Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 31/01/2021

Eleven months to go.


10) False Sense of Security: Opening Night

5th February

What: Experience the opening night of False Sense of Security, a group exhibition that explores the subjectivity, privilege and hidden cost of security. False Sense of Security is curated by Halinka Orzulok and features artists Fernando do Campo, Heath Franco, Doug Heslop, Tracey Moffatt and Gary Hillberg, Halinka Orszulok, Shevaun Wright and Giselle Stanborough.

Why: Don’t worry. It’s contemporary art. So you can feel unshakably secure in the fact that you’ll leave feeling you’ve wasted another evening pretending you’re more cultured than you are.


9) Architecture as Art Walk

6th February

What: Come and enjoy AAA’s 90 Minute walk in Ultimo and learn about the area’s colourful history and architecture. On the walking tour you will see and hear about the amazing Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre and a building that has been described as the most beautiful squashed paper bag by architect Frank Gehry.  Adding to the tour is a beautifully designed college built in Romanesque Revival Style which features carvings of Australian animals and flowers in the facade. Discover and hear about the 6 Green Star rated sustainability building which has a ”Doppler Effect” facade and one of the first of its’ kind in Australia. So much to see and hear about, finishing along the Goods Line which was transformed from a disused freight railway line.

Why: Come see the steaming brown turd Frank Gehry laid on Sydney’s sky line.


8) Twilight Food Fair

5th February

What: Savour the flavours this summer and welcome back North Sydney Council’s Twilight Food Fair! It’s a little different this year with more of a takeaway vibe and COVID-safe physical distancing, but this family favourite still promises to offer a season of fabulous food to enjoy on your Friday evenings! Acoustic music will accompany the beautiful Twilight experience.

Why: It’s like getting normal takeaway but with loads of screaming kids around and buskers that refuse to stop playing light folk rock.


7) Chef’s Table Brunch

6th February

What: Experience a special moment with family and friends with an incredible gourmet brunch at STIX! The menu includes a few of their special favourites, along with some new exclusives treats.

Why: If you’re going to dine with family, there’s no more appropriate place to do it than a place that sounds like it was named after a river in hell.’s-Table-Brunch/693eff80-61c5-11eb-833c-8d4622c61372


6) Four Pillars Laboratory: Cocktail Masterclass

5th February

What: Join world-famous bartending legend, James Irvine, in a session intended to raise your cocktail game as drinking at home becomes the new norm. Need to know your Negroni from your Boulevardier, what to shake and what to stir, and which kitchen staples can be used in place of fancy cocktail equipment? Well then, this fun-filled hour and a bit is definitely for you. You will hear plenty of cocktail inspired stories from Jimmy, some history and you will get the chance to concoct a couple of cocktails, consume them and ask every cocktail question you’ve always wanted answered. This class is up close and personal and has a maximum of 10 guests who will all be seated at the bar.

Why: We suggest you be quiet and listen, because, no, vodka, Berocca and old cereal milk is not a real cocktail.


5) Giant Badges by Adam Norton

4th February

What: For this laneway project the artist, Adam Norton, mounts onto existing lampposts a series of slogans in the form of giant badges. The badges have an immediate sense of nostalgia to them, but their bright, pop construction placed in the present city centre creates new twisted meanings. Adam’s work draws on archival materials that articulate imagined futures and the sources for Giant Badges span apocalyptic sci-fi films, pop and counterculture.

Why: Because we would have no idea of what an apocalyptic reality might look like without the aid of public art.


4) We Are All Astonishingly Wise

6th February

What: We Are All Astonishingly Wise is an interactive fortune-telling video installation from artist Katy B Plummer, hidden just off George Street. Your card, drawn for you from a deck of 48 by the ‘ghost’, a friendly fuzzy spirit from the future, forms a unique reading of your fortune. The oracle can be left hanging as a riddle, to be intuitively understood and applied your own experience. Or, you can scan the QR code to get a more detailed reading.

Why: That ghostly-looking woman that lives in Abercrombie Ln and claims she can see into the future is back again.


3) Story Room

2nd February

What: Story Room is making a comeback. So why not take the opportunity to come along and enjoy the energy and connection that Story Room offers. Join the 6 talented storytellers at the new look, Henry’s Rooftop, The Steyne Hotel. Stories make us human. They help us to connect the dots, our history, our lives. Story Room is about connecting community through the power of true stories. The storytellers come from many different walks of life and will share a personal story based on the theme, “When Life Gives You Lemons”.

Why: A podcast you can’t turn off.


2) MCA Late

5th February

What: The MCA will be opening their doors until the sun sets. Take your time to stroll through some incredible free exhibitions or take in spectacular views at the rooftop cafe over a drink. Expect the unexpected. You never know what you may find. No Friday will be the same – something special will be hidden within the Museum. Try your luck and you might find the evening’s guest – a musician, artist, poet or performer – who will hold intimate performances through the night.

Why: If you find the mentally ill heroin addict crying in the toilet, that’s not one of the MCA’s artistic installations. That one was commissioned by City of Sydney.


1) Mov’In Boat: The Floating Cinema Experience

3rd February

What: Experience a floating cinema experience like no other in the world. Situated on Sparkling Cockle Bay, the spectacular 1000 sqm floating platform will feature 40 row boats for hire, 65 summer lounge beds and two floating bar experiences. On the shore, the full 4K 15-metre screen and the 30 surround speakers will be creating an immersive show. This iteration will feature Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dunkirk’.

Why: Experience a visceral, violent depiction of the horrors of war and the disposability of human life whilst sipping champagne on a floating lounge bed.’In-Boat:-The-Floating-Cinema-Experience/616b8f70-61c6-11eb-833c-8d4622c61372

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