca92-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


2) Direct Underground Fest 

6th September

What: 2019 will see the return of the mini-festival, bringing together again some of the best and darkest bands in the heavy music realm. Soundworks Direct have created a lineup that aims to appease anyone that digests the extreme metal form! Featuring: Immolation, Abramelin, Christ Dismembered and Reaper.

Why: If you’re able to digest the extreme metal form without consequence, see your doctor. You might have worms. The kind of worms that floated across the ocean post-Chernobyl.


1) Sydney Fringe Festival 

1st-30th September

What: The Sydney Fringe Festival is the largest independent arts festival in NSW. With events spread out across the sprawling city, the festival celebrates and highlights the amazing work of local independent artists, art makers and performers, inviting audiences to visit undiscovered parts of the city, a new venue or a secret bar, and discover the fantastic creative offerings artists prepare year-round. This year, the Fringe is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a lineup focused on re-igniting Sydney’s nightlife.

Why: Considering the current state of Sydney’s nightlife, we can only assume the attempt at re-ignition will involve literal arson.

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